The joined States federal government relies on a device of checks and also balances the prevent any type of one human from obtaining an unbalanced ratio of power.

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The president leader the executive, management branch of government with the vice chairman acting as his second in command.

The chairman selects their running mate after ~ the primaries and the human being vote for your favorite partnership.

What wake up if the president doesn’t think the vice chairman is doing the task as expected?

Can the chairman fire their own appointee?

Can The president Fire The vice President?


No, the chairman does not have the authority to fire the angry president.

As a windy servant elected by the people, the vice president enjoys a family member level of project security throughout their tenure, assuming lock don’t find themselves amidst a scandal.

While the president can not technically fire the angry president, they deserve to encourage the vice president to action down or encourage the judicial branch to look into allegations that have the right to lead to impeachment.

While it has actually never happened, a vice chairman may confront impeachment if lock commit crimes versus the country.

Ideally, the president gets along with the evil president and teaches them rather of trying to acquire them fired.

With appropriate guidance, the vice chairman may become the president in a future election.

Three Branches of Government


The government consists of three branches of government that job-related together and against each various other to keep the government running:


At the commonwealth level, the executive, management branch describes the branch of federal government that enforces laws and represents the nation internationally and domestically.

The president and also vice president room the two greatest positions in the executive, management branch.

The legislative branch branch was developed to develop the comprehensive legislation we rely on to preserve order every day.

This branch of the government includes both the residence of Representatives and the Senate, collectively known together the United says Congress.

These representatives vote on regulation according to the will certainly of the majority of the civilization in their district.

The Senate has actually two members from each state, despite the state’s population.

Every senator offer for six years.

The residence of Representatives has 435 members. States with bigger populations, such as California (53) and also Texas (36), have much more representatives than says with smaller populations, such as Rhode Island (2).

The number of representatives every state gets deserve to vary with brand-new population data.

The federal judicial system, including the can be fried Court, examines the constitutionality that legislation and also decides the highest and most influential situations in the country.

At this time, the democracy have majority control end both the executive and legislative branches while republic have regulate over the righteousness branch.

U.S. Government Hierarchy


What happens if the functions at the top acquire shaken up as result of a resignation, impeachment, or death?

To answer that, it’s essential to recognize the power structure of the U.S. Government.

This explains the heat of succession from the chairman down, additionally coordinating with the quantity of strength each role possesses.

U.S. Government Hierarchy:

President: commander in Chief and head of the unified States government (Joe Biden)Vice President: 2nd in command (Kamala Harris)Speaker of the House: Head that the house of representatives (Nancy Pelosi)Senate President: Head of the Senate (Patrick Leahy)Secretary of State: Head of international policy (Anthony Blinken)Secretary the the Treasury: Head the the federal budget (Janet Yellen)

However, this only applies to the presidency.

What wake up If The angry President it s okay Fired Or procedures Down?


In the case that a vice president cannot hold the office effectively, the president will nominate a replacement.

They will then present the nominee come Congress who will poll on whether they provide or not.

Checks and also Balances


The federal government uses a mechanism of checks and balances to save each branch of the federal government in heat by giving each branch the government distinct powers that deserve to slow down any type of progress the doesn’t enhance the worths of the American government.

1. Executive Branch

The chairman of the joined States deserve to veto legislations presented to him by Congress.

The chairman can also issue an executive Order the bypasses a bulk of the red tape compelled to make something a law.

This fast-track an approach doesn’t need the legislative and judicial branches to authorize off before it comes into effect.

2. Legislative Branch

Even if the president vetoes a law, Congress have the right to come together to override the veto.

The legislative branch of federal government has the strength to approve any kind of presidential room nominations, and it can impeach the president if necessary.

Most importantly, Congress have the right to suggest and push with amendments come the United states Constitution.

We currently have 27 amendments come the Constitution.

3. Justice Branch

The chairman nominates members come the can be fried Court because that a lifetime appointment.

This appointment should be approved by a poll in the Senate.

The can be fried Court Justices have the power to proclaim the constitutionality of activity taken through the president and Congress.

If the can be fried Court declares a piece of legislation or action unconstitutional, they can reverse the law.

