If you have actually a commitment to excellence and also are in search of a unique and fulfilling career, we want to hear from you. Come sign up with a varied team with among the most elite legislation enforcement agencies in the world.

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Special agents emphasis on protecting optimal U.S. And visiting international officials, and also investigating jae won crimes.

Our Uniformed division officers" mission is to defend facilities and also venues secured because that U.S. An enig Service protectees.

The Technical regulation Enforcement job family supports our special agents and also Uniformed department officers in your duties. 

Our civil company professionals, indigenous a wide selection of disciplines, support the overall protective and also investigative missions.



Special Agents

As a one-of-a-kind Agent, girlfriend will occupational alongside men and women that the greatest caliber, performing an important protective and investigative assignments.


Uniformed division Officers

Our Uniformed Division’s mission is to safeguard facilities and venues secured because that U.S. Mystery Service protectees. 


Technical regulation Enforcement

The Technical law Enforcement job household supports the special Agents and Uniformed division Officers in their duties. 


Administrative, Professional, Technical

Our administrative, professional, and also technical experts support our incorporated mission of investigating financial crimes and also protecting our nation’s leaders.


Immediate Openings

At the joined States mystery Service, ours highly-trained workforce is one of our biggest assets. Find out more


Career Paths

Choosing the best career is critical decision. Positions in ~ the secret Service demand integrity, a an excellent work ethic and also teamwork.

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Career Events


Our recruiters room excited to fulfill with girlfriend to comment on your career choices and also opportunities in much more detail.