“The President, angry President and also all Civil police officers of the unified States, candlestick be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and also Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and also Misdemeanors.”— U.S. Constitution, short article II, ar 4

The Constitution gives the residence of representatives the sole power come impeach one official, and also it makes the Senate the sole court because that impeachment trials.

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The Constitution offers the residence of to represent “the single Power that Impeachment” (Article I, section 2) of federal officers and gives the Senate “the single Power to shot all Impeachments” (Article I, ar 3). In the constitutional procedure that impeachment and also removal, the home serves in the duty of a cool jury bringing charges against an officer doubt of “Treason, Bribery, or various other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (Article II, ar 4).

Since the znjke.com initiates this procedure, it likewise appoints impeachment managers to conduct the case versus the officer in the Senate proceeding. Native the beforehand 20th century forward, the preferred an approach of selecting managers has actually been by a home Resolution specify name the number and also the persons of the committee that managers. In some instances, the residence has, by resolution, addressed the variety of managers and authorized the speak to appoint them. Managers likewise have been chosen by ballot that the complete znjke.com with a majority vote because that each candidate.1

Contemporary exercise has provided the Judiciary Committee jurisdiction over possible impeachments. Recent impeachments have actually included write-ups of impeachment in the resolution sent out to the Senate, and also impeachment managers have tended to be from the Committee.