President and Vice chairman Feuds


One would certainly assume that, due to the fact that the chairman (usually) choose the vice president, they favor the person.

However, not all president and also vice president pairs meshed fine together.

These are simply some the the famous feuds in between a president and his evil president whereby the president probably wished the he might have fired the vice president.

1. Thomas Jefferson Vs. Aaron Burr

Thomas Jefferson aided write the Constitution, but his turn at the presidency began off on rocky ground ~ a contentious election in between him and Aaron Burr (the same guy who eliminated Alexander Hamilton.

You can have checked out a musical that touches ~ above the subject.).

Thomas Jefferson come out top top top yet imagine the awkwardness once he learned that Aaron Burr would be his evil president.

Voting worked a tiny differently throughout the 1800 election.

Instead the the president and also the vice chairman running together on one ticket, candidates competed versus each various other for the duty of president.

The human being with the many votes came to be president.

The person with the second most votes became vice president.

Jefferson isolated Burr and also ignored his suggestions and also cabinet nominations.

Burr quiet completed his term and moved on come fail horribly in other political functions thanks come the influence of Alexander Hamilton.

After the well known duel, Alexander Hamilton offers Burr one last kick in the behind by making that a social pariah, forcing the to leaving the unified States.

George Clinton came to be vice president for Jefferson’s 2nd term.

Clinton would go on to offer as vice chairman under president Madison as well.

2. Andrew Jackson Vs. John Calhoun

Andrew Jackson had a violent reputation, having participated in as numerous as 100 duels, and also he wouldn’t spare his vice chairman Calhoun when they didn’t view eye come eye on things.

Southern gentleman man Calhoun disagreed through tariffs.

In Calhoun’s mind, the tariffs penalized the Southern says far more than the north states.

Andrew Jackson no think it was unfair and also supported the financial gain of the federal government through the tariffs.

When Calhoun intimidated to secede indigenous the unified States, Jackson famously said Calhoun that if that tried come secede, he would certainly secede his head from his body.

While possibly just a threat, Jackson verified his fighting ability time and also time again, so Calhoun more than likely took the threat rather seriously.

3. John F. Kennedy Vs. Lyndon Johnson

Both guys started out campaigning versus each other until Kennedy establish that having Johnson on his team could assist him success a challenging and unsure election.

The politics chess move worked, and both guys moved into the White House. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to be both alpha males with solid personalities so huge that they no seem to fit into the White home together.

The high-brow Kennedy from the prestigious family members line fill his cabinet v intellectuals.

The more relatable Johnson suddenly found himself no relating so well around the Ivy league group, resulting in public arguments with the president and his brother, Robert Kennedy.

Due to the poor treatment by the Kennedy clan, Johnson didn’t show the finest social grace as soon as taking over together president ~ Kennedy’s assassination.

4. Donald trump card Vs. Mike Pence

When he choose Michael Pence as his to run mate, many human being thought the the 2 made one odd pair.

Pence upheld part different ideas than Trump, yet Trump mostly agreed with Pence’s much more conservative stances ~ above topics like abortion.

As Pence automatically defended the president publicly, the true expectations of the function became exceedingly clear.

While difficult to an extremely careful language, Pence voiced his opinion around the Muslim half being unconstitutional.

He likewise said he no agree v Trump about the riot in ~ the Capitol Building.

Finally, Pence came out to shut down any type of questions as to whether he supported Trump’s insurance claims of voter fraud and a rigged election.

Pence declared that he stood through the election results.

Can The chairman Fire room Appointees?


The president gets the chance to create a team, or cabinet, of political specialists to recommend him to make weighty day-to-day decisions.

