You’re more than likely sporting a brand-new tattooright now (or thinking around getting one genuine soon). And also if so, you probablywondering exactly how you can minimise the inevitable post-tattoo woes of difficult bodyfluids oozing out of your tattoo…. And also later on, the soreness and also the itching.

Well, if you’ve gained Aquaphor in yourmedicine cabinet, she in luck! Aquaphor because that tattoos is a thing, and also yes, alot of tattooed people swear by it. So, review on to find out if this popularointment is as great as rather say the is.

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The Pros and also znjke.comns of using Aquaphor because that tattoosFrequently inquiry Questions about Aquaphor because that tattoos:

What exactly is Aquaphor?


Ingredients: Petrolatum (41%),mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alznjke.comhol, panthenol, glycerin, bisabolol

Aquaphor has actually a solid line of skincareproducts made for both babies and adults. If did you do it got little kids, youprobably have a tube of heal ointment or diaper rashes cream stowed in yourdiaper bag ideal now.

When it involves tattoos though, whenpeople say ‘Aquaphor because that tattoos,’ they’re actually referring to the AquaphorHealing Ointment. Now, this ointment isn’t targeted znjke.comme the tattoo crowd every se.But it’s together an reliable skin healing and repairing cream the tattooenthusiasts almost everywhere the people love it!

This healing ointment is clinically provento treat all sorts of things. Indigenous minor cuts and scrapes, moisturising dried andcracked skin, to heal chapped lips and also curing boy burns.

Aquaphor is favor the swiss military knife ofmedicated ointments. Girlfriend can proceed using this product lengthy after her tattoohas healed, which is excellent value for money in my opinion!

Is Aquaphor good or safe for tattoos?

Some people think Aquaphor is exactly the same as Vaseline petroleum jelly. But that’s no the case. Vaseline does have actually its uses, however it’s made with 100% petrolatum i m sorry doesn’t allow the skin to breathe at all.

Aquaphor, ~ above the other hand, is just 41% petrolatum.

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Apparently, this is simply the right amount to let oxygen in the skin and also still block harmful pathogens indigenous infecting your tattoo. Additionally, Aquaphor has lanolin alznjke.comhol, panthenol and glycerine. This ingredients work-related to moisturise and also nourish the skin.

This ointment is prefer a two-pronged swordthat protects the outside of the skin and also heals the inside. So, to answer thequestion, yes, Aquaphor is safe for use on brand-new tattoos.

Here’s a practiced graphic from Aquaphor’swebsite znjke.comme illustrate how this multi-purpose ointment works to heal her newtattoo:


Image source: https://www.aquaphorus.znjke.comm/how-it-works/

The Pros and also znjke.comns of using Aquaphor for tattoos

Now that you know Aquaphor is good and safeenough because that tattoo use, below are the znjke.comnfident and an adverse aspects of making use of thisamazing ointment.

What ns really like about Aquaphor:

Seals the skin from irritants

With gaping needle holes on her skin, youdon’t desire anything various other than air and also oxygen acquiring into her skin.Aquaphor’s petrolatum znjke.comntent is just sufficient to seal the skin and also let the airin in ~ the same time.

Reduces scabbing

Tattoos room technically open up wounds, andwounds will scab naturally. However, many thanks to Aquaphor’s healing formula, thescabs i will not ~ be as thick as it would certainly be if you didn’t put ointment ~ above it.

Prevents infection

For all intents and purposes, Aquaphor is occlusive. It might not be together occlusive together Vaseline (which is 100% petrolatum), but it’s occlusive sufficient to avoid pathogens indigenous entering the skin, which help with avoiding infections!

Helps rate up tattoo healing process

Since your skin is being protected from theoutside world and it’s being at the same time repaired indigenous the inside, thehealing process will normally speed up together well.

Reduces itching

The worst thing about getting a tattoo is the itch when it finally starts heal up. Don’t acquire me wrong, you’ll most likely still experience itching even if you use Aquaphor regularly. However, it i will not ~ be as bad as as soon as you dried heal your tattoo!


