When play videos ~ above Android phone, many people have come throughout videos no playing on Android error and also this problem constantly makes world frustrated. In this article, i will present you several reliable solutions to fix the problem. Meanwhile, due to the fact that Android not playing videos is constantly caused through unsupported file format, you deserve to use the Android video clip converter to convert videos to documents supported by her Android devices in an instant:

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When you try to open up videos on her Android phone, several of them deserve to be played normally yet part can"t. Or you might play videos before, but suddenly her Android media player can"t accessibility to them. Moreover, over there are many other playback errors during the playback process. Why won"t mine phone play videos anymore? Many world are assailing through this problem. Keep analysis to learn about how to deal with videos no playing top top Android action by step.

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Convert and Play Videos ~ above Android

WonderFox HD video clip Converter factory Pro can aid you transform any video clip to documents supported through Android devices. Then you’re able to play lock on her Android phone, tablet, and TV easily. The software supplies profiles because that Samsung phones, Huawei phones, Sony Phones, iphone phone phone and also other popular devices.


How to fix Can"t beat This video clip on Android phone call

1. Re-download the video clip

If you shot to play a video downloaded from the net yet the download procedure was once interrupted, the video clip might be corrupt so the Android an equipment can"t identify it normally. Similarly, any other interruptions during video download or transmission may lead to video clip data damage. Re-download the video clip and play it on her Android to view whether the difficulty is addressed or not. Besides, if the document is contempt damaged, a great repair device can additionally be useful.

2. Restart her Phone/Tablet

Restart your an equipment is a straightforward method to settle videos no playing top top Android. Simply close every the program on your device, power off and boot increase the an equipment again, find the video you desire to play, and also open it.

3. Update Media Player and also Android device

Android no playing videos troubles can additionally be resulted in by outdated media player and system. Ensure that you’re making use of the recent Android operation system. Meanwhile, you can use a an effective media player prefer VLC, which have the right to recognize nearly all common video formats. Moreover, come play videos indigenous YouTube and other video-sharing websites, update your browser and apps come the recent version.

4. Uninstall Dubious Software

can"t play video clip on Android phone after ~ you have installed one App? sometimes Apps you have downloaded native somewhere as well as the official app store may be insecure, which most likely blocks the video clip playback. Uninstall it.

5. Clear Caches/Cookies/History/Data of Browser, App and also Android

Clear caches on your Android device, i m sorry can help you shorten the load time and additionally solve other playback difficulties like iphone phone won"t beat videos, YouTube videos won’t play issue and so forth. If you want to beat videos online on Android, you re welcome clear the caches, cookies, histories and other data of web browser or the app you use. Meanwhile, make sure your Internet connection is working properly.

6. Convert Videos to files Supported by Android

Not all video formats are recognized by Android devices. If you occur to beat a file that is not supported by Android phone/tablet, usage a video converter to transform the file to Android.

7. Factory Reset your Android

In this way, every the information and also data you have actually stored in this machine will it is in erased and the machine will be revitalized to its initial settings. If you have actually tried all the methods above but still can"t play video clip on Android phone/tablet, this alternative is the critical resort. Please do a back-up of every the data and files girlfriend need.



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Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software application on PC.

Step 1. Include Videos into the Software

Run the program and open Converter. Click on add Files, choose and import the videos you can"t pat on Android devices. Or directly drag and also drop them right into the screen.

Step 2. Choose an Android video clip Format

Click on the calculation Format button on the best of the key interface, select MP4 under the video tab. Or directly go come the device tab and choose your maker model to settle videos not playing ~ above Android.

Step 3. Start the video to Android conversion Process

Click on the reverse triangle icon on the bottom to select an calculation folder. Finally click Run to start the conversion. After transporting the convert videos to your Android device, you will uncover that the android not playing videos problem goes away.

Tips. It’s additionally a good YouTube video clip downloader allowing you to download videos, playlists and channels from YouTube.

At critical

This write-up has introduced 7 techniques to resolve videos not playing on Android. In general, videos won"t play on Android usually when the device cache is overloaded so girlfriend only should clear cache to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, upgrading anything to the recent version deserve to fix kinds of bugs in many cases. After ~ you have actually tried all the usual solutions yet still can"t figure it out, you need to take into consideration other factors like damaged files, unsupported format and also insecure apps. Anyway, just have a shot and hope this article is beneficial for you.