It is certainly possible for tonsil tissues to grow ago especially if it was not removed completely (depending on even if it is a tonsillectomy - complete removal of the tonsil or tonsillotomy - partial or near finish removal the the tonsil to be performed). Regrowths of tonsillar organization after tonsillectomy is but rare.It might be possible that the "regrowths" are benign lumps native tonsillar tissues such as cysts, fibroma, papillomas or lipomas. I would indicate that you have the lump assessed by an ENT Specialist.Hope this helps and all the best!

Dr Kenny Pang
ENT Doctor
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This is really unlikely. The tonsils contain lymphoid organization or white blood cells. Hardly ever if the surgical treatment is no complete, the tonsils may regrow, yet this is uncommon.

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Dr Paul Ang
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