mrs candidates are compelled to complete the very same training as men. There space no special considerations based on an individual’s physical ability

navy SEALs perform advanced cold weather training in Kodiak, Alaska. Picture by Eric S. Logsdon/U.S. Marine via Getty Images/File

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yearly women room moving into historically predominantly male dominated jobs – and the U.S. Navy is no exception.

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For the very first time ever, a woman has efficiently completed the rigorous screening stage for the navy SEAL officer maintain program, follow to an independent publication .


though she was not selected together a SEAL, the fact that she was able to make it past the screening phase is an achievement on that is own.

Female candidates because that these tasks are forced to complete the same training as men. There space no distinct considerations based on an individual’s physical ability.

Capt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman because that Naval one-of-a-kind Warfare, said the publication that the candidate had actually not listed the SEALs as her very first choice of army branch to serve with.

“She was awarded placement in her optimal choice,” claimed Lawrence.


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The Navy decreased to recognize the mrs citing security considerations.

To sign up with the elite main point of navy SEAL you must finish a training regimen which is draft to push the person body to its border – and sometimes past it.

The routine is therefore emotionally and physically demanding that roughly 75 every cent of people do not finish the it, follow to the Navy.

The SEAL officer selection procedure is neutral, and also the an option board does not recognize the sex or personal information that the candidates. The panel is also made increase of an elderly SEAL officers and they select the “most vain candidates.”

“Around 180 candidates are selected every year to to visit SEAL officer assessment and selection,” said Lawrence.

On average, the top 85 candidates are liked to proceed on to SEAL training.

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It was just in 2015 when the Pentagon permitted women to offer in front line ground combat positions. A year and a fifty percent later the marine SEAL program got its first female candidates.