For the LGBTQ community, the month of June commemorates the 50th anniversary that the Stonewall Inn riots and celebrates the progression that has been made and the development they hope to see.

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To celebrate, the proud flag flew over the City County, Madison Municipal and also the Wisconsin State Capitol buildings. County executive, management Joe Parisi “we have a lot come celebrate, but we have to remain vigilant” in the LGBTQ community’s fight because that equality.

New York City’s Stonewall Inn, a gay club, to be raided through police police officers in 1969 because same-sex relations were illegal at the time. 6 days that protest followed, whereby members the the LGBTQ neighborhood clashed with legislation enforcement. It sparked a motion to fight for LGBTQ rights.

In 1982, Wisconsin to be the an initial state to pass a gay legal rights law, according to GSAFE Wisconsin. Madison to be the very first city in Wisconsin to half discrimination on the communication of sexual orientation in 1975, follow to the liberty for every Americans website.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway readily available some words at the proud flag elevating at the Madison Municipal Building.

“It is so necessary to send a visible signal that Madison is a welcome community and also that the city is one inclusive employer,” Rhodes-Conway said.

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According to the freedom for every Americans site, Madison employers space legally barred indigenous discriminating on prospective employees based on gender or sex-related orientation.

Additionally, laws require Madison employers to hire and also advertise come a varied group, and also have at least one human being of color and also one woman to review supplemental inquiries (if they show up on one application), according to the Equitable hiring Tool produced by the racial Equity and Social justice Initiative.

“The office of Equity and Inclusion reaches the end to civilization from different neighborhoods to construct relationships with community-based organizations ,” Parisi said.

There are after-effects for employers who perform not accomplish these protections. Employees and also applicants can report come the Wisconsin Equal rights Division, Madison Civil legal rights Department, office of Equity and Inclusion or Employee connections at the county and also state levels.

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Dane ar holds the number 3 rating among the optimal 10 areas to live in Wisconsin, according to Niche, which is an online tool that ar members use to price their communities and also schools. Parisi said this is since Dane county supports top quality of life regardless of individual backgrounds.

Wisconsin can assist in the nationwide LGBTQ activity by leading by example, Parisi said. Parisi and State Representative mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, assistance flying the proud flag.

breakthroughs a good cause that everyone matters, everyone need to be cure the very same under the law and also discrimination will certainly not it is in tolerated,” Parisi said.

Spreitzer said flying the pride flag speak the LGBTQ neighborhood their federal government sees them and they room welcome and also supported here.

Legislators are introducing bills that further LGBTQ protections as component of the Equality Agenda. Assembly bill 111 bans conversion treatment for minors, Assembly share Resolution 47 establish June as LGBT proud Month, AJR 67 recognizes June 28, 2019 as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and ab 312 creates a Transgender Equality task Force.

It would be forced to study the legal and also societal obstacles to equality because that transgender, intersex, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals and administer recommendations to the legislature on just how to ensure equality, follow to the bill. All bill texts can be found on the Wisconsin State legislature website.

Spreitzer proposed legislation that would upgrade Wisconsin regulation to include gender identity and also gender expression to current non-discrimination laws however said work still demands to be done to enable people to change their gender on bear certificates and driver’s licenses.

Spreitzer included he can’t perform something everyone will certainly agree with, however he is functioning for what that believes is in the finest interest the the state and also his district. The is happy to hear to those who have actually differing opinions.

“I expect that as public opinion proceeds to evolve, and while we may disagree about specific legislative solutions, I would hope we have the right to all agree that LGBTQ human being should it is in welcome,” Spreitzer said.

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Recognizing June as Pride Month and commemorating the Stonewall Inn riots promotes learning about LGBTQ history and highlights the unfortunate reality that they space still being discriminated against, Parisi said.

Not anyone thinks the pride flag represents equality. A petition come take down the flag has acquired 10,000 signatures, follow to Wisconsin public Radio. The socially conservative Wisconsin household Council chairman Julaine Appling said the proud flag is divisive because it walk not represent all Wisconsinites, follow to WPR.

University that Wisconsin junior Rosie Rodriguez claimed she trust the Wisconsin flag doesn’t represent all Wisconsinites due to the fact that not anyone who lives in Wisconsin was born in the state or the joined States.

“Any flag is walking to it is in divisive and I don’t think the pride flag is worse,” said Rodriguez, that is openly bisexual.

Ten thousand is a far-ranging number, however is tho a small variety of Wisconsinites, Spreitzer said. He included that it’s hard to tell whether the bulk or a vocal minority is speaking out.

Rodriguez and also her boyfriend, UW junior miles Waech, said flying the proud flag is more of a performative act.

“I’m glad that it’s up there, but it method offered in come public pressure,” Rodriguez said.

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Lawmakers need to be finding means to prevent and also amend dislike crimes and solve the systematic worries in schools and healthcare, Waech said. Waech, who is a transgender male, claimed he would favor to see better healthcare plans because that transgender people and wants those in the medical ar to be educated about transgender people.

Waech added that the form of civilization who oppose the pride flag flying will constantly be there and also they directly influence him, however he’s not going to fight against them since it’s not worth his energy or time.

Rodriguez claimed we shouldn’t forget the oppression LGBTQ world have endured in the past and should keep fighting for LGBTQ rights.

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“Our entirety lives that been favor this, therefore I have actually nothing rather to say to them,” Rodriguez said.