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Popcorn is seriously delicious, but it’s also a severe choking risks for kids. Here’s specifically what you have to know about when youngsters can have popcorn safely.

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Kids and Popcorn

Whether you like to pop it in the microwave for a movie night or end a fire ~ above a camping trip, there’s no denying popcorn is a fun and delicious snack. But, unfortunately, it’s likewise a pretty major choking hazard for small kids.

The shape and texture the the popped kernels provides it an ext likely to get recorded in your child’s airway. Plus, there’s the truth that it’s an extremely dry and kids might want come cram handfuls that it into their mouths, which boosts the risk.

This means that kids do not do it eat popcorn until age 4. This is the average period when your chewing and also swallowing skills have yes, really matured and they can much more safely handle this food.

TIP: us hardly ever tell girlfriend to totally avoid foods, but this is not a reference to be taken lightly. Choking is among the leading reasons of death for toddlers.

Popcorn alternatives for Toddlers

Fortunately, popcorn is much from the only game in crunchy-snack town. Mini rice cakes, puffed corn cakes, snap pea crisps, softer species of crackers, and puffs space a good option to shot for kids who favor something crunchy. This are safer to eat, and also a lot easier for little hands to hold than little popcorn kernels.

You could also try things choose crispy pea or peanut butter puffs if your kids want miscellaneous they have the right to snack on item by piece, comparable to the means people eat popcorn.

TIP: Checkout our grasp list that healthy, keep bought snacks for an ext ideas.

Frequently asked Questions

When can youngsters have popcorn?

Popcorn is a throttle hazard and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children not have in until they’re at least 4 years old. By this age, youngsters should be good enough in ~ chewing and swallowing to safely eat popcorn.

Is popcorn healthy and balanced for toddlers?

Plain, air-popped popcorn deserve to be a really healthy snack in general. Yet it is no recommended that toddlers eat it, because it is thought about a significant choking hazard.Instead, choose options like mini rice cakes or puffs made specifically for kids.

What need to toddlers no eat?

Toddlers can and also should eat a wide selection of things. But you still should be an extremely careful once it pertains to things that can be choke hazards. This consists of slippery, round foods items like grapes and hot dogs, hard foods items like chips and popcorn, and sticky foodstuffs like marshmallows or big spoonfuls of nut butter. Kids should usually avoid these foods until they’re 4 years old and also are better at chewing and also swallowing, follow to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Best Tips for Kids and also Popcorn

Avoid popcorn until children are over period four together it is a dried food that deserve to be difficult to chew and also has a higher choking risk.Try various other safer crunchy foodstuffs including peanut puffs, snap pea crisps, softer crackers, peanut puffs (like Bamba) and also puffed rice or corn cakes.

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