The president said postponing the presidential election in a tweet on Thursday, yet he doesn’t have actually that power


Donald Trump boards Air pressure One in Maryland top top 29 July. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
Donald Trump boards Air force One in Maryland ~ above 29 July. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump suggested on Thursday the the November election should be delayed. Can he do that?

No. The president cannot act top top his very own to relocate the day of the election. The constitution gives state legislatures and also Congress the ability to collection the dates of elections. The does not give the president any kind of power to execute so.

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Article 2 of the united state constitution, i beg your pardon outlines the strength of the executive branch, specifically offers Congress the strength to set the “time” once states choose their presidential electors. In 1845, Congress collection the job for choosing presidential electors together Tuesday complying with the an initial Monday in November in a presidential election year. Congress can move the day of the election by changing the law, but the president might not unilaterally carry out so.

There will certainly be no hold-up in the #2020Election. Congress sets the election date, and it must not be changed. It will certainly be hosted on November 3rd, as planned and required through law.

— us Rep Rodney Davis (
RodneyDavis) July 30, 2020

The 20th amendment additionally says the the four-year hatchet of the president and also vice-president ends on 20 January. It likewise calls for the terms of members of conference to start on 3 January.

“If there is no new president-elect (or V-P-elect), then the twentieth Amendment calls because that an exhilaration President top top noon on January 20, through Congress having actually written a statute that would put the Speaker next in line,” Ned Foley, a professor at the Ohio State University, wrote in an email. The speak is currently Nancy Pelosi.

If trump can’t relocate the election, why is the tweeting around it?

For months, Trump has been laying the groundwork to dispute the legitimacy the the 2020 election. He has falsely asserted that mail-in ballots, intended in record numbers this year due to the fact that of Covid-19, will lead to votes being stolen and also the choice being “rigged”.

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There’s no proof to support Trump’s claims. But it’s likely the chairman is developing a narrative the there could be other fishy around the election in November to argue the choice isn’t legit if he loses. There is deep concern about how Trump will deploy this rhetoric in November, especially since there’s most likely to be a lengthy wait to acquire election results. Many experts space worried Trump might use the delay to insurance claim victory prior to ballots space being counted.

Trump’s tweets have additionally long been thought about a distraction tactic indigenous other national news cycles – many recently, the economic downturn.

Does Trump have a allude that vote by letter will lead to fraud?

Trump and other republic argue that voting by letter is danger because, unequal in-person, a human other 보다 the voter takes custody of the ballot. But several research studies have displayed that mail-in vote does not lead to much more fraud. A Washington Post evaluation of 14.6m votes cast in three states that automatically mail a ballot to all voters discovered just 372 cases of twin voting or voting on instead of of a dead person. A different study that voter fraud instances maintained by the conservative Heritage foundation found just 143 instances of criminal convictions involving absentee ballots end the critical 20 years. That quantities to 0.00006% of complete votes cast during that period.

States have a variety of measures in location to stop fraud. Many states permit voters come track their mail-in ballots, offering them confidence the it was received in the mail. Countless states to compare the signature on the ballot to the one on record with election officials, a practice, if done carefully, that deserve to prevent fraud. Some says restrict who can collect a mail-in ballot or even require ballots to it is in signed through a evil or notary (Democrats and voting rights groups are an overwhelming these type of constraints in plenty of states, speak they are needlessly restrictive during Covid-19).

Trump and also conservative teams argue that also a small number of fraudulent votes can tip one election and have pointed to a recent situation of suspected fraud entailing mail-in ballots in Paterson, new Jersey, to support that idea. Yet local officials there told the Washington article that castle don’t believe the trouble there is symptomatic of extensive fraud and also that it to be uncovered by election officials.

Will mail-in voting hurt Trump and other Republicans?

There’s no proof that mail-in voting will hurt Trump. A research from Stanford researchers previously this year verified that mail-in voting on the whole does not benefit Democrats or Republicans. In some states, such together Florida, Republicans have long relied on mail-in voting together a reliable method to gain out the vote among supporters.

There is some concern that Trump’s rhetoric roughly mail-in voting could actually put Republicans in ~ a disadvantage this fall. Even as Trump has railed versus mail-in voting Republicans have urged your supporters to inquiry mail-in ballots. In Florida and also North Carolina, neighborhood Republican parties have sent mailers to their supporters with images of selectively edited trump card tweets urging lock to inquiry mail-in ballots, according to the linked Press.

Trump keeps highlighting problems with vote by mail, like ballots obtaining delayed in the mail and rejected for miscellaneous issues. Is he right?

There space legitimate worries around the capacity of states and the United states Postal company (USPS) to regulate elections this fall. Numerous states space not supplied to seeing a large volume the mail-in votes and also local choice officials have actually been overwhelmed by the overwhelming of absentee ballot requests and also the ballots themselves. Over there is likewise concern that USPS, i beg your pardon is apparently considering slowing down mail delivery since of a budget shortfall, will be can not to supply ballots in a stylish manner.

States also can disapprove absentee ballots for a variety of reasons – they could arrive late, the signature ~ above the ballot might not complement the one ~ above file, or they might not be effectively sealed. There’s concern that as much more people vote by mail this year, more people are going to have actually their ballots rejected.

These room all valid pertains to – however neither Trump nor Republicans in Congress have actually done much to fix them. States need an estimated $4bn come adequately prepare for vote by mail, however Congress has actually allocated just $400m therefore far. The most recent Republican Covid-19 relief proposal in the Senate included no additional funding to claims to help them run elections. Advocates additionally say USPS desperately demands an injection of federal funding, but that additionally has stalled in Congress.

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States deserve to reduce the number of ballot refuse by requiring election officials to inform voters before they disapprove their ballot, a requirement in location in fewer 보다 20 states. Many states also require election officials to disapprove ballots that arrive after choice day, regardless of once they were placed in the mail. Democrats have filed a slew that lawsuits throughout the country seeking to require states to count ballots as lengthy as they are postmarked by election day and arrive in the work after. The Trump campaign has not supported those efforts.