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If you have symptoms the a TMJ disorder and also think her hearing lose is related, check with your health care provider. TMJ disorder is a relatively common condition and affects people of all ages, with about one-third the adults suffering symptoms.

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Muffled/decreased hearingTinnitus (ringing in the ears)Ear painFeeling of fullness in the earClicking or popping sounds as soon as you relocate your jaw

You’ll probably have actually other symptoms as well, including jaw pain, headaches, difficulty chewing, facial pain, dizziness, and pain or stiffness in the neck or shoulders.

Your level of hearing loss may depend top top the severity of your TMJ disorder. One study found that those who had the many symptoms, consisting of jaw stiffness, were much more likely to endure hearing problems.


Since the TMJ is situated next to the middle ear, a disorder in the jaw can affect your hearing. When the exact reason no clear, it’s assumed that pressure or inflammation from the TMJ can affect nerves and also muscles in the area, causing blocked eustachian tubes.

Tinnitus or difficulty hearing can result because the eustachian tubes cannot properly drain fluid indigenous the center ear.


Your medical care provider or dentist may suspect a TMJ disorder if you have symptoms of listening loss, ear fullness, and tinnitus, however don’t have any kind of signs of an ear infection or other ear-related condition.

Medical professionals and also dentists can usually diagnose TMJ disorder based upon a physical examination and also your medical history. Your healthcare provider will study your jaw to inspect for any kind of stiffness, pain, and also sounds like popping or clicking.

They may gently push on the next of your challenge while you open and close your jaw. They’ll note how wide you can open your mouth comfortably, through the normal range being at least 4 centimeters.

Panoramic X-rays might be taken to confirm the diagnosis. These let the practitioner or dentist look at the TMJ and the jaws and teeth to make certain that there aren’t any other concerns causing your symptoms.


Treatment because that a TMJ disorder can help you reclaim your hear loss and also relieve ear-related symptoms. Treatment might vary relying on the reason of the disorder. You may be recommend to usage a mouth guard, or splint, to help allow her jaw muscles to relax and recover.

Physical therapy might be encourage to help strengthen the muscles about your jaw. You might also be prescribed medications, such together pain relievers or muscle relaxants. In rarely cases, your healthcare provider may indicate seeing an oral and also maxillofacial operated doctor to repair any kind of damage come the TMJ.

A Word indigenous Verywell

It's herbal for anyone, consisting of a medical care provider, to first think of issues related come the ears themselves once hearing troubles occur. As such, it can take time because that you and your healthcare provider to recognize that a TMJ disorder is come blame for her hearing loss.

Thankfully, as soon as it’s diagnosed, that is treatable. Speak to her practitioner if you have questions around whether a TMJ disorder could be affecting her hearing, specifically if you room experiencing any of the various other symptoms discussed here.

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