Medically reviewed by college of Illinois — written by Michael Kerr — update on November 13, 2018

Hundreds of types of plants relax their pollen into the wait every year, causing allergic reaction in numerous people. However only a relatively small variety of plants space responsible for many of the itching, sneezing, and also watery eyes linked with hay fever.

Certain pollens — such together ragweed — can even survive v the winter and play havoc v immune solution year-round. All of that pollen has created a booming market for antihistamine and decongestant makers, but has left millions of people with allergies begging because that relief.

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Certain plants room worse 보다 others. Below are the optimal allergens found in phibìc America:

ragweed: throughout phibìc Americamountain cedar: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texasryegrass: throughout phibìc Americamaple: throughout north Americaelm: throughout many of phibìc Americamulberry: transparent the United says (but rarely in Florida and also desert regions of the country)pecan: Southeastern unified Statesoak: throughout phibìc Americapigweed/tumbleweed: throughout phibìc AmericaArizona cypress: Southwestern joined States

Late winter and also early feather is tree allergy season. Some trees start releasing their pollen as early on as January, when others proceed their onslaught right into summer. Thankfully, only around 100 of the more than 50,000 tree varieties cause allergies.

Tree pollens are dry and also lightweight, therefore they have the right to travel good distances in the wind. Some of the worst tree allergens include:

alderashbeechbirchbox eldercedarcottonwooddate palmelmmulberryhickoryjuniperoakpecanPhoenix palmred maplesilver maplesycamorewalnutwillow

Most world with allergy are only allergic come one type of tree, yet it’s feasible to experience an allergic reaction together a result of a cross-reaction. A cross-reaction happens once the protein in one allergen (usually a pollen) are very similar to the proteins in one more (usually a food).

One typical example of a cross-reaction is birch pollen and also apples. Talk to your physician if you notice allergy symptom that develop when she exposed to details pollens or foods. You might experience itching or tingling of the mouth once eating a particular food. One allergy test deserve to confirm a cross-reaction.

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Grass allergy season beginning in late spring and summer. There space thousands of varieties of grass in phibìc America, yet only a handful reason serious allergic reactions.

People v grass allergies should take extra treatment when doing yard job-related — specifically when mowing the lawn. Wear a mask as soon as doing garden work. Keep your grass reduced short, or replace your grass v a ground cover the produces less pollen. Floor covers encompass bunch, dichondra, and also Irish moss.

Also, don’t wear outdoor clothes that might have gathered pollen inside the house, and avoid drying clothes outside. You have to replace your house air filters frequently to stop collection the pollen. Grass is quickly tracked indoors, for this reason vacuuming might also assist relieve symptoms. The most usual grass allergens include:

Bermuda grassJohnson grassKentucky bluegrassorchard grassrye grasssweet vernal grassTimothy grass

Late summer and fall is the season because that weed allergies, with pollen levels usually peaking in mid-September. Pollen counts for weeds are greatest in the morning, usually in between 5 a.m. And also 10 a.m. Weed pollens room the many prolific allergens the all. A single ragweed plant, for instance, can produce a billion pollen seed in a season. Wind-carried seed can also travel for thousands of miles. Weeds responsible for the many allergies include:

English plantainlamb’s quartersragweed (which affects almost one in five Americans)redroot pigweedsagebrushtumbleweed (Russian thistle)

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology posting pollen counts because that individual urban in America. You deserve to take extra precautions when you recognize that counts for her allergen space high, such as limiting your time outdoors.

Avoiding allergy triggers and also using over the counter medications can aid you manage your allergy symptoms. Call your medical professional if friend can’t stop your allergy triggers, or if end the respond to medications aren’t working for you. Your doctor can refer you come an allergy specialist who will assist identify her allergy triggers and create a perfect treatment arrangement for you.


Medically the review by university of Illinois — written by Michael Kerr — update on November 13, 2018