IndividualPositionznjke.com Action/Chargesznjke.com ManagersSenate TrialResult
William BlountU.S. Senator indigenous TennesseeImpeached July 7, 1797, on charges of conspiring to assist in good Britain’s effort to take Spanish-controlled territories in contemporary Florida and LouisianaJames A. Bayard, Sr.; Samuel W. Dana; man Dennis; cutting board Evans; wilhelm Gordon; Robert G. Harper; Hezekiah L. Hosmer; James H. Imlay; thomas Pinckney; Samuel Sewall; Samuel Sitgreaves; man Wilkes KitteraDecember 17, 1798–January 14, 1799Charges dismissed for desire of jurisdiction; Blount had been expelled native the U.S. Senate prior to his trial.
John PickeringJudge, U.S. District court, ar of new HampshireImpeached in march 2, 1803, on dues of intoxication top top the bench and also unlawful managing of residential property claimsWilliam Blackledge; john Boyle; George W. Campbell; Joseph Clay; Peter Early; wilhelm Eustis; Samuel L. Mitchill; cutting board Newton, Jr.; Joseph H. Nicholson; man Randolph; Caesar A. RodneyMarch 3, 1803–March 12, 1804Found guilty; eliminated from office
Samuel ChaseAssociate Justice, U.S. Supreme CourtImpeached in march 12, 1804, on dues of arbitrary and also oppressive command of trials man Boyle; George W. Campbell; Peter Early; i get it Nelson, replaced by Christopher Clark; Joseph H. Nicholson; man Randolph; Caesar A. Rodney December 7, 1804–March 1, 1805Acquitted
James H. PeckJudge, U.S. District court, Western district of TennesseeImpeached April 24, 1830, on dues of abuse the the contempt powerGeorge McDuffie; Ambrose Spencer; Henry R. Storrs; Charles A. Wickliffe; James BuchananApril 26, 1830–January 31, 1831Acquitted
West H. HumphreysJudge, U.S. District court, Western district of TennesseeImpeached might 6, 1862, on fees of refusing to host court and waging war versus the U.S. GovernmentJohn A. Bingham; George W. Dunlap; john Hickman; George H. Pendleton; Charles R. TrainJune 9, 1862–June 26, 1862Found guilty; removed from office and disqualified native future office
Andrew JohnsonPresident the the united StatesImpeached February 24, 1868, on fees of violating the Tenure the Office plot by removing Secretary of battle Edwin Stanton from officeJohn A. Bingham; George S. Boutwell; Benjamin F. Butler; john A Logan; Thaddeus Stevens; cutting board Williams; James F. WilsonFebruary 25–May 26, 1868Acquitted
Mark H. DelahayJudge, U.S. District court, KansasImpeached February 28, 1873, on charges of intoxication top top the benchNo managers appointedNo attempt heldResigned prior to trial
William W. BelknapU.S. Secretary the WarImpeached in march 2, 1876, on dues of criminal ignore for his office and accepting payments in exchange for making official appointmentsGeorge F. Hoar; George A. Jenks; James P. Knott; Elbridge G. Lapham; Scott Lord; wilhelm P. Lynde; john A. McMahonMarch 3–August 1, 1876Acquitted
Charles SwayneJudge, U.S. Ar court, northern district that FloridaImpeached December 13, 1904, on fees of abuse that contempt power and other misuses of officeDavid A. De Armond; Henry De Lamar Clayton; Marlin E. Olmsted; Henry W. Palmer; James B. Perkins; Samuel L. Powers; David H. SmithDecember 14, 1904–February 27, 1905Acquitted
Robert W. ArchbaldAssociate judge, U.S. Business CourtImpeached July 11, 1912, on charges of improper company relationship with litigantsHenry De Lamar Clayton; man W. Davis; john C. Floyd; Leonard P. Howland; George W. Norris; man A. Sterling; Edwin Y. WebbJuly 13, 1912–January 13, 1913Found guilty; eliminated from office and disqualified from future office
George W. EnglishJudge, U.S. Ar court, Eastern district of IllinoisImpeached April 1, 1926, on charges of abuse that powerWilliam D. Boies; Frederick H. Dominick; Ira G. Hersey; Earl C. Michener; Andrew J. Montague; Charles E. Moore; George R. Stobbs; man N. Tillman; Hatton SumnersApril 23–December 13, 1926Resigned November 4, 1926; proceedings dismissed December 13, 1926
Harold LouderbackJudge, U.S. Ar court, northern district of CaliforniaImpeached February 24, 1933, on dues of favoritism in the meeting of bankruptcy receiversHatton Sumners; Gordon W. Browning; Randolph Perkins; Ulysses S. Guyer;Lawrence Lewis; James E. Major2May 15–24, 1933Acquitted
Halsted L. RitterJudge, U.S. Ar court, southern district the FloridaImpeached march 2, 1936, on fees of favoritism in the meeting of bankruptcy receivers and also practicing legislation as a sitting judgeSamuel F. Hobbs; Randolph Perkins; Hatton SumnersMarch 10–April 17, 1936Found guilty; removed from office
Harry E. ClaiborneJudge, U.S. Ar court of NevadaImpeached July 22, 1986, on dues of income tax evasion and also of remaining on the bench following criminal convictionPeter W. Rodino, Jr.; Robert W. Kastenmeier; wilhelm J. Hughes; roman L. Mazzoli; Dan Glickman; Hamilton Fish, Jr.; Henry J. Hyde; thomas N. Kindness; Michael DeWineOctober 7–9, 1986Found guilty; gotten rid of from office
Alcee L. HastingsJudge, U.S. District court, southern district the FloridaImpeached august 3, 1988, on charges of perjury and also conspiring come solicit a bribeJohn Conyers, Jr.; john Bryant; Hamilton Fish, Jr.; George Gekas; Jack Brooks; Michael Synar3October 18–20, 1989Found guilty; eliminated from office
Walter L. NixonJudge, U.S. District court, southerly district the MississippiImpeached may 10, 1989, on fees of perjury prior to a federal cool juryJack Brooks; william (Donlon) Edwards; Benjamin L. Cardin; open minded James Sensenbrenner, Jr.; wilhelm E. DannemeyerNovember 1–3, 1989Found guilty; removed from office
William J. ClintonPresident the the joined StatesImpeached December 19, 1998, on fees of lying under oath come a federal cool jury and also obstruction of justiceBob Barr; Ed Bryant; Steve E. Buyer; Charles T. Canady; kris Cannon; Steve Chabot; George W. Gekas; lindsey Graham; Asa Hutchinson; Henry J. Hyde; Ira W. McCollum, Jr.; James E. Rogan; frank James Sensenbrenner, Jr.January 7–February 12, 1999Acquitted
Samuel B. KentJudge, U.S. Ar court because that the southerly district that TexasImpeached June 19, 2009, on fees of sexual assault, obstructing and impeding an official proceeding, and making false and also misleading statementsAdam Schiff; Zoe Lofgren; Hank Johnson; Robert Goodlatte; candid James Sensenbrenner, Jr.June 24–July 22, 2009Resigned June 30, 2009 prior to the completion of the trial; H. Res. 661 ended the proceedings
G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.

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Judge, U.S. District court, Eastern district of LouisianaImpeached in march 11, 2010, on dues of accepting bribes and making false explanation under penalty of perjuryAdam Schiff; Zoe Lofgren; Hank Johnson; Robert Goodlatte; open minded James Sensenbrenner, Jr.December 7–8, 2010Found guilty; gotten rid of from office and disqualified indigenous holding future office
Donald J. TrumpPresident of the united StatesImpeached December 18, 2019, on charges of abuse that power and also obstruction that CongressAdam Schiff; Jerry Nadler; Zoe Lofgren; Hakeem Jeffries; Val Demings; Jason Crow; Sylvia GarciaJanuary 16–February 5, 2020Acquitted
Donald J. TrumpPresident of the joined StatesImpeached January 13, 2021, top top the charge of incitement the insurrectionJamie Raskin; Diana DeGette; David Cicilline; Joaquin Castro; Eric Swalwell; Ted Lieu; Stacey Plaskett; Madeleine Dean; Joe NeguseFebruary 9–13, 2021Acquitted