Did you all of sudden realize the Tweets from a certain someone are missing from her timeline? Or that someone is no responding to her tweets. Climate there is a really high possibility that you have actually been muted.

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The Twitter mute function lets you ignore a person without going through the divisive process of unfollowing or prevent them. It is tantamount to the “hiding all” feature accessible on Facebook.

Muting top top twitter provides control over her Twitter feed. No notifications will certainly be sent out to mute accounts and also they deserve to be unmuted anytime friend want. Muting is a useful safety tool that helps to customize your Twitter experience.

Now you could be thinking ‘who mute me?’ as soon as we came throughout this concept we had actually the same inquiry in mind. After going with a most guides we uncovered just the appropriate answer for you. We now recognize a mystery trick that allows you to view who has actually hidden your tweets.

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Check if Someone muted you ~ above Twitter or not via Tweetdeck

Check if Someone muted you top top Twitter or not via Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is an application that is supplied to control twitter accounts. By making use of this applications you can uncover out that muted you. To know about this follow this steps.

Step 1 – download Tweetdeck

First, download Tweetdeck and also sign in through your username and password the exact same as the twitter account.


Step 2 – add a Column

On the left most edge of the main view, click on the

sign to add a brand-new column.


Step 3 – pick a column

A dialog crate will open up with the title select a obelisk type. Choose your column type “ home “.


Step 4 – Twitter Handle

In the view, add the Twitter take care of of a human you suspect has actually muted you. Girlfriend will check out their timeline now.

Step 5 – i have announced A Tweet

Post a tweet to all the followers, and then watch the transforms in the residence column.

The released tweet should appear in the residence column. If the tweet doesn’t appear, that way it walk not present up top top the person’s timeline. Climate it is most likely that you have actually been muted.

You can follow these steps to check for all the persons the you think might have mute you. We hope the list is not an extremely long as the method is tedious yet does seem come work.

Method 2 – inspect if you’ve to be muted ~ above twitter

Sometimes, world temporarily mute accounts, v a confident intention stop say, to avoid spending more time analysis the notifications of human being who are active Twitter users. Later on they fully forgot come unmute. Or if they are trying to control their Twitter account just for work.

If friend feel that this deserve to be one of those situations then you can additionally simply asking the user even if it is he has muted friend or not. This might not be very useful due to the fact that generally, the on purpose behind muting is to hide the fact from you together with removing the article that is no of one’s interest 

You have one more method to conserve yourself from embarrassment and still gain an idea of if girlfriend really room muted by a details person. As soon as the human being is online, you deserve to flagrantly tweet about that person and see if castle notice. If they don’t react, you recognize you’re muted.

Important points to know about Being Muted on Twitter

If someone has actually muted you they have the right to still proceed to follow you, and also you deserve to follow them too.No push notice will be received by the muted account. The was of food the an initial intent behind muting.Even when the account is muted, you have the right to still send the straight Message.

What happens once you Mute someone on Twitter

If you space wondering just how muting someone on twitter will affect the notifications and also Twitter feed of people you have reached the appropriate section.

Replies and mentions through you will certainly still show up on the person’s notification tab, yet not on feeds.Tweets the you posted before you to be muted, will certainly be gotten rid of from the home timeline of the person who has actually removed girlfriend on Twitter.When they click or tap on the conversation tab with you, her reply will be visible to them.

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If you acquire all obsessed end the fact that someone has actually muted you, climate it is suggested that you have to not gain into this process. Some civilization would say that someone no you ~ above twitter. It definitely hurts or one have the right to even speak to it “a digital funeral”. So if you deserve to not take it the results of the search, then perform not problem yourself, by trying to uncover out who has unmuted you.