In this illustration of ER or Not, we find out what species of problem you could be in if you accidentally swallowed the not-so-tasty part of a chicken wing. Must you go to the ER immediately or wait for the case to pass? Dr. Trojan Madsen has actually the answers.

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ER or Not, we uncover out what kinds of problem you could be in if girlfriend accidentally swallowed the not-so-tasty component of a chicken wing. Must you go to the ER instantly or wait for the situation to pass? Dr. Trojan Madsen has actually the answers.">

Jul 22, 2020

Interviewer: every right, it"s time to play the video game ER or Not, whereby you obtain to play along and also decide even if it is or no something that has actually happened is precious going to the emergency room. We"re here with Dr. Trojan Madsen, emergency room medical professional at university of Hospital.

ER or Not? You"re eat a chicken wing and also you accidentally swallow a bone.

Dr. Madsen: This is difficult one, Scot, so I desire to know, what execute you think?

Interviewer: every right, therefore I"m going come say that us did one top top toothpicks before . . .

Dr. Madsen: Yes.

Interviewer: . . . That if you swallow a toothpick and also it goes into your abdominal area it can puncture through.

Dr. Madsen: Sure.

Interviewer: I"m going come guess based upon the kind of chicken wing or the chicken bone, that might be a problem here.

Dr. Madsen: Yes.

Interviewer: A bigger, duller bone, ns don"t know. It can be painful coming out, however it probably can pass through. Ns don"t know. I don"t know. I don"t know.

Dr. Madsen: See? I"m walk to put you to job-related in the ER. Look exactly how much you"ve learned and how much you know. I"m for this reason impressed. Those room the specific processes that space going ~ above in my mind. I"m imagining myself having a family member contact me and also say, "I"m having chicken wing tonight. Ns was the town hall a game and also I don"t know what i did, however I swallowed a chicken bone."

Is the Bone in Your neck or in your Airway?

My first question because that them is, "Are you sure you swallowed it? space you sure it"s not in her airway?" If it"s in the airway, that"s one entirely different issue. Absolutely, you need to get to the ER if it feels choose it"s stuck in there, you"re having actually a tough time breathing, perhaps there"s choose a high-pitch wheezing sound, that"s ER, absolutely.

Interviewer: at any time there"s an airway issue, ER.

Dr. Madsen: Yes, ABC; A stands for airway. If it affects the airway, obtain to the ER.

Then the next question is, let"s say, okay, it"s no in the airway, what are we talking about in regards to a chicken bone here? I"m thinking number one, is the something that"s walking to somehow puncture your intestines as it"s happen through? to be this a item of a chicken bone the splintered, and then they swallowed the down? Or is it a really large chicken bone? and also by a huge chicken bone, I"m talking about something usually much longer than about three inches.

Interviewer: Okay, so the would"ve to be really tough to gulp down something choose that.

Dr. Madsen: the would have actually been, exactly. If you"re talking about something three inches or longer, that"s really challenging to swallow, and a chicken soup isn"t the type of thing that"s going to execute that. If they call me, you know, ns don"t recognize why lock would execute this however if somehow they were chewing top top this chicken wing while city hall a game and swallowed a large sharp piece down there, that would certainly be a reason to go the ER due to the fact that there you carry out worry around possibly bring about some sort of a puncture wound in the stomach or in the intestines.

Or if lock said, "This was no a chicken wing. This to be a chicken thigh and this to be a huge bone," and also again, i don"t recognize why lock would have actually done the or swallowed it, however that"s another reason to walk to the ER.

Interviewer: all right, so the grey area is a dull type of bone that"s no that big.

Dr. Madsen: Exactly.

Interviewer: maybe a half-inch long, no very large around, is the going to happen through?

Dr. Madsen: it should, yeah.

Interviewer: carry out you take the chance?

X-Ray in the ER

Dr. Madsen: If you"re pertained to you can always go come the ER. We can acquire an X-ray, we have the right to look at it. It"s a bone; we"re walking to view it on one x-ray. We can contact the GI doctors and ask them come look in ~ it. My skepticism is they would certainly not walk in and also put you with anesthesia to walk down and fish the out and also pull it out. If it"s a little chicken bone, maybe fifty percent an inch long, an customs long, it should pass with okay.

Interviewer: Okay. I"m concerned now. Ns mean, this is just one of those points where in a pair of instances, you understand absolutely what the prize is, yet then there"s the grey area.

Dr. Madsen: the is certainly a grey area.

Interviewer: Is there a chicken wing hotline I can call, prefer poison regulate that can give me some advice?

Dr. Madsen: It"s funny, if you contact poison control they more than likely would give you advice.

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Interviewer: you think so?

Dr. Madsen: Yeah, lock would. And then they would get world on the phone if they required to. Therefore of the is a grey area and also you"re not sure, and it"s miscellaneous you"ve ingested prefer that, they would more than likely be able to help you out there.

Interviewer: If it"s the grey area, is there a period of time or something that would certainly make you an ext concerned the this could be an issue?

Dr. Madsen: That"s a difficult one because some things, girlfriend swallow it and it"s simply going to sit over there or it"s walk to work its method into her intestines. When it gets in there, you may have actually no symptoms yet it may be too much down to yes, really fish that out. If it is a concern and also you"re simply saying to yourself, "Hey, what execute I do around this?" it"s worth at least talking to someone, calling her doctor, and you can always go to the ER. It"s no a large deal, however certainly talk to who if you"re simply wondering, "What execute I must do around this?"