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Is Walmart Layaway keep going this year? Here’s what we found out.


Walmart Layaway is no longer available this vacation season.

We have actually bad and also sad news… also though us were told early on in the season that select Walmart areas may be giving in-store layaway, that no longer appears to be the case. We complied with up with some of our regional stores after ~ hearing the turmoils of so numerous readers not having actually luck finding a store giving that program, and also it does rotate out that plenty of Walmart stores room canceling in-store layaway this year. 😞 We’d even bet the there isn’t a single store in the US supplying it!

For further confirmation, we also contacted a customer company representative native Walmart.com who said that if the condition of Layaway changes, it would be announced on their website. However, all Layaway links have actually been changed with Walmart’s Affirm regime as of now, i m sorry doesn’t offer us much hope for it return this year.

Affirm provides a various yet beneficial payment plan that has actually a couple of similar features as Layaway did, and seems to it is in the unofficial instead of of Layaway.


What room some items i can’t acquisition with Affirm?

The adhering to are a couple of items the can’t be supplied with Affirm:

AlcoholBaby ConsumablesGasolineMerchandise in ~ the registerPet Supplies

For the full list, scroll under on this page.

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Our best advice? consider whether or no Affirm is a good match because that you!

We know how vital Layaway to be to many people and also how upsetting this news is, but, for much more information to view whether or not Affirm would certainly be a an excellent match, visit Affirm’s Walmart landing page to watch if girlfriend pre-qualify.