The brief answer is easy. Alexa cannot dial 911 out-of-the-box (for data privacy factors we’ll define below).

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But that’s no the end of the story.

In this guide, we’ll look in ~ 3 means you have the right to use Alexa come get help in one emergency. Two of these are workarounds the DO allow you to with 911 via Alexa.

For those in a hurry, this is a fast overview that all three methods.

Note the the second column is an estimate of set-up difficulty for a non-techie (i.e., someone comfortable utilizing a smartphone but having no voice assistant or smart residence experience).

MethodDiff?911?How the Works
1. Wi-Fi CallingVery LowNo+ do voice call to her cell phone contact (e.g,. "Alexa, call Bill"), even when 30+ feet from speaker+ Push-button set-up within the Alexa app​​
2. "OnStar"-Like Alexa Skill​MediumYES+ single voice command and also loved one(s) are alerted by phone call call, text, and also email (simultaneously)+ payment tier ($5/mo) courses you come 911 together well
3. Echo affix Add-On DeviceHighYES+ Amazon Alexa accessory that allows you to attach your Alexa speaker to your landline phone+ great option but requires landline call service




As pointed out at the outset, Alexa cannot call 911 out-of-the-box.


According come Federal communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, all gadgets permitted to make 911 call must be able to send the caller’s location info to emergency services.

Your mobile phone, because that example, can call 911 because your transport collects your location data and attaches the to any type of emergency calls you make.

Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices, however, do not collection your location by default, therefore they room not permitted to make 911 calls.

So what can your online assistant do for you in an emergency?

Wi-Fi calls, for one. With just a basic voice command, Alexa can attach you to a doctor, love one, caretaker, or anyone else in her phone’s contact (more on the below).

And various other than swapping her voice for your fingers once making the call, yes sir nothing real different around Wi-Fi calls.

Voice calls over a wi-fi network duty and sound the same as classic phone calls over a to move network.

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The person you’re phone call won’t an alert the difference, together your mobile number will display up on your caller identifier (no matter which Echo speak you speak to them from). 

To do a voice contact with Alexa, you can use either type of voice command below:

Contact name (“Alexa, call Bob”)Ten-digit phone call number (“Alexa, contact 123-456-7890“)

To usage the first option, you need to provide Alexa access to your phone’s contacts. The Alexa application makes this a breeze thankfully.