Just between us, go the parking garage ~ above NW 12th and also Couch maim friend too?

ByConner ReedNovember 17, 2021


On November 12, Taylor Swift unveiled Red (Taylor"s Version), the recent entry in the popular music star"s ongoing initiative to re-record her back catalogue so she have the right to own each song"s masters.

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(If we"re being fully honest, the project"s legitimate intricacies continue to confound me, yet here"s a reasonably comprehensive summary of the nitty-gritty from Vice.)

I to be a pretty rabid Taylor Swift scholar—my final paper in undergrad to be a 5,000 word evaluation of her connection to the public—but I try to save my feelings on the stable side of remote standom. That said, when Red first dropped in 2012, the swallowed me whole, not just convincing me the T Swift"s chops on impact but easily cementing itself in the pantheon the Albums That characterized My Adolescence. So as soon as the re-record dropped, ns had, together the kids would say, no an option but to stan.

I"ve invested the last several days traipsing roughly the rose City with all 2 hours and 10 minutes of Red (Taylor"s Version) shredding my eardrums (it attributes a hefty helping the bonus tracks), and figured it to be my duty as a publicly servant* (*magazine editor) to give you tips on doing the same. (Also, former Portland Monthly contributor and current Gender Reveal host Tuck Woodstock argued I do this, in spite of being "more of a 1989 bitch.") for this reason without further ado, here space the finest places in Portland come hear every of the 30 parentheses-laden tracks on Red (Taylor"s Version)

State of grace (Taylor’s Version)Eastbank Esplanade

The drums in this get me amped in the specific way that"s like, "Man i bet this tune would be remarkable to run to." I will never try that in mine life, however the hot healthier version of me would certainly probably pick a course along the Eastbank Esplanade, and he"d execute a little fist pump as soon as those U2-ass guitars fight in the first chorus. ("We space alone v our an altering minds" is one of her finest one-liners ever. This tune is so good.) 

Red (Taylor’s Version)Cully/Rose City Park

"Red" is a an excellent song who wall-to-wall similes only occasionally make sense, yet one the the many evocative is, "His love was prefer driving a new Maserati under a dead-end street." these NE Portland communities are absolutely teeming through dead-end streets, in instance you have a Maserati and want to know what it"s choose to date Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Treacherous (Taylor’s Version)Sandy Hut

I when ghosted a man in genuine time here because he would not stop talking around Paris. “Smart to walk away” indeed! 

I Knew friend Were trouble (Taylor’s Version)Bossanova Ballroom

I and also some friends have had a handful of (positive!) unprintable experience that started in this space, and we every acted surprised as soon as they transpired, but at a venue that hosts occasions with names prefer “Blow Pony,” it"s a tiny bit like, what did us expect?

All too Well (Taylor’s Version)The Hollywood Target

This is most likely the toughest speak to on the entire list—where to safely consume Swift"s gutting, inarguable magnum opus? where to shoulder the weight of her immortal couplet "You speak to me increase again simply to rest me choose a promise / so casually cruel in the name of gift honest"? IMO, the wallop is best experienced in the toothbrush aisle the the Hollywood Target, due come the truth that i want to not be the only person who has cried come this song there.

22 (Taylor’s Version): Cartopia

The summer after Red came out, my friends and also I obtained a small buzzed and staged a picture essay inspired by the lyrics of "22," i m sorry we figured was much more or less the funniest thing anyone had ever done. Because that the "breakfast at midnight" line, us hit up Cartopia"s (now-defunct) Perierra Crêperie and also posted picture on on facebook that made my mommy mad. Ns invite you come relive our glory.

I practically Do (Taylor’s Version): Multnomah County central Library

There are couple of better "sitting in a chair by the window" spots in ~ city limits, and what claims yearning quite choose browsing the stacks?

We room Never ever Getting earlier Together (Taylor’s Version): Proud mar Cafe

The NE Alberta St. outpost of the Melbourne-based coffee and also brunch spot is one of my favorite places on earth earth. They make a cappuccino that could carry me earlier from the dead and those nearest and dearest to me have had actually to experience my summary of their Earl Grey french toast near-daily because that months. However, their (delicious) hash in hand offers me heartburn so negative it made me think I had actually COVID the day Joe Biden was elected president, and also alas, I have the right to never touch it again (like, ever). 

Stay remain Stay (Taylor’s Version): Woonwinkel

I can"t explain it yet "woonwinkel" sounds like one the the tools being play on this song. Even though everyone no "Stay continue to be Stay,” I in reality think it"s quite fun, which is exactly just how I would explain this luxury gift/decor/kitchen shop whenever ns pop in throughout lunch. 

The critical Time (ft. Gary Lightbody of snow Patrol) (Taylor’s Version): The Duck Pond in ~ Laurelhurst Park

Apparently, per Google Maps, this is called Firwood Lake, i m sorry is news to me, and feels a small too Hobbit-core if I"m gift honest. I think this tune is type of silly and also overblown, and also I cannot imagine just how funny it would certainly be to clock ducks struggle and/or bob and/or eat part bread while Taylor and Gary wail ~ above those harmonies.

Holy floor (Taylor’s Version): Movie Madness

It"s the ideal place in Portland! I said it! any type of spot where I can grab an out-of-print Andy Warhol film, Josie & the Pussycats on blu-ray, a Naragansett tallboy, and also pay a visit to the coat Julianne Moore attract in Magnolia is beyond holy ground. (This tune is for this reason good.) 

Sad Beautiful tragic (Taylor’s Version)Cathedral Park

Bar none, Portland’s most high drama park, which is the only suitable venue for this lush, swooning slice of Mazzy Star melodrama. Girlfriend could, in theory, stand by the tracks, someone’s face in a locket here—beneath what was once the longest suspension leg west the the Mississippi, no less. 

The happy One (Taylor’s Version): International rose Test Garden or Peninsula Park

This proto-folklore story song, allegedly inspired by the life the Joni Mitchell (remember this?), mentions a rose garden in its final verse, and also look, we"ve obtained 30 of this to obtain through.

Everything Has changed (ft. Ed Sheeran) (Taylor’s Version): Any Bar That Opened prior to 2015

This polished guitar monitor is no your usual dive bar fodder, however in my experience, Portland"s much more long-term watering holes space an amazing location to hear to human being talk around how the city supplied to be one method but is now a different way. "Man, before, points were different," they will say, "and currently they’ve changed," together if nothing comparable has ever before happened in every one of human history. Through law, these human being owe you a shoot if castle blame Portlandia because that the shift. (I"m permitted to speak this since I was born in Oregon BTW.) 

Starlight (Taylor’s Version)McMenamins Kennedy School

It is constantly humbling come remember that among my favourite albums ~ above earth has a part of Ethel Kennedy fanfic the sounds choose it’s through Owl City. The Kennedy institution is actually named after man Daniel Kennedy—no relation to the East coastline dynasty—but whatever. I saw the Jimmy Buffet-starring adaptation of Hoot here with my girlfriend Shane and also his mommy in 2006, and it was fine. 

Begin Again (Taylor’s Version): Maurice

I’ve never ever actually to be on a suitable date to Maurice, however in regards to cafes wherein you can have your belief in love revived by RFK’s son, this chic Scandi-French spot is probably your best bet. Acquire the rosemary currant scone, the rocks.

The minute I Knew (Taylor’s Version): Lippman Co. 

The inner-SE party supply save is the perfect ar to imagine Jake Gyllenhaal missing your birthday while friend buy, like, a big bag of kazoos. Probably if you didn’t buy the kazoos the would have come… 

Come Back... Be here (Taylor’s Version): The site of the Former SW Alder Food Carts i beg your pardon Is Slowly coming to be a Ritz Carlton

Taylor actually wrote the line "this is falling because that you, and you are people away" about how the Ritz Carlton swooped in just as I was acquiring used to eating Bing Mi for lunch and then it moved all the method up to NW 23rd. 

Girl at residence (Taylor’s Version): The inside of a Microwave

In a tragic windy disclosure, ns belong to 2 healthily preserved Taylor Swift group chats, and in among them, I described the sound of this reworked take on an original Red bonus track as "like I"m inside of a microwave." While I"ve since warmed approximately this new take, i can"t completely back under from my initial assertion. (Also this track is, and also has always been, bad.)

State of elegant (Acoustic Version) (Taylor’s Version): The middle of the Old Church After that Closes

We room not saying you break and enter, however we are saying that if friend wound increase in this downtown church-turned-concert venue after ~ hours, and were able come conjure a single tear to carve its way down your flushed cheek, and also maybe you to be wearing, like, a peacoat, that can be pretty substantial for you.

Ronan (Taylor’s Version): Your Bedroom

This song is for this reason sad! Don"t permit anybody see you listen to it.

Better man (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): The Rebranded oriental Place in My ar That"s a tiny Less good Now

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I deserve to feel you again... 

Nothing brand-new (ft. Phoebe Bridgers) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Rocky Butte

My second-favorite extinction cinder cone in the city the Portland became my go-to "be gay and also stare in ~ the horizon" spot in ~ the beginning of the pandemic, and while I don"t have actually a vehicle right now and also have hence not been up over there in a while, ns am count the minutes until I can return and do what demands to be done.

Babe (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Cinemagic

Taking this possibility to shout out the lower-Hawthorne indie theater"s decision, in late summer, come screen Babe and Babe: Pig in the City back-to-back v Nic Cage"s Pig. I still have the ticket stub from Babe: Pig in the City in mine bag...even now.

Message in a party (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)The H&M at Pioneer Place

If this song had come out in 2012, it would have actually razed every solitary H&M in the continental United says to the ground. This is Carly Rae Jepsen top top speed, lacquered v a lethal amount of Scandinavian shimmer, and also if you are not careful, listening come it will make you black out and come to with seven brand-new Henleys.

I gambling You Think around Me (ft. Chris Stapleton) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Your neighborhood Vaccine Clinic

The music video for this reduced features a surprise appearance native Obama-era white young of the month mile Teller … who newly made headlines because that shutting down production on the collection of The Offer due to the fact that he was reportedly unvaccinated and also contracted COVID. No idea where the shoot because that this video falls in the higher Teller vaccine timeline (FWIW, he claims he"s vaxxed now), but we suggest cranking this one if you’re in line to snag your booster. 

Forever Winter (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Peacock Lane

I’m using "winter" interchangeably through "Christmas" below in a way that feel a little sketchy, but Peacock roadway is ours own an individual North Pole, and also it"s a fitting enhance for this spry if forgettable vault monitor (co-written v the man from Foster the People?????). 

Run (ft. Ed Sheeran) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Seismic Activities

Something I have actually been thinking around for roughly two years is my late-night Wikipedia exploration that “End Game,” T-Swift’s heat dream R&B collab with Ed Sheeran and Future(!!!) was partly recorded in Portland(!!!!) "Seismic Activities" is the official studio credited, despite it"s challenging to pin under a physics location. If friend can discover it, honor history by blasting this new (much much less insane) Swift/Sheeran collab outside its doors, Say Anything-style.

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The Very first Night (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): Portland international Airport

“I wish I can fly,” Taylor croons on this sunny-sounding slice of rueful jangle pop. “I’d choose you up and also we’d go ago in time.” Unclear whether the substantial renovations currently in progression at America’s favourite Airport will certainly be in organization of a time take trip wing, however you can definitely fly indigenous here. I’ve done it.

All also Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault): A Car ago to your Apartment from Alleyway cafe & Bar

My girlfriend Hailey sent out me this long-awaited monitor the day before the album reduce while ns was enjoy it a pretty whiskey soda at Alleyway and also it rocked me to my absolute core. My very first listening suffer was in a car on the method back to my apartment, and reader, once we acquired to "You retained me favor a secret / yet I kept you favor an oath"? Nothing was the same. (On the totality the initial is the far better song, however this is magnificent. Short movie bad, SNL performance good.)