Like countless of us in the Northeast who bought old houses for your so-called charm and also character, I endure through each significantly humid summer there is no the advantage of main air.

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Over the years, I’ve coped in assorted ways—living top top tomato salads and cold noodle dishes, laying and also sweating in despair on my kitchen floor while i test a homemade cracker recipe for the umpteenth time.

I’ve likewise started utilizing my gas grill as stove and stovetop at any time possible. Hey, it’s currently hot outside—let’s store the warm out over there if we can!

Beyond the normal direct-grate grilling for meats and also vegetables, there space a variety of ways come make several of your favorite meals on the grill.

Photo: Casey Barber

I’ve shared my favorite method for grilling pizza, and here room three an ext of mine tried-and-true grill approaches for the end cooking and baking.

If you’re an expert campfire cook, you’ll identify what I’m doing here. If you’re not a pan of food preparation in the wilderness, here’s a way to acquire the exact same feel in your very own backyard.

Photo: Casey Barber

Grilled One-Pot Meals and Casseroles

Everyone loves a one-pot meal, right? therefore easy, for this reason foolproof! The concept uses outdoors as well: if friend can chef it in a actors iron skillet or dutch oven, you deserve to make the on the grill.

Make something you would certainly usually chef as a one-pot dinner or casserole: spaghetti and meatballs, baked risotto, sausage or beans and rice, chicken and also dumpling stew.

Photo: Casey Barber

(I mean, it’s not really one-pot cooking since you still need to measure out your ingredients and also prep them out to have actually them by her side in ~ the grill, yet it’s still a hell the a lot better than leaving your cooktop on for an hour on a 90-degree day.)

Keep the grill in ~ medium-low temperature (300-350 degrees F) or use indirect cooking for ideal results.

Preheat her skillet or netherlands oven, brown her meats and also vegetables, then to water in the liquid and grains, climate cover the grill and simmer away, stirring sometimes to make sure nothing sticks or burns.

GIF: Casey Barber

With the abundance of local greens in ~ our farmer’s market, there’s no excuse no to make a cast iron skillet mac and cheese v a ton that kale or her favorite leafy eco-friendly mixed in.

Click here to gain my recipe for cast iron skillet kale mac and also cheese.

Just remember, your food preparation vessel requirements to have actually a metal core. Stoneware or glass casserole dishes can’t withstand direct heat and will crack on the grill simply as they would if you placed them on a stovetop burner.

Photo: Casey Barber

If you want a more traditional casserole dish because that grill cooking, Le Creuset renders a version of their well-known enameled cast iron cookware in casserole shape.

Griddled Sandwiches and Big-Batch Cooking

For big-batch cooking, in addition to a actors iron skillet, I regularly like to bust out the griddle to acquire the project done every at once.

Whether you want to call it a griddle, a flattop grill, or a plancha, placing a cast iron or metal plate over your grates vastly expand the grill’s usability.

it doesn’t have to be fancy; the important thing is the it’s huge enough to cook a enjoy the meal for an ext than one human being for efficiency’s sake.

Photo: Casey Barber

Preheat the griddle along with the grill come medium warm (400-450-degrees) before you start food preparation on it.

You can play short-order breakfast cook and also sizzle increase a whole package of bacon there is no stinking increase the house, then crack a bunch of egg or autumn a few rows that pancakes v the help of those lover bacon drippings.

Make autumn biscuits or sear small, slim vegetables prefer asparagus or snap peas if friend don’t have a grill basket. Brown increase a massive, crunchy hash brown and also top v cheese and scallions.

Photo: Casey Barber

Or heat up a row of sandwiches because that a group lunch wherein everyone gets what lock want! grab a grill press and also preheat it alongside the griddle for the best, most truly grilled cheese sandwiches you’ll ever eat.

Grilled Desserts

A huge old skillet cookie or brownie is constantly a treat as soon as done ~ above the grill (bonus point out for including marshmallows because that a s’mores-y effect.)

And girlfriend can even bake cakes, cookies, and also any other sweet treat on your grill if girlfriend want! see my full write-up on baking top top the grill for much more details.

But when it’s high summer and also I’m roll in peaches, blueberries, apricots, and cherries, that’s whereby my cravings room focused.

And as soon as again, while you have the right to do a fast fruit fresh or cobbler in your actors iron skillet or casserole dish, sometimes a flaky pie late is simply the ticket. And in the case, it’s time to get your galette on.

Photo: Casey Barber

A galette is just the French surname for a rustic fruit tart. Rather of baking in a pan, you roll out the crust, recording the fruit filling in the middle, and fold the edge over because that a freeform cake shape.

Roll her pie crust out (or use store-bought, that’s fine!) and place on two layers the heavy-duty silver paper spritzed through baking spray. Crimp the edge of the silver paper to create a rimmed edge, i m sorry will catch the inescapable fruit ooze.

Go freeform with what you placed inside of her galette, too: my ratio is 1/4 cup street whisked with 1 tablespoon cornstarch, then tossed with around 1 to 1 1/2 pounds that fruit and also a little vanilla extract or various other spices together desired.

Photo: Casey Barber

Assemble the galette and also place ~ above a grill preheated come medium-low (300-350 degrees F) or use indirect cooking on a charcoal grill.

Cover and also bake because that 40-45 minutes, until the late is golden and the fruit is bubbly and also cooked through.

What Else?

Use these an easy but versatile techniques to store your house cool and your belly full during the dog days of summer. And remember, if you’re also beat come cook, there’s constantly nachos.

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Casey Barber

Casey Barber is the owner of an excellent Food story LLC, a an imaginative production agency specializing in food writing, cooking recipes development, photography, and styling because that digital and print media. She is the author of Pierogi Love: new Takes on an Old-World lull Food and Classic Snacks made from Scratch: 70 Homemade execution of your Favorite Brand-Name Treats and also the co-writer the Inspired Bites: Unexpected principles for Entertaining indigenous Pinch Food Design, and also she couldn"t acquire anything excellent without the assist of her executive assistant cats, Bixby and also Lenny.

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