There are many similarities in between America’s Sentinels the the tomb of the Unknown and the unified Kingdom’s Queen’s Guard. Both are very respected location within their respective armed forces, both remain stoic in the challenge of damaging weather conditions, and also both will readily put disrespectful tourist in their proper place.

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The Queen’s safety silently stands watch at the imperial Residences and, transparent the years, have actually become much more ceremonial 보다 practical, together the job of protecting the queen has actually been provided to the urban Police. Still, lock remain exterior in instance the worst happens.


stunner hats, serious-as-f*ck attitudes. (Ministry of Defense photo by mark Owens)

Of course, this doesn’t stop tourists indigenous trying come provoke the motionless sentries. Plenty of tourists try to acquire a smile out that the guards v silly jokes and faces — there even reports of women flashing them just to obtain a reaction. The very trained sentries will bite their tongue at mild distractions. Former sentries joke that this is just part of the position. Lock can’t ever show it, however they favor it when tourists take photos and act politely.

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It’s once the tourist really gain in their challenge — poking them through pins, putting cigarette butts out on their rifles, anything choose that — then they have the right to act accordingly. In the situation of tourist getting way too handsy in photographs, they’ll wait till the last minute to destroy the snapshot by marching away. If girlfriend block their movements, they’ll shout, “make means for the Queen’s Guard!” If you obtain in their confront or if they need to shout too many times, they’ll knock friend outthen stoically resume their post.

In instance you to be wondering: No. Their bayonet-tipped rifles room not simply ceremonial. (Image Courtesy that Scot’s Guard)


If idiots action threateningly in the direction of the imperial Family, the Queen’s Guard, or the general public around them, lock will protect against you.

If you touch their bear-skin hat, they’ll probably overlook you or shout at you. If friend grab their rifle, the following thing you’ll view is the end of your barrel.

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For an ext information on the Queen’s Guard and also how they reaction to disrespectful tourists, clock the video clip below.