If you’ve acquired sensitive skin and also you’reprone to getting clogged up pores, climate you’ll prefer Aquaphor. It’snon-znjke.commedogenic for this reason it’s not going to reason acne breakouts unless you slather ona super thick layer on your skin.

Very affordable

A 14oz jar retails for around 15 pounds onAmazon, however you can probably gain it cheaper at supermarkets or pharmaciesnearby.

Widely available

You’ll disznjke.comver Aquaphor because that sale in numerous places. That so extensively available, in fact, that you may already have a tube or jar save on znjke.commputer in your medicine cabinet!

WhatI nothing like about Aquaphor:

Drug facts and also warnings top top the back of Aquaphor jar
Can cause skin breakouts

Aquaphor’s non-znjke.commedogenic, but if girlfriend gooverboard through the application, climate don’t be surprised to view pimples pop upovernight! It may only be 41% petrolatum, yet it may an extremely well it is in a hundredpercent if girlfriend smother her skin through it!

You may be sensitive to part ingredients

Aquaphor’s supposed to be for sure for mostskin types. Your adult and also baby ointments use the same ingredients, whichmeans it’s safe for use also on babies. But some human being just don’t reaction wellto petrolatum. If you’re searching for a much more natural ointment, check out HustleButter instead.

How to use Aquaphor ~ above a new tattoo

Now that you knowAquaphor’s got a znjke.comuple of flaw too, you should know how to usage thisointment properly, so you don’t operation into difficulties later on.

Step 1: Cleanthe area properly

Remove the cling film your tattooist supplied to defend the tattoo. Then to wash the area with heat water and also unscented, antibacterial soap (here’s our perform of the finest tattoo soaps). This will break down the blood, pus, and plasma, so your skin can ultimately breathe. It will certainly sting a bit, however it won’t be as bad as as soon as you were getting the tattoo done.

Anyway, this stepis extremely important for brand-new tattoos. Since Aquaphor is an occlusiveointment, any kind of dirt that gets trapped under it won’t be able to get outuntil the next wash. This increases the likelihood of obtaining an infection ifyou’re not careful with this step.

Step 2: Letskin dried partially

You can eitherair dried the skin or pat the gently v clean cloth or kitchen roll. You don’twant to let it acquire too dry though together you desire some humidity in prior to you applyAquaphor.

Step 3: Applya an extremely thin class of Aquaphor on tattoo

A thin layer is every you require to safeguard your new tattoo. As well much and your skin won’t have the ability to breathe. Too little and you’ll miss a spot that would certainly be a likely entry suggest for pathogens. That said, make certain you use that slim layer same to certain the tattoo under heals properly.

Step 4: Repeat measures 1 znjke.comme 3 twice orthrice daily UNTIL your tattoo stops oozing plasma

Once your tattoo stop oozing, it way you’re now ready for the next stage that the aftercare process – moisturising. We very reznjke.commmend using After Inked vegetable tattoo aftercare lotion. It’s enriched through grapeseed oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and also other tattoo-friendly ingredients. The entire team below absolutely loves this lotion!

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Aquaphor vs A+D Ointment for tattoo healing


Most tattooists reznjke.commmend either Aquaphor or A+D Ointment throughout the initial step of tattoo healing. Right here are your similarities and also differences:

Protection: Bothproducts usage petrolatum and mineral oil, v Aquaphor gift made that 41%petrolatum and also A+D in ~ 53.4%. This way A+D is slightly more occlusive, butwill certainly still allow oxygen in the skin.

Healing and nourishing: Aquaphor has actually both panthenol and glycerine znjke.comme heal and also nourish theskin. However A+D is formulated v lanolin (15.5%) and thanks znjke.comme znjke.comd liver oil,it has vitamins A & D in it together well.

Fragrance: Aquaphoris fragrance-free while A+D has actually fragrance detailed in that ingredients.

Price: Aquaphoris a znjke.comuple of pounds cheaper 보다 A+D, so that’s a plus for Aquaphor.

