Are you ready to lastly learn how to struggle a driver and start playing your finest golf yet?

Let’s acquire real, for many amateur golfers, hitting a large drive is the indistinguishable of dropping a nuke on her opponent.Even though there are so countless other elements in golf thattranslate to lower scores, few are as satisfying as outdriving your play partners.

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But as you know, hitting it lengthy doesn’t mean you will immediately break 80.There space plenty of long drive guys who couldn’t shooting in the 70s if your life depended on it. Because that every 300-yard bomb, there room dozens of skulled shots, worm-burners, pop-ups, and tops.

But if you can bomb chauffeurs deep, you will certainly make the game a lot of easier, particularly with today’s difficult golf courses. Prefer the old 90s Nike commercial said, “Chicks dig the lengthy ball!”Whether that is hitting a homerun in baseball or nuking a 300-yard drive, nothing feels far better than crushing one native the tee box.

Not to mention, hitting motorists are the many fun come practice. Therefore if you’re all set to start shooting reduced scores by setting yourself up with easier strategy shots, this is the write-up for you. You will certainly learn exactly how to hit a driver properly, tips to add distance, and the best ways to store it straight.

How come Hit a Driver: action by Step overview for Beginners

When it come to battle drives, the huge stick is unlike any kind of other society in the bag. Since it’s so much longer and has therefore much less loft than various other clubs, it needs a lot of changes, mainly at setup.

Here’s a fast overview the the setup that is compelled to hit the long and straight.

Step through Step: just how to struggle Driver

Tee it highWiden her stanceSet your hands earlier at addressTilt your shoulders to adjust attack angleGrip it easy to remove tension in her armsDon’t take it the club previous parallelKeep her tempo the sameHit bombs

Why Hitting a Driver is different From her Irons

You can be thinking, nine steps, is the really vital to struggle pure drives?

The short answer… yes.

Your driver is a much various beast than your fairway woods, irons, and also wedges. Yet a most golfers don’t struggle drivers very far or straight because they don’t think about the differences. As soon as you recognize why you have to make these adjustments, it provides it easier to gain on board.

I know I’m no an instructor top top the Golf Channel however I recognize a thing or two around hitting bombs. And also I recognize that if you’re like many golfers, you want to outdrive your buddies and have much more wedges into greens.

Here space three means your driver is a lot various than any kind of other society in the bag.

Your Driver is lot Longer

For starters, your driver is the longest club you in her bag.The conventional driver is generally 45 inches lengthy with part manufacturers make driver shafts also longer.Compare that to a standard 5-iron which is just over 38 inches.

Those 7 inches do a distinction as a longer swing and also distance in between you and the ball will readjust your attack angle and impact position. No to mention, the much longer swing, much less loft, and an ext speed way bigger misses. Through all points being equal, you have actually a higher margin because that error when using her irons vs. Her driver.

As renowned sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella said in his book Golf is not a game of Perfect, “The driver is the toughest society to hit consistently. It mercilessly exposes waver flaws and thinking flaws.”

This is why it’s so much simpler to fight a 3 hardwood or 5 timber a lot of straighter than your driver. The shorter the club, the less movements in the swing which means more consistency.


How to Hit your Driver Further

Now the we have actually our setup ready to go, that time to get swinging. As soon as your enhance your setup, hitting it longer becomes so much easier. This is why it’s critical to find out the fundamentals so girlfriend can collection yourself up for success.

Here are few of the easiest methods to hit the driver further and still save it in the short grass.

Adjust your Loft

Before also thinking around your swing, an initial check your equipment. If your driver has too low of loft, you won’t gain the round airborne. For most golfers, you want to have at least 9.5 degrees of loft (or more). This will help you bring it aside from that in the waiting which is specifically important during winter golf season or playing in the rain.

Most that the finest golf motorists on the market are adjustable, therefore make certain to tinker through your loft setups at the selection to see exactly how it affects accuracy as well. Also, an ext loft will mean more fairways!

Hit up on the Ball

I understand I’ve pointed out it several times yet I can’t tension this point enough. If you’re hitting down on the sphere with a negative angle of attack you are losing 20-30 yards.

One method to do this is come make certain that you have actually a shallow angle of attack. If you’re end the top and beginning your downswing with your shoulders, you’re most likely hitting under on it.

Make certain to check out our post about shallowing the club to get the society in the right place toward impact.

Hit her Driver Higher

Part that hitting up on the ball way that you will certainly launch it higher. Here are a couple of ways to ensure you’re launching it in ~ the appropriate angle:

Accelerate in ~ the right Point

While hitting up on the ball is crucial, make sure that you’re increasing at the right point. I check out so countless golfers take the club back so rapid that it provides it impossible to accelerate v impact. If you desire to fight bombs, you should make certain the society is moving the fastest around impact.

If girlfriend use every one of your momentum beforehand in the swing, you will throw off her tempo, shed distance, and probably accuracy together well. Job-related on the 3:1 tempo choose every other club to include distance to her game.

