This section describes the various requirements currently in pressure for start Spanish territory.



In the paper definition of the advancement of the COVID-19 pandemic, every traveler who wishes to go into Spain must take into account that, in addition to following the general entry needs in Spain, exceptional actions restricting mobility are currently in pressure in order to contain the spread out of COVID-19.

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As a result, every travellers, regardless of the circumstances of your trip, are strongly encourage to keep informed prior to their trip about the restrictions adopted by the to adjust of the inner on border cross (interior.znjke.com.es), and the sanitary measures embraced by the ministry of wellness (mscbs.znjke.com.es).


Entry right into Spain for remains not exceeding 90 days within a 180-day period is topic to the conditions detailed for in Regulation (EU) Nº 2016/399, of the europe Parliament and of the Council, that 9 in march 2016 top top a Union code on the rules governing the motion of persons across borders (Schengen boundaries Code)


Being in possession of a precious passport or take trip document

The document must be valid for at least three months complying with the projected departure from the region of the Members States, and must have been issued within the last ten years. Citizens from any type of State the the europe Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein only need a valid national identity record or passport. Citizens of Ireland will need a passport or passport card as the nation is no a member of the Schengen Area. In the event of a young travelling v a national identification document, the last must be accompanied by parental authorization. 

Being in possession the a valid visaThis is required of nationals of third countries had on the list of countries whose nationals must be in possession that a visa when crossing the external borders, unless in possession that a valid residence allow or a valid permanent visa approve by one more Member State. Foreigners holding a valid residence allow or a irreversible visa issued by one more Schengen State may travel with the territory of the various other Schengen claims for a maximum of 90 days within any type of 180-day period, provided that they room in possession that a valid passport or take trip document, the they justification the purpose and also conditions of your intended stay, substantiate having actually sufficient means to support themselves because that the expression of their intended continue to be in Spain, and that they have the right to prove they are not threat to public health, windy order, national security, or worldwide relations that Spain or of other States v which Spain has an agreement to this end. Furthermore, they have to not to appear on the national list of advises the the Member State in question.


At any event, entry might be refuse (even v a precious passport and/or visa) at police check in the complying with cases:- Journeys undertaken for the functions of travel or for personal reasonsIn these cases, the presentation of any of the following papers may it is in required:1. A supporting document from the establishment providing accommodation or a letter of invite from a private individual if the foreigner pertained to is staying in your home, approve by the Police Station corresponding to their location of residence.IMPORTANT: Under no situations shall the letter the invitation replace the foreigner"s accreditation that all various other entry requirements.2. Check of the booking of an ordered trip, indicating the itinerary.3. A return or round-trip ticket.In order to accredit economic means, the provisions of bespeak PRE/1282/2007, the 10 May, on economic means, will be taken right into account, which foreigners will must accredit to have the ability to come into Spain. The quantity to it is in accredited should reach a daily sum the 10% the the pistol minimum wage set at 950 euros pursuant to royal Decree 23/2020, of 4 February, establishing the minimum wage because that 2020, which has actually been expanded to 2021. - Journeys of a professional, political, scientific, sporting or spiritual nature or undertaken for other reasonsThe presentation of any type of of the following documents may it is in required:1. Invite from a agency or an college to take part in meetings, conferences, etc., that a commercial, industrial or similar nature.2. Paper proving the visibility of commercial, commercial relations, etc.3. Entry ticket to trade fairs, congresses, conventions, etc.4. Invitations, tickets, bookings or program indicating, as far as possible, the surname of the organize organisation and also the duration of the stay, or any type of other file indicating the purpose of the visit. - Journeys undertaken for the functions of examine or other species of trainingThe presentation of any type of of the following files may it is in required:1. Certificate the enrolment at a teaching centre because that the objectives of attending theoretical or practical training courses.2. Certificates related to the courses to be attended.Exceptionally, the presentation of clinical certificates may be forced by the to adjust of residence Affairs, in accordance through guidelines from the set of Health, society Services and also Equality or the ministry of Employment and also Social Security, or pursuant to european Union legislation. The require to existing these certificate shall be made well-known sufficiently in advance, as much as possible. Not being topic to a half on entrance (recorded in the S.I.S. or in the nationwide Register).

The adhering to are causes for refusing entry: 1. Having actually previously to be expelled or reverted by Spain or another Schengen State.2. Having actually been expressly denied entry for activities contrary to the interests of Spain, tasks against person rights, or because that close links with criminal organisations.3. Being topic to an global arrest because that criminal activities.

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4. Being considered a hazard to the general public health, public order, nationwide security, or global relations the Spain or of various other States v which Spain has actually agreements in this end.