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Carnival Cruise Line recently took procedures to further crackdown top top smoking across its fleet by banning the practice throughout embarkation and also in brand-new casino spaces produced exclusively because that nonsmokers.

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New smoke-free casinos

(Photo courtesy the Carnival Cruise Line)

Mainstream cruise lines have largely got rid of smoking in staterooms (including on exclusive balconies) and also public areas, yet several lines’ casinos remain locations where passengers are allowed to puff away while gambling.

To address that problem without completely banning smokers, Carnival Cruise line Brand Ambassador john Heald stated Friday ~ above his Facebook web page that, on 3 of that is ships, Carnival Cruise Line has actually converted onboard conference centers to additional smoke-free casino space.

“On Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream and also Carnival Magic, while half of the

casino is walking to remain smoking on all of our ships, top top those three ships, for now … we have designed a nonsmoking casino,” Heald said, noting that the forfeited conference spaces were big and seldom used.

“You have actually tables and also slot makers … in this areas. If this work, which us think they will, we may possibly add them to various other ships.

“We understand that smokers gamble. If we thought … the revenue was going to stay the same if us took smoking away — the won’t, which is why we haven’t — . Yet we have, top top those 3 ships, offered you a possibility to have a nonsmoking casino.”

No smoking prior to sail-away

(Photo by Nasir Kachroo/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Prior to the brand-new casino announcement, Heald likewise said Carnival would be prohibiting smoking all over on or close to all pearl in the fleet throughout embarkation, as that’s as soon as the ship refuel.

“During embarkation and also while we are refueling … there is a no-smoking rule inside and also out of the ship until just prior to we cruise,” Heald explained.

The process, well-known as bunkering, have the right to take hours, and because the fuel is highly flammable, rogue ashes attitude a threat. Previously, smoking had actually only been banned in outdoor areas during the time, however now it’s not allowed in indoor, otherwise smoke-friendly places, either.

(Photo by Holger Leue/Getty Images)

“I’ve had actually a few rather frustrated comments around that, and also I entirely understand,” Heald sympathized.

He said part of the reason for the adjust is the temporarily banning cigarette smoking until the ship leaves port allows for a smoke-free setting for every passengers together they inspect in at their muster stations — few of which are in areas, favor the casino, that normally allow smoking — after completing the line’s digital safety and security drill.

“On many of the ships, we will be making use of the casino as an e-muster, wherein you walk up and you hand castle your application … or your boarding happen … and they inspect you off, and you watch a life coat demonstration from the crew,” Heald said.

Previous efforts to limit smoking

(Photo through Debasish Nandy/IndiaPictures/Universal Images group via Getty Images)

This isn’t the an initial time Carnival has enacted controversial smoking policies. In 1999, the line imposed the cruise industry’s very first completely smoke-free vessel, Carnival Paradise. The finish ban on cigarette smoking was quickly lifted as soon as it came to be clear that smokers tend to spend more money in ~ bars and casinos than nonsmokers.

In 2014, Carnival banned cigarette smoking from balconies in that is ships’ cabins and additionally made headlines in 2018, once it announced violators of its smoking plans would be slapped with $500 fines.

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Ultimately, the areas onboard where smoking cigarettes is permitted are couple of and far between, with many ships only enabling it in casinos and on designated out decks, usually on one side of the ship and also usually close to the aft for this reason the smell wafts out to sea.