The very first week after the breakup is the worst due to the fact that you can’t eat or sleep and do anything that needs you come think and move.

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Negative emotions from the separation stress can often be for this reason painful the feels prefer the breakup is walk to kill you.

It’s truly one of the worst things a person deserve to experience in life, so ns wouldn’t great it on mine worst enemy.

When you’re going with something together life-shattering together a separation, recognize that it’s fully “normal” to feel half-dead.

In all honesty, no being able come eat or sleep after ~ a breakup is simply the start of the obstacles dumpees are required to walk through.

Other symptoms dumpees deserve to initially encounter are:

anxiety and also physical paindiarrhealoss of short-lived memorysevere shock and depressionvomitinglack that energy and also concentrationblurry visionheart palpitationsand much, lot more

If girlfriend can’t sleep after a breakup and also you feel together if the world’s come crashing down roughly you, this write-up is here to offer you some hope and also clarity.


Zan, give thanks to you for writing your blog. I’m commenting ~ above this article, yet I’ve check out at least 1/4 that the articles on her website, and many number of times over.You’ve conserved me number of weeks/months of mine life wherein I would have actually worried more, by reflecting me a much better way come think and act; and also it all renders perfect feeling with exactly how you overview through one idea; it’s like having a conversation. Maintaining busy and doing things to aid those roughly me, and also myself, has offered me a the majority of happiness.I’ve come below every night for a few days currently when I’m feeling quizzical or unsure around something, and also your articles collection me straight. The links within short articles to other write-ups really help keep my believed train going, to a logical and also an emotionally completion… also if it’s 30 tabs later. Your symbol at the top of every blog provides me smile.Thank you, I appreciate you, indigenous the pure bottom of mine heart.

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This is a fantastic look in ~ the ‘post-breakup syndrome,’ and it describes what ns went with to a T. I had actually been date a woman seriously because that 5+ years, then to be coldly and insensitively dumped critical summer (with tiny warning or buildup). In the 3 weeks that followed, I lost 12 pounds; i couldn’t eat, sleep or focus on anything except her and the breakup. I was nearby to being a digital zombie. But, together Zan writes, the aftereffects started wearing off progressively as the mainly clicked by. And also roughly three months later, I’m currently feeling much better about myself and the finish of the relationship. I still backslide into sadness/anger indigenous time to time, but am now nearly whole. I can also see the load loss I proficient as a good thing now. I’ve worked hard come keep some of it off, and have a brand-new outlook on wherein I am. Bottom line: I understand it seems prefer you’ll feel prefer crap forever (it did because that me), however if you follow the advice Zan lays out in his other articles, you will pull with this. Keep the faith and also stay in No Contact.