A human being with a citrus allergy experience a reaction as soon as they come into call with fruits such together oranges, lemons, and also limes.

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While this allergy is uncommon, reactions can trigger severe symptoms. An individual v an allergy to grass may be much more likely to build an allergy come citrus.

In this article, we describe ways to identify and treat a citrus allergy.

Share on PinterestSymptoms of a citrus allergy may encompass redness, swelling, and also tingling emotion on the lips.
Symptoms may appear immediately after emotional a citrus fruit, that juice, or commodities containing either. In various other cases, symptoms have the right to take hrs to develop.

Some human being experience symptoms after inhaling airborne citrus particles.

However, symptoms room usually confined come the areas of skin that have actually touched citrus products. These often incorporate the:


Common symptom include:

tingling sensationsitchingrednessswelling

Touching the peels of citrus fruit can reason a skin reaction called contact dermatitis. This may lead to:

a burn sensation ~ above the skinblistersdry and flaky skinextreme itchingrednessswelling

Citrus allergy can also cause digestive and respiratory problems, including:

coughingnauseaa runny or stuffy nosesneezingstomach painvomitingwheezing

In rarely cases, a citrus allergy may induce anaphylaxis, a perhaps fatal problem that need to be treated as a clinical emergency.

Anaphylaxis symptom include:

confusiondifficulty breathingflushed skina ns of consciousnessnausea, vomiting, and diarrheaswelling the the mouth and also throat

Allergic reactions occur when the immune mechanism misidentifies a normally harmless substance together a threat. This substance is known as one allergen.

Some individuals with pollen allergy may likewise react come citrus fruits. This is caused by cross-reactivity, which occurs once the proteins in one problem resemble those of an allergen and provoke a similar reaction.

Results that a research from 2013 imply that people with grass pollen allergies may be breakable to citrus allergies. When offered a skin prick test, 39 percent that participants v grass pollen allergy showed similar reactions to citrus. However, that is possible for a person to reaction to a test yet have no allergy symptoms otherwise.

The citrus arrays tested were clementines, lemons, and also oranges.

A person with a citrus allergy need to refrain from touching the fruits and eliminate them native the diet.

Citrus fruit include:


A surprising variety of processed and also prepared foods contain citrus. Carefully inspect the labels on commodities such as:

juices, lemonades, and also other beveragesice creamsflavored yogurtsjelliesherbal teassauces and also dressings, including mayonnaise and sweet and sour saucesseafood and also meat dishes, consisting of prawn cocktails, baked fish, and duck dishesmarinadespickles and chutneysalcoholic and also non-alcoholic cocktailscandies and confectionary, including candied peels, cheesecakes, and cookies

Citrus can additionally be discovered in an individual care assets such together toothpaste. Cosmetics and also perfumes often contain limonene, a compound in citrus peels that can reason contact dermatitis.

Alternative foods

Some world can tolerate cooked citrus fruit due to the fact that heat deserve to deactivate the protein that trigger an allergy reaction.

For those that cannot tolerate citrus but want to include a cake flavor to meals, popular citrus substitutes include:

herbs such together lemon verbena and sumacvinegarwhite wine

Citric acid is typically used together a preservative or firming agent, as well as for flavor. That can reason skin and oral irritation, however it hardly ever triggers an allergy reaction. However, some civilization with allergies pick to use a substitute.

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Citrus fruits room a popular resource of vitamin C, but plenty of various other fruits and also vegetables can aid a person with one allergy satisfy their daily requirement.