The adenoid is a solitary mass of tissue located means in the earlier of the nose whereby the nose joins the throat. (Although most people say “adenoids” as if over there is more than one, we really have actually just one adenoid.)

The adenoid (also sometimes referred to as the pharyngeal tonsil) is component of our immune system. Our immune mechanism helps united state fight virus that reason illness. You have the right to think that the adenoid together a germ processing center. It helps our bodies discover to recognize various kinds of germs so that we can fight lock better.

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Will mine child’s immune system be weaker if the adenoid is removed?

The adenoid is just a really small part of ours immune system. It turns out that our immune system has many different means of discovering to recognize germs. Kids who have actually their adenoid (and even the tonsils) removed do not, ~ above average, have any more illnesses than kids who “keep” their adenoid. In fact, some youngsters will gain fewer illnesses, like recurrent nasal infections, after their adenoid is taken out.

Why do some youngsters need to have actually their adenoid removed?

There room actually fairly a number of reasons that your doctor might recommend remove of her child’s adenoid.


Today, the most usual reason that children have their adenoid removed is to help them breathe and sleep better. In some children, the adenoid becomes also big. This may happen for a variety of reasons, however we generally don’t understand why it wake up to a certain child. If the adenoid becomes too huge it can partially block a child’s breathing during sleep. In serious cases, the adenoid can fully block the ago of the nose! This will certainly usually result in loud snoring and also sometimes reasons a child’s sleep come be very restless or fragmentized resulting in bad concentration during the daytime, actions changes, and also sometime persistent bedwetting. This is known as sleep apnea. Removed the adenoid (and occasionally the tonsils too) makes this breathing lot better. Sometimes simply the adenoid demands to it is in removed and also sometimes both the tonsils and also adenoids have to come out to fix this problem.


Another usual reason that kids have your adenoid removed is since of frequent ear infections. The adenoid is located next come the opening of the Eustachian tube in the back of the nose. Normal Eustachian tube role is responsible for keeping our ears healthy. As soon as the tube is clogged or inflamed, center ear infections or middle ear fluid can result. A big or continually infected adenoid deserve to lead to poor Eustachian pipe function. Once this kind of adenoid is removed, ear infections and fluid are much less likely to occur.

A less common reason to remove the adenoid is for recurrent sleep infections. Some youngsters have recurrent sleep infections characterized by thick, environment-friendly or yellow drainage the is present much more or much less all the time. Sometimes this drainage will boost with antibiotics, but often returns when the antibiotics space stopped. Left untreated because that a long period of time this can also lead to chronic inflammation of the sinuses. Removed of the adenoid will certainly often assist manage this problem, although it will certainly not protect against the common cold or every condition that causes nasal drainage.

How is the adenoid removed?

Removal that the adenoid (adenoidectomy) is a surgical procedure. It is perform by one ears, nose, and also throat operated doctor in the operating room under general anesthesia. In this day and also age, general anesthesia is really safe and also your child will be carefully monitored during the procedure. Return the adenoid is in the earlier of the nose, the is removed through the mouth and also there room no visible scars complying with surgery. Unequal the tonsils, your surgeon cannot completely remove all adenoid tissue in the ago of the sleep (although today’s instruments allow us to perform a pretty an excellent job). It is therefore feasible for the adenoid come “grow back” and cause symptoms again. However, it is quite rare because that a child to require to have the adenoid eliminated a second time.

Are there any kind of instructions I should follow before surgery?

Your son must have actually a physics examination by his or she pediatrician or household doctor before surgery come make certain he or she is in an excellent health. Although this exam have the right to be excellent anytime within 30 days before surgery, we recommend having actually this exam as close come the work of surgical treatment as possible. The physician you see requirements to complete the history and Physical form provided by ours office. You must carry the completed type with girlfriend the work of surgery.

For your child’s safety, the is an extremely important that he or she have actually an north stomach as soon as anesthesia is given. Please follow our preoperative Eating and also Drinking Guidelines. If you do not follow this guidelines, her child’s surgical procedure will be cancelled.

What have the right to I mean after surgery?

The procedure itself usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. Your medical professional will talk to you as shortly as the surgery is over.

Your kid will wake up up in the restore room after surgery. This might take 45 minute to one hour. Once your kid is awake, he or she will certainly be taken to the brief Stay short article operative area to finish the recovery. You have the right to be v your child when he or she has been transferred to this area.

Children generally go house the same day after ~ surgery, but in some situations your doctor might recommend keeping your boy in the hospital overnight (e.g., your kid is under age 4 and had his or she tonsils removed). If your kid does continue to be overnight, one parental is required to stay overnight too.

An uncomfortable stomach and also vomiting (throwing up) are common for the an initial 24 hrs after surgery.

Antibiotics are no much longer routinely prescribed complying with adenoid surgery.

Your son may have a fever for 3-4 days after surgery. This is normal and also is not reason for alarm.

Neck soreness, poor breath, and snoring are also common after ~ surgery. This symptoms will additionally go away during the first 3 weeks after surgery.

How need to I take treatment of my child after surgery?

It is crucial to encourage your child to drink many of liquids. Keeping the neck moist to reduce discomfort and also prevents dehydration (a dangerous problem in i m sorry the body does not have enough water). There room no specific dietary limitations after adenoidectomy. In other words, her child can eat everything you would usually feed him or her.

In many cases, your child might return to his or her regular tasks within 1 or 2 job after surgery. There is no must restrict normal activity after your boy feels back to normal. Vigorous exercise (such as swimming and running) should be avoided for 1 mainly after surgery.

What else execute I should know?

Upset stomach and also vomiting are typical during the very first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. If vomiting proceeds for much more than 1 or 2 work after surgery, call our office.

Signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, dry and also sticky lips, no urine because that over 8 hours, and no tears. If your child has actually these signs you should contact our office.

Streaks that blood checked out if your son sneezes or blows the nose are usual during the first couple of hours and should it is in no cause for alarm.

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Severe bleeding is rarely after adenoidectomy. If your boy coughs up, litter up, or spits the end bright red blood or blood coagulation you should bring him or she to the emergency room in ~ Children’s Hospital immediately. Although rare, this kind of bleeding can happen up come 2 weeks after ~ surgery.