boring while stuck on hold, or want to get more from her iPhone"s calling functionality? shot these tricks on your next call.

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Just because you"re in the center of a call call, that doesn"t typical you can"t multi-task and also use your device for various other purposes in ~ the same time.

If you desire to understand what you have the right to do on her iPhone while talking, keep reading. We"re walk to uncover out.

It"s no the 1990s anymore. This days, you can start a simultaneous second call and jump in between the two through a tap the the button.

Joking aside, this has practical benefits. Because that example, you can keep your location in a organize queue, or contact a partner to check details details during a organization call.

To begin a second call while talking on her phone, tap top top Add Call native the in-call menu. You have the right to either pick one of your contacts, or insanity the Keypad tab to go into a number manually.

2. Move to FaceTime

To move to FaceTime, tap the FaceTime symbol on the in-call menu.

If the human you space talking come is a fellow iOS user, you can transform your phone contact into a FaceTime call. FaceTime allows you view each other on the screen and also introduces extr features such as Memoji, Live Photos, and also incoming call alerts.

Surprisingly couple of people are aware of this trick. Your iPhone offers an easy way to produce conference calls for up to five people. To begin, monitor the same steps as detailed over for starting a second call (press the Add Call button).

when the receiving party has embraced your call and also you"ve developed a connection, the on-screen in-call food selection on your iPhone will adjust and reveal a pair of brand-new options.

Tap ~ above the Merge Call button, and also the 2 phone phone call will attach on a single line. To add much more participants, repeat the Add call > merge Call process.

If one member that the conference call hangs up (including you), the other callers will stay connected.

4. Placed the call on Speaker

This is an obvious one, however for the benefits of completeness, we"ll mention it.

To placed your iphone phone on speakerphone, tap top top the Speaker button on the in-call menu. The call audio will certainly then play v your device"s speakers rather of the earpiece.

5. Browse her Contacts

We"ve every been there. You"re chatting v someone on the phone as soon as they ask if you"ve obtained the number of a friend, company contact, or colleague.

It"s easy to find your contact list if you"re in a contact on iOS. Girlfriend don"t even need to return to the home display first. Instead, over there is a committed Contacts button on the in-call menu.

making use of this technique (rather than accessing your call list through the Add Call button) means you won"t accidentally end up do a 2nd call while you"re looking for information.

message switch in call ios
sms list of responses ios call
Phones have actually a habit that ringing at the many inopportune moments. Whether you"re around to begin driving or standing up to offer a huge presentation, there space times as soon as you must speak come the caller, however you"re unavailable at the an exact moment.

One way to acknowledge the caller without getting bogged under in a prolonged chat or immediate messaging subject is come send an automatically SMS come the person.

come send a message, tap on the Message switch while the phone is ringing. There space three pre-written options: Sorry, ns can"t talk ideal now, I"m on my way, and also Can I contact you later?. Friend can also enter a custom post by tapping on the appropriate option.

You have the right to overwrite the 3 default options by walking to settings > call > Respond through Text and entering your desired phrases.

7. Mute the Call

This is another obvious one, yet the ability to mute a call is vital. You have the right to use the if you need to chat privately with someone in human while you"re ~ above a call, or if you"re in a conference call and there"s too lot distracting lift noise.

reminder switch in iphone phone call
reminder because that iphone call
There"s a 2nd option obtainable to friend while the phone is ringing---you can set a reminder because that yourself. It"s an additional feature that"s helpful in situations where girlfriend can"t answer and don"t desire to forget come return the contact later.

2 reminders space available. The first will instantly remind you around the missed speak to in one hour. The 2nd will cause a reminder once it detects you have left your existing location.

The 2nd is an ext useful if you"re grounding in conferences and meeting rooms. If you"re driving, cooking, showering, or performing some other short-term task, usage the time-based reminder.

because that the place reminder come work, you have to ensure the the Reminders application is enabled to access your location. To permit the feature, go to Settings > Privacy > location Services and collection Reminders come While utilizing the App.

9. Pat a Game

Let"s pave up with two fun tricks you might not think of. After all, everything on your phone is available if you return to the residence screen.

If you have an iphone phone 8 or earlier, madness the Home switch to go back to the iOS home screen. For customers of an iphone X or later, swipe increase from the bottom that the screen.

currently you have the right to entertain yourself while you wait for the host queue to get smaller or because that the other human to prevent talking. Simply open her favorite game in the usual way, and also it will certainly work.

10. Listen to a video clip or Podcast

walk you know that your iPhone deserve to play audio native both her call and apps like YouTube simultaneously? The contact will no mute while friend play other audio.

This way that you can watch a video, listen to music, or play a podcast while additionally keeping one ear on the conversation. Return to the home display using the instructions thorough above, then open up your app of choice.

an ext Useful iphone Tips for You

The in-call options on one iPhone are diverse. They enable you to do any variety of tasks to keep your day moving in the appropriate direction.

If you would choose to learn about more cool iphone tips, inspect out our lists of essential tricks for Safari and handy tips for using the iphone phone keyboard.

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