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Bed bug victims can have no skin reaction in ~ all, a young inflammation, a complicated skin reaction or a systemic allergic reaction.

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Bed bugs affect people in a number of ways, but perhaps the most crucial are various skin reactions and allergic reactions. True allergic reactions space rare native bed an insect bites, and anaphylactic shock is even rarer; however, people often claim that significant bite reactions are allergic (but occasionally this is not the case). The existence of itchy, red bumps, and also even blood blisters, are much more common. This brief post attempts come classify in laymen’s terms the assorted reactions result from bed bug bites.

Actually, the many common solution to a bed pest bite appears to be no skin reaction at all, through a right visible tiny hole (punctum) at the place of the bite. Research studies have shown that almost everywhere from 30 come 60 percent of human being bitten by bed bugs have actually no reaction whatsoever. Usual skin reactions for which medical attention is sought are usually 2- come 5-mm itchy red spots in ~ bed an insect feeding sites, one per insect. These commonly itch, and if not abraded, fix within a week or so. The size and also itchiness connected with these common reactions may rise in some people who experience repeated bites. I have actually known several world who claimed bed bug bite reactions are exceptionally itchy.  

Complex Skin Reactions.

Some patients might experience facility skin reactions. Reports of these have consisted of itchy wheals (local urticarial or hives) around a main punctum, itchy small red bumps, or diffuse hives in ~ bite website usually noted or arising in the morning. Blister-like rash may occur upon brand-new biting occasions days later. In some cases, these reactions evolve right into itchy papules or nodules (hard bumps) that as soon as scratched may come to be infected (impetiginous) and persist because that weeks. This “secondary infections” indigenous scratching bed bug bites can become quite serious and require medical care.

The time of cutaneous reactions to bed bugs may change with lot of exposures. This appears to reflect host immunological responses come the protein in bed bug saliva. In other words, the human being is becoming much more sensitized come the bites every time. Among the original bed an insect researchers, Robert Usinger, fed a colony of bed bugs on self weekly for 7 years and listed that his reactions developed from delayed to immediate, through no evidence of desensitization. The time compelled for breaking the end in a rash got shorter each time due to him becoming more sensitive to the bites.

For another example, one hotel guest i found it isolated macules (flat red spots) after ~ her first visit come a hotel. After a second stay in ~ the very same hotel one year later, macules again appeared but this time changed over the next three work into plants of red nodules with blisters. She was skin experiment by one allergist v a bed bug salivary gland extract a year after ~ the 2nd hotel stay. Dermal injection of boosting concentrations of the extract resulted in a dose-related rise in the dimension of the reaction that developed within 20 minute of injection. This wheal and also flare reactions occurred into papular reaction after an additional 24 hours. The most concentrated salivary solution resulted in a large papule on her skin with a blister, mirroring that the reaction was indeed due to substances included in the bed an insect saliva. In more recent research, at the very least three salient proteins have been established that might play a duty in these organize immunological responses: nitrophorin, a 17-kDa anticoagulant dubbed Factor X and a 40-kDa apyrase-like nucleotide-binding enzyme.


Systemic allergic Reactions.

There are a few reports that systemic allergy reactions indigenous bed bug bites, for circumstances asthma, generalized hives and anaphylaxis. Some authors have argued that generalised (allergic) hives from bed bug bites is no that unusual. One guy staying in a hotel awakened during the night with severe itching and hives top top his arm and neck; bed bugs were found in the room. He developed what showed up to be some type of anaphylactic shock, to be hospitalized and also had transient anterolateral ischemia top top electrocardiogram (it showed up he had a heart attack). Eight month later, ~ an speculative bed pest bite in the clinic, he emerged a wheal in ~ the bite site and generalized itching severe sufficient to call for epinephrine management to solve his symptoms. A house evaluation of one more man who had actually asthma revealed bed bugs in his bedding and also an intradermal allergy skin test v an extract the bed bugs showed confident results. When his bedding was changed, the asthma assaults ceased.

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Only physicians should give medical treatment advice. Therapies of common and facility cutaneous reactions space usually simply symptomatic, aimed at relieving inflammation and also itching. Commonly physicians recommend that bite sites be washed with soap and also water to help prevent secondary infection. If skin lesions room severely itchy, they often suggest topical applications of over-the-counter or prescription anti-itch medicines or intermediate potency corticosteroids (such as triamcinolone) may be helpful. Sites that appear to be secondarily infected may advantage from topical antibiotic creams or systemic antibiotics together appropriate.


Goddard is the writer of “The Physician’s guide to Arthropods of clinical Importance.” he is an extension professor of medical and veterinary entomology at Mississippi State University.