Increase her Swing Speed

If you desire to hit your driver further, work on enhancing your swing speed. This is one of the biggest components when it comes to increasing distance v the large stick.

You can do this in a variety of different ways yet one device we recommend is the Superspeed golf training system. Over a few weeks girlfriend can quickly increase 5mph or more. This alone will an outcome in 10+ yards!

Use the appropriate Golf Ball

If her number one goal is come hit the ball farther, specifically with her driver, make certain you are playing the best golf ball. Some balls are created distance, others because that spin, and some room a hybrid the the two.

Make certain that you’re playing a golf round that matches your skill level and goals. Don’t beat a ball just because your favourite PGA Tour pro does; constantly play the right one for her game.

Hitting Driver faqs

Do girlfriend have more questions to try and boost your driving? We got you covered…

How walk a beginner fight a driver?

Learning how to struggle a driver is just one of our favourite golf tips for beginners. If you’re just gaining started, ns recommend concentrating your efforts on setup. If you have actually the right fundamentals before even swinging, you will be ahead of most golfers. Focus on gaining your feet, hips, spine, and also shoulders setup appropriately at address.

And contrary to what you might believe, don’t go out and also buy an high-quality driver if friend are simply starting. There are plenty that affordable choices out over there that room much better drivers for beginners.

How carry out I drive the golf ball straight?

First off, perform you have to hit that straight? Here’s the thing, if her irons and also wedges room solid, focus on distance more than hitting the straight.

Just look at Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson over the previous 20 years. Between the 2 they have actually some of the worst control accuracy but some that the longest distance and also most wins. While I’m no saying you must hit driver top top every hole, I would focus more on length than accuracy unless you’re playing a supervisor tight food with complicated rough.

The driver is the shortest lofted club in her bag and creates the many ball speed. That mix is why that is challenging for the typical golfer to keep tee shots in the fairway. Shots hit with the driver, through nature, often tend to stray off to a greater level than shots struggle with reduced speeds with lofted irons.

When it comes to hitting the round straight, all it comes under to is what the club confront looks choose at impact. If it’s open, you’ll part it and if it’s closed, you will certainly hit a hook. According to the new ball flight laws, professionals think the accounts because that 75-to-85 percent the a ball flights beginning direction and, if your drives often tend to have a slower ball speed then the confront angle accounts for nearly 100 percent the your ball direction.

The much more that your clubface is open up or closed come the swing path, the more your shot will certainly curve appropriate or left of her intended target. If you can acquire an expertise of your herbal face-to-path ratio, climate you can adjust your tee shots to stay on line and also even start to think aboututilizing a to plan fadeordrawto boost your tee shots.

How perform I fight a driver consistently?

First off, what’s consistent? since if you desire to hit cd driver pure and also straight every single time, you room unlikely to achieve them consistently. Also the best players in the world only hit around 60% the the fairways therefore make sure you’re gift realistic native the start.

Practice provides Permanent

ns recommend using every one of the tips above and practicing with your favorite club on a consistent basis. If you could only exercise with 3 clubs i would select your driver, sand wedge, and putter. These space the most frequently used clubs throughout the course of any kind of given round.

Master your Tempo

With a an excellent tempo, you will hit it continuously farther and straighter. Don’t try and death it, simply swing in ~ yourself and let the club do the work.

Keep the Club brief of Parallel

If you want to hit the long and straight, you have to keep your backswing in ~ parallel or even shorter. I check out so countless amateurs try to kill it and end up with a man Daly backswing. For 99% of players isn’t necessary

Instead, store your backswing controlled and focus on increasing through impact. Here’s a an excellent article on exactly how to shorten your backswing.

Why carry out I hit mine driver also high?

Without seeing your swing it depends however here space a few things to evaluate. First off is your assault angle. Remember, if friend hit down on it, you will certainly hit it greater and sometimes even pop it up if your weight isn’t moved properly.

The 2nd thing to look in ~ it is your driver loft. It could be set too high and also might it is in 11 or 12 degrees. Relying on your swing, this could be means too much and you’re probably losing distance.

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How do I stop slicing mine driver?

Similar to the vault question, it depends on a few things. If you’re slicing her driver you space coming into impact position through an open face. This means you are cutting throughout the ball rather of a square clubface.

While we have a many posts about quitting your slice, a rapid fix is to adjust your driver setting if you very own an adjustable driver. Make sure that her club is adjusted for a draw prejudice which will certainly make it much easier to square the society at impact.

Another solution is to buy a draw biased driver, such as these drivers designed to minimization the slice. But remember, these options are a quick term fix and we introduce spending the necessary time to deal with this worry as that will aid you shoot lower scores.

Drills to Hit Driver much better

Want some tangible accuse to boost your game, cancel the slice, and also hit bombs favor Phil Mickelson? inspect out these two drills will assist you hit it much better.

The Foot Spray Drill

Did you understand that a deserve to of foot spray have the right to actually help you boost your driver (or any kind of club). Watch this video to learn how to acquire started: