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Californian food technology MeliBio has actually just unveiled its flagship product, the world’s first-ever real honey made without bees. After debuting the product at a private tasting occasion in mountain Francisco, MeliBio is currently ready to take orders from foodservice businesses and also ship out its bee-free honey by the end of the year.

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Photo: Alessandra Franco for green Queen Media

Earlier this year, The single Origin Food Co (Sofco) closed a US$1.1 million seed capital round for their sustainable vegetables Un-Honey do from vegan ingredients consisting of organic plants, fruits, purified water, alumroot and also raw sugar. The product is additionally fortified with organic flower pollen. If vegan honeys like this have the right to mimic the texture of bee honey, lock are restricted when it znjke.comes to taste. They have the right to make it sweet, yet it’s tough to replicate the znjke.complexity of flavors you get from a batch of honey that znjke.comes from the flowers and also plants the bees pollinate. This is whereby Melibio wins, as the agency is maybe to offer those layers of flavor. Together Alessandra says: “The taste absolutely reminds the clover honey, not as floral together orange blossom, but clover notes for sure. I believed Vegan Un-Honey to be pretty good but now I can’t walk back.”

Bees and an international food security

A future without bees can mean substantial food shortages globally and their potential extinct is a matter of international food security. Because that years now, biodiversity experts and also activists have been sound the alarm around the continued decrease in bee populace due znjke.come habitat destruction, prevalent toxic pesticide use, and the climate emergency. Bees and also other pollinators are responsible for one-third the the world’s agricultural crops; follow to the Food and farming Organization (FAO), their unpaid labor contributes in between $235 billion and also $577 billion to our global food production.

Co-founders Aaron Schaller (L) and Darko Mandich (R). (Image: MeliBio)

Mandich co-founded MeliBio in 2020 with Aaron Schaller to take aim at the rewarding US$9 billion honey market and also its destructive influence on the 20,000 wild and native bee varieties essential to our planet’s flora and also fauna, not to mention resolve the exploitative nature of love husband beekeeping- a major reason why vegans eschew it.

While different protein znjke.companies have generally focused on meat and also dairy substitutes, different honey continues to be a white room in regards to innovation, maintaining vegans who protect against the bee-derived product as result of ethical and also environmental factors relying ~ above maple syrup or blackstrap molasses.

MeliBio is currently proud to have the ability to offer an alternate that stands up to actual honey. “Scientific developments have created a an extremely exciting place where human beings can ultimately make among their favorite foods without the usage of animals,” states Mandich.

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Other service providers that are using fermentation znjke.come disrupt whole categories incorporate Berlin-based QOA, i m sorry is pioneering cacao bean-free chocolate, and also San Francisco-located link Foods‘ beanless coffee.