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If she a new mom, you might be counting down the days once you deserve to trade in your maternity pants for her favorite pair of thin jeans.

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Yet experts say simply as it took you ripe months to placed on the weight, shedding it can take several months or more. If the weight isn’t coming off as fast as you want it come or her weight loss has stalled, there room several determinants that might be hindering your efforts. Right here are 10.

1. Friend weighed as well much before or throughout pregnancy much more than 50 percent of women room overweight or obese as soon as they gain pregnant, and also only around a third gain the recommended amount the weight throughout pregnancy, according to the Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you ended up being pregnant if you were overweight or if girlfriend gained an ext than you must have, it have the right to make that that much more difficult to shed the weight. In fact, women who gain much more than the recommended amount that weight during pregnancy are an ext likely to save the load on even up to 15 year postpartum, a meta-analysis in the newspaper Nutrition evaluate found.

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2. You’re no getting sufficient sleepSleep is difficult to come by v a new baby, however when you are sleep-deprived, the hormones that impact appetite room unbalanced. In fact, world who slept because that only 4 hours ate an ext calories the adhering to day than once they had sufficient sleep, a examine presented in ~ the American love Association’s scientific sessions in 2011 found.

Sleep deprivation reasons your human body to increase its manufacturing of ghrelin, which rises hunger, and slow down its production of leptin, i m sorry regulates appetite.

If her partner have the right to take a feeding in ~ night or you can catch a nap during the day, that can aid you gain the remainder you need.

Also, eat at the exact same time every day will regulate your hormones and also your appetite. “Although your baby’s sleep schedule is inconsistent, you deserve to actually train your body to preserve a consistent schedule,” Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist in ~ the Cleveland Clinic and also a brand-new York time bestselling writer of “50 much more Ways to Soothe you yourself Without Food,” told Fox News.

3. You’re not being patience enough Trying come stack approximately those celebrities that are back in your bikinis two weeks after offering birth no healthy. The time it take away to lose the infant weight is various for each woman, but it will take at least six months, if no more, Angela Ginn-Meadow, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Baltimore, Maryland, and also spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and also Dietetics, told Fox News.

Don’t beat yourself up, but do make sure your diet and exercise habits are consistent and also realistic for her life.

“It can not take place overnight, but small, an easy steps to getting ago will it is in key,” Ginn-Meadow said.

If friend think you’ve to be doing whatever right however your weight loss has stalled, seek advice native a registered dietitian nutritionist, that may be able to help.

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4. You’re skipping meals in between feedings, diaper changes and also an unpredictable schedule, do time come sit under to a meal deserve to feel prefer an afterthought. However if you don’t make consistent meals a priority, you’ll feeling irritable and much more likely to eat more at the next meal. In fact, fasting is linked to ab weight gain and also may rise your risk for type-2 diabetes, a research out of The Ohio State university suggests.

5. You’re hitting the gym too hard You can think it will take hrs at the gym to shed the baby weight, but that’s no the case. In fact, act too lot too rapid can put you at risk for injury, pelvic body organ prolapse — a problem that reasons the pelvic guts such together the bladder or uterus to bulge the end of the vagina, and even halt her weight ns efforts.

“A most cardio additionally stimulates your appetite to boost to match it and sometimes to exceed it,” Leah Keller, a pre- and also post-natal fitness expert in san Francisco, California, and also creator the The Dia Method, a prenatal and postnatal fitness program, told Fox News.

Instead of pushing you yourself to do a HIIT class when you get the all-clear to exercise again, resistance training the targets the significant muscle groups is the most effective means to torch calories. Aim because that 25 minutes, twice a week.

Cardio isn’t off limits, however make certain it’s low impact — particularly when you start to exercise again. Then together you feel stronger, you deserve to move onto intervals on the elliptical or bike. “As you push the heart rate up and also down, you get much more benefit permanent both for her cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn,” Keller said.


6. You have a thyroid issue as much as 30 percent that postpartum ladies likely have actually thyroid dysfunction as result of an iodine deficiency, Dr. Prudence Hall, founder of The Hall center in Santa Monica, California, told Fox News.

During pregnancy, your baby takes iodine indigenous you, which subsequently can cause hypothyroidism, a disorder through which the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone. After you give birth, symptoms like fatigue, depression and also weight acquire can display up.

If you suspect that you have a trouble with your thyroid, asking your doctor to run a considerable thyroid panel, which has TSH, free T3, complimentary T4, and also reverse T3 and also the thyroid antibodies. If the test determines there is one issue, your doctor may prescribe iodine and a thyroid medication. There’s additionally some proof of ladies reversing your thyroid problems through diet.

7. You’re eat the dorn foods To lose weight, you have to eat meals that regulate your blood sugar and also keep you emotion satiated. Make certain you eat many of vegetables, skinny protein and also healthy fats throughout the work to fill you up, yet be sure to save empty calories to a minimum.

“We every love treats, we all love indulgent foods. Yet those occasional foods items really need to be once or double a main — they don’t must be a habit,” Ginn-Meadow said.

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8. She snacking in ~ night You might get a hankering for a snack after your baby’s center of the night feeding, yet those extra calories can add up. Instead, drink a cup that chamomile or cinnamon tea, i beg your pardon studies indicate may lower blood sugar in civilization with diabetes.

9. You have a leaky gut Breastfeeding reasons low level of estrogen, which surprisingly can influence the GI tract and also lead to minister hyperpermeability, or leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome occurs as soon as tight junctions the line the inside of the intestines open up and enable undigested food particles and also pathogens through. Research says that this increased permeability in the gut is connected to enhanced visceral, or “deep,” fat.

“When the GI tract goes out and doesn’t digest food as well, that’s a major cause for weight gain,” hall said.

To boost your gut health and also lose weight, shot probiotics, together with digestive enzymes, get rid of gluten, minimize dairy and also of course, eat a healthy and balanced diet, she said.

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10. You’re eating her feelings once you’re sleep deprived and also feel overwhelmed and also stressed out, it’s usual to rummage v the pantry for something to do yourself feel better. Yet if you nothing break the habit, it have the right to prevent you from losing weight.

Instead of transforming to food to feeling better, have actually a list of healthy tasks you deserve to do as soon as you’re trying to cope through your feelings.

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That might include placing your baby in the stroller and also taking a fast walk, signing up because that a mommy and also me Yoga class, journaling, or simply escaping come the toilet to take it a couple of deep breaths for a minute of peace. “Five minutes away of getting a few moments to yourself deserve to so refreshing,” Albers said.

Julie Revelant is a wellness journalist and a consultant who gives content marketing and copywriting solutions for the healthcare industry. She"s also a mother of two. Learn an ext about Julie in ~ revelantwriting.com. 

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