The 15 room members include:

Vice President: Kamala HarrisSecretary that State: Anthony BlinkenSecretary of the Treasury: Dr. Janet YellenSecretary the Defense: Lloyd AustinAttorney General: Merrick GarlandSecretary that the Interior: Deb HaalandSecretary the Agriculture: Tom VilsackSecretary the Commerce: Gina RaimondoSecretary the Labor: Marty WalshSecretary that Health and Human Services: Xavier BecerraSecretary that Housing and Urban Development: Marcia FudgeSecretary the Transportation: Pete ButtigiegSecretary that Energy: Jennifer GranholmSecretary of Education: Dr. Miguel CardonaSecretary that Veterans Affairs: Denis McDonoughSecretary of landscape Security: Alejandro MayorkasThe Administrator the the eco-friendly Protection Agency: Michael ReganDirector of national Intelligence: Avril HainesUnited states Trade Representative: Katherine TaiUnited states Ambassador to the joined Nations: Linda Thomas-GreenfieldChair the the council of financial Advisors: Dr. Cecelia RouseThe Administrator of the tiny Business Association: Isabel GuzmanDirector the the Office of scientific research and modern technology Policy: Dr. Eric LanderChief of Staff: Ron Klain

Since the president hired the staff, and the staff didn’t earn the place as the result of a public election, the president has the government to fire and replace cabinet members together he pleases.

Of course, some may argue that continuous firing of your own team demonstrates a absence of professionalism and also agreeability, so the president must make cabinet changes sparingly as result of the risk of looking favor a loosened cannon.

There room not an extremely many restrictions at all once it concerns the room members.

People can place their household members, foreigners, and also people v no experience in the position.

Who have the right to The President pick For evil President?


The vice-presidential nominee must meet the complying with Constitutional criteria:

35 years of period or olderNatural born United says citizenA resident of the United says for the last 14 years

These simple requirements assist ensure the the person chosen as vice president understands the American suffer by working and also living ~ above American soil and driving ours highways and paying our taxes.

After a candidate meets the adhering to criteria, the chairman can pick anyone he pleases as lengthy as they don’t hail native the exact same state.

This method that the chairman can pick his wife, husband, son, or mother as vice president.

However, the civilization need come go along with it because the people elect the president and vice president through a single vote.

Electing a family members member with no experience may rub human being the wrong method and shed a presidential positive the election, therefore making the relocate inadvisable in many scenarios.

How A Vice chairman Can leave The Role


1. Impeachment

A vice chairman can challenge impeachment in the instance of treason, bribery, and also other high crimes committed to breakthrough their place in the politics arena and line your pockets.

No vice president has confronted impeachment.

2. Resignation

If the kitchen gets particularly hot, a vice president may shot to escape the kitchen by resigning and also leaving your position.

Only Calhoun and also Agnew resigned while vice president.

Calhoun left due to tension through Jackson regarding the servant trade.

Agnew left to stop scrutiny together a an outcome of his joining in the Watergate scandal.

If a president can’t fire a evil president, they may do their best to make life as miserable because that them as feasible so that they resign.

Many political leaders will use public opinion come crucify their target in the eyes of the people, forcing them come resign.

3. Death

No vice chairman takes the position thinking lock won’t survive to the end of their term, but it happens.

See the complying with list to learn the vice presidents who passed away in office:

George Clinton: cardiovascular fail in 1812 while offer under Madison (also offered under Jefferson).Elbridge Gerry: condition in 1814 while serving under Madison.William Rufus De Vane King: tuberculosis in 1853 while offer under Franklin Pierce.Henry Wilson: hit in 1873 while offer under Ulysses S. Grant.Thomas Hendricks: illness in 1885 while offer under Grover Cleveland.Garret Hobart: cardiovascular failure in 1899 while serving under william McKinley.James Sherman: infection in 1912 while serving under Howard Taft.

Vice Presidents Who ended up being President


Some vice presidents embrace their duty in the government and aim even greater for the presidency.

It renders sense that vice presidents have the right to convince human being they have actually what the takes because that the job.

They action as second in command for four years, observing and also learning.

Plus, civilization know your name, i beg your pardon is sometimes all a voter demands to make a decision.

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This is the list of vice presidents that went top top to end up being president:

Thomas JeffersonMartin valve BurenJohn AdamsJohn TylerMillard FillmoreAndrew JohnsonChester A. ArthurTheodore RooseveltCalvin CoolidgeLyndon B. JohnsonRichard NixonGerald R. FordGeorge H.W. BushJoe Biden

Many of this presidential promotions only developed as a an outcome of the unexpected death of the sit president.