OAKLAND – i haven’t discovered many people outside that Charles Barkley willing to say that the Portland follow Blazers have even a tiny chance that upsetting the gold State warriors in the western Conference finals, which begin this night in Oracle Arena.

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Make no mistake, the trace Blazers are hefty underdogs to what have become the perennial NBA champions.

But go that typical Portland can not win? No. The does not. Yet the Blazers will need help.

From the Warriors.

Let’s face it – if golden State come out and also throws its really best gamings at Portland, the trail Blazers are going to have actually a very daunting time sticking around. And also the Blazers space going to have to play in ~ a high level to continue to be with the an effective Warriors.

But in the playoffs, groups don’t always play at their highest possible level. Stuff happens. And the pressure, which often sits more heavily on the favorite than the underdog, have the right to have one impact.

Take Portland’s ahead series, versus the Denver Nuggets.

Denver had actually the seventh game at home, where about 80 percent of the moment the house team wins. Denver had a 17-point lead in the first half. Portland go 4-26 from three-point range. Damian Lillard walk 3-17 native the field.

Yet, with all that, the follow Blazers won the video game 100-96. And also it wasn’t, fairly obviously, as result of how an excellent Portland play in the deciding game.

Denver shot simply 29.2 percent indigenous the field in the 4th quarter and also missed all 6 of that is three-point tries. A good many the those shots were broad open. The Nuggets just missed them.

For the series, Denver made simply 33 percent that its three-point shots – something you absolutely wouldn’t intend from gold State, a historically great shooting team from distance.

But again, stuff happens. Probably the trail Blazers room a team of destiny that will confound the experts all the way to a championship. And with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in the lineup, something is possible.

Kevin Durant is no going come play in the very first game of the series and probably not in the second. I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses more games than that because calf strains space tricky. And also of course, the Warriors have actually a ideal to mean to win the series without him and also may not desire to risk additional injury by bringing him earlier too soon.

But facts room facts. Even if Portland steals a victory on the road, the will have trouble stop serve. The Warriors have won at least one road video game in their last 21 playoff series, an NBA record.

And due to the fact that the 2014-15 season, golden State has actually a 13-5 record (2-2 this season) in the continual season versus the Blazers and is 8-1 in the playoffs.

Not only that, the Warriors room 3-0 in the playoffs there is no Durant in the lineup.

But all that historic stuff is meaningless. The collection will be determined on the floor, where Portland is a identify underdog.

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But have the right to the Blazers win? Yes. Of course. Somebody, sometime, is going to knock these guys off.