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Bleacher Report think the Buffalo bills will bring home another AFC eastern title in 2021. However, there is a twist.

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Next season the NFL is including a video game to the schedule. The bills will have 17 crack at winning. In 2020, Buffalo had 16 and also only lost three games.

Despite that, B/R, when predicting the Bills win the division, just sees a 12-5 record en course for Buffalo.

There is one possible explanation that does make sense, but first, here’s just how B/R sees the Bills’ fortunes next year:

The Buffalo bills made a few key offseason additions, adding wideout Emmanuel Sanders, running back Matt Breida and also tight end Jacob Hollister to an violation that already ranked second in yards and also points a year ago. Lock also added pass-rushers Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham in the draft.

Any far-reaching improvement, though, might come indigenous quarterback josh Allen, who is emerging as a near-elite quarterback start his fourth year.

Allen is currently impressing among his brand-new teammates.

“Josh do a throw today that i haven’t seen,” Sanders told reporters Thursday.

If Allen can continue on his trajectory, Buffalo will be a supervisor Bowl contender this season. Competition native the Miami Dolphins and improved new England Patriots in the AFC East could limit Buffalo’s success total, yet the Bills will be a postseason threat.

Just prior to rounding it out, B/R does hit the nail on the head. Room the Bills better than the remainder of the division? It’s most likely with the way 2020 walk down and also the enhancements teams in the AFC east have made this offseason are something to consider.

But it almost… doesn’t matter around the brand-new players the East.

Last year, en route to 13 wins, the Bills brushed up the AFC East. That’s a very impressive feat and often does not occur. Also when the Patriots owned the division, the jet or Dolphins would nip them as soon as or double a year.

If the Bills straightforward focus top top just getting a to win record versus the AFC East, that need to suffice.

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And under the because that what it’s worth umbrella, B/R watch the Dolphins with 10 wins, while the Patriots and Jets ring it out v nine and also six, respectively.