AN AMERICAN exhausted of hearing about Donald trumped pleaded v the Queen znjke.comme take earlier znjke.comntrol that the United says - and was shocked to find a royal reply in his post.

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The Queen znjke.comnfirmed a good sense the humour through the reply

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An Anglophile who made decision he had heard enough from us Republican presidential candidates, znjke.commposed the no hope letter to her Majesty herself.It read: “On instead of of the American people, ns urgently implore you znjke.comme take united state back.

“Clearly, the alternatives we need to lead us aren’t up to par. Again, please, ns beg that you, make the United states of America a znjke.comlony of the joined Kingdom.“For more reasons as to why this is such a necessary, albeit drastic, step, I refer to tonight’s Republican Party primary debate. Give thanks to you. God znjke.comnserve The Queen.”

Much znjke.comme the writer"s surprise, the palace replied - and also the solution has gone viral.The letter, which showed up on official royal letter paper, was posted ~ above Reddit by user no-soy-de-esznjke.comcia.

It was captioned: "Frustrated with the present field that presidential candidates (particularly on the GOP side), mine Anglophile friend wrote a trolling letter to the Queen, questioning her to take the united state back."To our shock, they in reality dignified him v a response."


The Anglophine writer had grown worn down of the Donald Trump and also the Republican debates

In the letter, the Queen’s deputy post znjke.comordinator wrote: "I have been request to create in response to your recent letter to The Queen in which friend znjke.znjke.comm her views about the American government."Whilst your views have actually been noted, you will appreciate, ns am sure, the there have the right to be no znjke.comncern of The Queen intervening in the to work of an additional Sovereign state."


The Queen"s letter to be viewed an ext than 2 million time on Reddit


The Queen"s office said the letter was most likely genuine

The funny solution has due to the fact that gained much more than 2.4 million views with Reddit users.HorrendousRex posted: "What we need is a Declaration... That Dependence."

Jack Northrops Ghost added: "That"s freaking awesome. Also, treason."A spokesman because that Buckingham royal residence today claimed it to be investigating even if it is the letter was real but added that it to be "probably real".

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