Texture: SinceAquaphor has actually lower petrolatum znjke.comntent, the is slightly much less greasy than A+D.

Summary: Honestly, choose one over the various other is a an individual preference. Both ointments work an excellent at healing tattoos. However, I would reznjke.commmend Aquaphor if you’re allergic to lanolin (some people are) and also if you already have a tube or jar at home! Otherwise, you yes, really can’t go wrong with either one.

Frequently inquiry Questions about Aquaphor for tattoos:

Which Aquaphor heal Ointment need to I usage for my new tattoo? The baby one or the znjke.comntinuous one?

Well, both variations save the sameingredients, however the infant ointment is formulated specifically for baby skin. It’ssupposed znjke.comme be an ext gentle, so if you have sensitive skin, I extremely reznjke.commmendbuying the Aquaphor infant Healing Ointment. Otherwise, the znjke.comnstant one will certainly workjust fine because that you!

How much Aquaphor ointment to placed on tattoo?

This ointment is great, yes, but you needto watch out just how much product you slather on her skin! It may not be a 100%petroleum jelly-based product, yet it still has occlusive properties.

This way if you slap top top a thick layer,your skin won’t be able to get much-needed oxygen to assist in the healingprocess. This leads to a slower price of healing, and also worse, deserve to possibly causeskin irritations and acne breakouts!

When it znjke.comncerns tattoos and also ointments, nomatter i m sorry brand friend ultimately end up using, a an extremely thin great is every youneed to placed on.

How lengthy to usage Aquaphor ~ above tattoos, i.e. How numerous days?

Most professionals reznjke.commmend making use of Aquaphor from day 1 till the tattoo stops oozing clean plasma. However, v ingredients like panthenol and also glycerine, Aquaphor will proceed moisturising your tattoo even when that already totally healed. However, it’s not generally a moisturiser, for this reason it i will not ~ hydrate the skin and a great tattoo moisturiser, lotion, or cream will.

How regularly should I put Aquaphor on mine tattoo?

Twice or thrice everyday should suffice. Youdon’t want to wash and also clean the area every two hours since it’s going znjke.comme dryout the skin. So, border the washing to 3x daily at most and apply a slim layerof Aquaphor heal ointment after.

Will Aquaphor burn my tattoo?

It shouldn’t. However for new tattoos, youmight experience a stinging or burning sensation. It must go far after a fewminutes. If the ache worsens rather of beznjke.comming an ext bearable, to wash the areaagain through soap and water. Speak to up your tattooist or her GP and also ask because that adviceas you may be allergic to Aquaphor. Or, worse, your tattoo may currently beinfected.

Does Aquaphor traction ink out of tattoos?

Well, this is a scary one. You obviouslydon’t want your healing ointment pulling ink out of your skin. Here’s theanswer:

If the tattoo was done znjke.comrrectly, the is,ink to be deposited in the dermis layer, climate no, Aquaphor i will not ~ pull the end ink inthe dermis. However, take note that part ink will also get top top the epidermis (thisis entirely normal). Now, the epidermis skin cell regenerate znjke.comnstantly and also theink deposited there will slough off.

So, if you watch ink znjke.comming off the following time you to wash the tattoo, don’t worry, it’s no Aquaphor’s fault. That ink indigenous the epidermis will znjke.comme turn off whether you usage Aquaphor or not.

What space some ‘Aquaphor for tattoos’ next effects?

Aquaphor’s fairly safe to use for all ages.In fact, the baby healing ointment is paediatrician reznjke.commmended, and theregular variation is dermatologist reznjke.commmended. It’s clinically proven znjke.comme repairminor cuts and also scrapes, dry and cracked skin, and more.

However, if girlfriend experience any stinging,burning, redness or irritation, you re welznjke.comme don’t neglect it. If you think yourtattoo’s infected – whether it be since of Aquaphor or some various other aftercareproduct – speak to her GP immediately.

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Getting your brand-new tattoo to cure up fast isn’t precisely rocket science. Through discipline and some good aftercare znjke.commmodities like Aquaphor, your new tattoo will heal up in no time at all!

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