It’s a clump of cells and also protein in her blood. A gerean helps slow bleeding once you’re injured. It typically dissolves together you heal. Yet if the doesn’t, or if it creates when it’s no needed, it have the right to clog up or fully block a blood vessel.

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An unanticipated clot have the right to lead to major problems and even death. In one artery, the can offer you a heart strike or a stroke. If it wake up in a vein, you can feel pain and also swelling. A clot deep inside your body is referred to as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). One in your lungs is a pulmonary embolism (PE). They’re both medical emergencies.


You can get a blood gerean if you break a bone or traction a muscle badly. But sometimes you might not know why it occurred or also realize you have actually one. There are ideas though. Your odds the a clot are higher if you:

Are recovering from surgery or had actually to sit for many hours on a trip or in a wheelchairAre overweight or obeseHave diabetes or high cholesterolAre end 60

When a clot slows or stop the circulation of blood, that can build up in the vessel and also make it swell. If it happens in your lower leg or calf, it’s often a authorize of DVT. Yet you likewise can have actually a clot in your arms or belly. Even after that goes away, one in three human being still have swelling and also sometimes pain and also sores from damages to the blood vessel.


If a clot plugs increase veins in her arms or legs, they might look bluish or reddish. Her skin likewise might remain discolored from the damages to blood ship afterward. A PE in her lung might make your skin pale, bluish, and clammy.


Sudden, intense chest pain might mean the gerean has damaged off and also caused a PE. Or it can be a authorize that a clot in your artery provided you a heart attack. If so, you also might feel pain in your arm, especially on the left. A clot regularly hurts where it’s located, favor in your reduced leg, stomach, or under your throat.

This is a severe symptom. It can be a authorize that you have actually a gerean in her lung or your heart. Her heart might also race, or you may feel sweaty or faint.

A clot can offer you various symptoms based on where the is. A PE can give you a fast pulse, chest pain, bloody cough, and also shortness the breath. Get to the hospital best away. You also might have no signs.

This can feel similar to a gerean in the lung. However if it’s a heart attack, you likewise might feeling nausea and lightheadedness along with the chest pain. Either way, speak to 911 or get to a hospital best away.

Pressure builds as soon as blood can’t flow normally. A severe blockage sometimes deserve to lead come a stroke. Without oxygen from the blood, your mind cells start to dice in minutes. A gerean in your mind can reason headaches, confusion, seizures, speech problems, and also weakness, periodically on simply one side of the body.

Often, you have actually no symptoms at all. Clogged veins in the stomach or esophagus, a tube the connects that to her throat, deserve to rip and leak blood. That have the right to hurt a lot. You may poop or vomit blood, and also your stool might look black and smell person who is abnormal bad.

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Also called renal vein thrombosis, these coagulation usually grow slowly and also mostly in adults. You more than likely won’t have symptoms uneven a piece breaks off and lodges in your lung. Rarely, particularly in children, the can happen fast and cause nausea, fever, and also vomiting. You likewise might have blood in your pee and go much less often. 

See your medical professional or walk to the emergency room ideal away. A clot have the right to be deadly, and also you won’t know for certain you have it till you get checked. Your physician may give you a clot-busting drug or surgically thread a thin tube to the site of the clot to dissolve it. 

You deserve to act to lower your odds that a clot. First, keep a healthy and balanced weight, eat right, and also exercise. Also:

Don’t sit or remain still for long, particularly after a long trip or surgery.If you a workdesk jockey, obtain up and move at least every couple of hours. Flex her legs, feet, and also toes in your chair.Check if tight-fitting compression socks or clothing can aid your blood flow.Ask your doctor if you could need to take it clot-fighting drugs referred to as anticoagulants.

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