Hello all,I recently discovered Nintendo game cartridges in spring cleanup. I checked NES and also SNES consoles the Nintendo is offering currently but they have pre-loaded games and also I don"t think they have actually slots to insert gaming cartridges and play games. I want to play the gamings in the gaming cartridges the I have actually from the "90s. Pls, let me recognize the console that I deserve to buy to play these gaming cartridges that i have and also the attach to purchase the same online.

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Thank you.


Suyogya Nintendo no together onger make consoles the play NES, SNES cartridges. Those mini classic consoles they exit in the past couple of years only played the digital games installed on them, not cartridges. To play those cartridges, you need a NES or SNES consoles(likely used), or there are some suppliers that have made retro consoles, console that will play NES & SNES cartridges.

Maybe some various other nice person here can recommend a retro console, ns don"t recognize enough about them to introduce a model.

You have the right to see retro console examples here.https://www.estarland.com/search?q=nes+console

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Sat 24th Apr 2021
2WoomyNNYes thank you for your reply. I will look for provided consoles in this case. I was searching for the original Nintendo console yet as you stated they no much longer make it.

I will wait for others" opinions ~ above this together well.



Sat 24th Apr 2021
Suyogya You"re welcome.

If you weren"t aware, need for game consoles, offered & new, has been fairly high because the pandemic. So, if you battle to find consoles, or watch higher-than-expected prices, it"s because of the pandemic.

You can search for retro game/console stores in her region, if friend haven"t looked already. In the previous 5+ year retro video game businesses have actually sprung increase in part places. So, if you hadn"t to be watching the game market, there might be a new business or two in her area/region. If you know all this, ignore

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Sat 24th Apr 2021
SuyogyaYou can shot Supaboy SFC.It can play SNES / super Famicom games in cartridge and also for NES / Famicom gamings , you need a converter native NES / Famicom to SNES.Good point from Supaboy SFC, you deserve to play NES and SNES gamings on the go (portable) and also docked come TV.Here is the evaluation of Supaboy SFC.Subscribe come Nintendo Life top top YouTube
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Sat 24th Apr 2021

There space several paths to go on this. Friend can shot to find an NES, I imply checking thrift stores, garage sales flea markets, retro game stores and also of course the internet. Of food you would need an enlarge TV come hook an original NES up.

For more contemporary TVs friend can get a NES clone mechanism the ideal by much is the AVS by RetroHubhttps://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?products_id=78

But there space cheaper options as well. Those will attach to modern TVs.

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Sat 24th Apr 2021
WoomyNNYes say thanks to you for sharing this details.I checked some retro consoles top top the regional website and found below one. Can you pls check and also let me know if this model of consol will certainly play my video game cartridges? Also, will certainly the high quality on 4K TV will certainly be good. Ns tried NES by Nintendo (Violet and also grey one) on TV and I experienced too plenty of pixels ~ above it.

Pls uncover the link below for her ref and also advice.



Sat 24th Apr 2021
Tasuki - thank you because that sharing the console details. Ns will shot finding some cheaper alternatives..


Sat 24th Apr 2021
Anti-Matter thank you because that sharing this v me. I wasn"t aware that this kind of console exists in the market. I checked on Amazon it"s selling for 220 CADI have to uncover some cheaper options..

Will below-console pat my video game cartridges?

Pls uncover the link listed below for your ref and advice.



Sat 24th Apr 2021
Suyogya That"s the Sega Genesis mini. The original Sega Genesis just played Sega Genesis games, not Nintendo"s NES, SNES. That "Sega Genesis mini" is a miniature console that doesn"t play any type of cartridges. It just plays gamings pre-installed electronically (saved top top it"s inner memory).(Not what you"re feather for)

As much as ns know, most or every consoles with the words "mini" or "Classic" in your title can not play cartridges. They only have gamings preinstalled electronically. They made them look like the initial consoles for nostalgia, however they don"t have functional cartridge slots.

**This have the right to play both NES & SNES cartidges. (I searched: "retro console NES SNES", and I am acquainted with the Retrobit brand name.)https://www.amazon.ca/Retrobit-Retro-Duo-Black-System/dp/B001...

I am likewise familiar with the Hyperkin brand, however I don"t think I watch a console that will certainly play both NES & SNES. They just play one or the other.

Hyperkin NES consoleshttps://www.amazon.ca/s?k=hyperkin+nes+console&i=videogam...

Hyperkin SNES consoleshttps://www.amazon.ca/s?k=retron+snes+console&i=videogame...

NOTE: many of these might only have composite tv plugs (red, yellow, white). Make sure you"ve obtained a tv compatible with whatever console girlfriend pick.

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WoomyNNYes many thanks a lot because that all her help. Ns really evaluate it.

Pls permit me understand if I deserve to go because that the listed below one. Also, I listed that the original Sega Genesis only played Sega Genesis games, not Nintendo"s NES, SNES and also If ns go because that the listed below one I can play all three.

Now ns am worried abt the resolution. The below one has 720p resolution.

As I mentioned in the vault post, ns tried playing Super NES classic Edition violet and grey colour and also the pixels were yes, really bad. I had to market it. Perform you think, this retro-bit will have good quality?

Link below for the design I am planning come buy.



Suyogya Oh, you desire the Sega, too. Gained ya

I don"t have experience with the retro consoles, myself. However, as soon as I searched youtube because that reviews the the RetroTrio Plus, i did watch a evaluation by JohnRiggs, who I"ve checked out on steel Jesus Rock"s youtube channel. So, i think he"s fairly credible. I"ve watched steel Jesus from time to time in recent years. Ns think he"s trustworthy, too, if you see him review any other consoles. Https://youtu.be/jfjMM6j3-mw

Regarding resolution on your 4K TV, i think the 720p console is fine. The console is widening a conventional def 480p photo to fill your screen. Having 1080p retro console, doesn"t necessarily median a better image in this case.

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If you"re ok through JohnRigg"s review, you"ll probably be ok v the RetroTrio Plus. If you"re nervous around it, find for other youtube reviews. Or find youtube for "best retro consoles NES, SNES, Genesis" to view if you view anything that might be better.

This review by NintendoDrew seems decent https://youtu.be/LK9ku6ogy0Q

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