Maybe it's our history as an independent republic, however the idea the a "Texit" appears ever-popular amongst some in the state. Is it actually possible, though?


Ever since the end of the polite War, some Texans have actually wondered: What if we left the unified States?

Secessionist activities are together old together the Lone Star State, yet legal scholars and politicians agree the decimal of Texans who actually desire to give up the union are foolhardy at best.

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Maybe it"s our history as an elevation republic, yet the idea that a "Texit" appears ever-popular among some in the state. Calls because that secession revolve up ~ above bumper stickers, facebook groups and also the occasional politics petition, however could a genuine secession happen again?

Lonzo beam of Blue Ridge relocated to north Texas from Mississippi almost 50 year ago. He"s frequently heard Texans case they can secede again if points in the United states took a turn.

The rumors motivated him come ask Curious Texas: when Texas rejoined the Union after ~ the polite War, walk it store the appropriate to secede?


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Rumors the a Texit surface every couple of years. In 2016, the British vote to leaving the europe Union triggered Gov. Greg Abbott to tell radio organize Sean Hannity that Texas wants to be a leader in the joined States, but not leaving the Union.

"What Texans think in is that we need the United claims to be more like Texas," Abbott said. "In fact, I believe America longs to it is in the way Texas is."

OK. For this reason Abbott said we"re remaining in the Union. But, walk Texas have the option to leave?

According come Sanford Levinson, a university of Texas federal government professor, the simple answer is the no, Texas cannot secede due to the fact that states do not have that right.

The can be fried Court straight addressed the secession question in Texas vs. White in 1868. The court organized that individual states might not secede from the Union.

"When Texas ended up being one of the unified States, she gone into into an indissoluble relation," chief Justice Salmon P. Chase created in that decision. "The union between Texas and also the various other States was together complete, together perpetual and also as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There to be no location for reconsideration or revocation, other than through transformation or v consent of the States."

"Texas vs. White will certainly go under as among the worst rulings in supreme Court history," claimed Daniel Miller, chairman of the Texas conference Movement.

Miller"s group, i m sorry was established in Nederland, Texas, proponents statewide because that Texas independence. Levinson, the UT professor, called it something "more favor the Flat planet Society."

Those looking to the U.S. Constitution for guidance discover that the nation"s guiding document is "silent" top top the issue, Levinson said.

Miller believes this silence offers states the ideal to legitimate secede.

"There is no supplication in the United claims Constitution that forbids a state indigenous withdrawing from the union," Miller claimed in an e-mail conversation. "In fact, short article 1 ar 10 that the Constitution explicitly lists every one of the plot forbidden come the states. I do not have anything in the list is a state prohibited indigenous withdrawing indigenous the union. Therefore, under the Tenth amendment that power is reserved to the states and to the civilization within the state."

Still though, why do some Texans set themselves except the other 49 states?

Levinson claimed both Abbott and former Gov. Stack Perry have actually made specifying Texas together "different from the rest of the nation" component of their political careers.

It is a emotion Miller and also the Texas Nationalists echo.

"Texas is politically, culturally and also economically distinct from the United claims as a whole," müller said. "Texans by and huge believe in very minimal government, a big measure of economic freedom, and also absolute personal liberty."

In the instance of a Texit, even if there is a will — there is likely no legal method because of the precedent set by Texas vs. White.

"You might have the ability to get world to sign nearly anything, yet that wouldn"t make it a truly serious political movement," Levinson said. "You would have to have an ext people and also a support team with some recognized leaders and also endorsements native newspapers. The would rotate it into something serious. Until then, it"s something come treat together an oddball sort of issue."

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