due to the fact that 1864, Arlington nationwide Cemetery has served together the nation"s army cemetery honoring those who served. Located across the grape max River native Washington D.C., in Arlington County, Virginia, the cemetery is the funeral ground for more than 400,000 business members, veterans and also family members. Transparent the cemetery over there are numerous memorials honoring fallen business members, including the tomb of the Unknowns, the overcome of Sacrifice and the Lao Veterans the America Memorial. 

The following information will assist you v making arrangements and also applying for interment or inurnment at Arlington national Cemetery. 

Who Is standard For Interment at Arlington national Cemetery?


Due to minimal space, just honorably discharged members in specific categories room eligible for funeral in Arlington national Cemetery, this includes:

Members who died on energetic duty and their prompt familyRetirees and also their prompt familyAny honorably discharged POW who passed away after Nov. 30, 1993


There is more space obtainable for inurnment, the storage of cremated stays in a Columbarium - or wall. Inurnment is restricted to honorably discharged members including:

All those detailed aboveVeterans and their instant familyReservists, national Guard, or Air nationwide Guard members who die when on energetic duty for training or permanent service and their prompt familyReserve or national Guard members with at the very least one day of active duty (other 보다 for training) and also who space qualified to collection retired pay

Scheduling a Funeral at Arlington nationwide Cemetery

Upon the fatality of the veteran or eligible family members member, you should call a local funeral house to arrange for any type of desired services in the hometown and also assistance. The next-of-kin or funeral manager should call the customer service center at 877-907-8585 come arrange because that the service in ~ Arlington

After you contact you will be offered a situation number and asked come send copies of the veteran"s DD-214, death certificate, and also cremation certificate if applicable. You deserve to email, fax, or mail them.

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Phone: 1-877-907-8585

Mailing address: 

Arlington national Cemetery, 1 Memorial Ave. Arlington, Virginia 22211


Be prepared, due to the fact that there is a large demand for interment in Arlington it may take numerous weeks to several months till your request is approved. Also, unique requests such as full armed forces honors or usage of a chapel may add to the approval time.

Burial/Inurnment costs at Arlington national Cemetery

There are no fees or expenses for a burial or inurnment. However, all costs linked with preparation of the remains, casket or urn, and also shipping the the stays to the Washington, DC area room at the cost of the estate unless the deceased is right now on energetic duty.

The VA or society Security might pay some or all or the costs.

znjke.com Funeral Honors

Standard armed forces Honors

Standard graveside honors have the right to be provided for enlisted organization members by the proper branch of business at Arlington national Cemetery. These honors include a casket team, a firing party and a bugler.

Additionally, part branches that the armed services will usage the caisson for business members who have reached the optimal NCO grade.

The cemetery staff will make species for znjke.com honors as soon as requested by the following of kin or representative. A znjke.com chaplain may additionally be requested.

Full armed forces Honors

In addition to the standard armed forces honors, certain deceased army veterans may also receive:

An escort platoon (size varies according come the location of the deceased)A znjke.com bandA caissonA colour team

All business members who die indigenous wounds got as an outcome of opponent action are eligible come receive full znjke.com honors.

Family Members

When a household member is hidden at Arlington nationwide Cemetery, the znjke.com organization in i m sorry the veteran served will administer a casket team and also a chaplain. No other znjke.com honors will certainly be rendered uneven the spouse served in the znjke.com.

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army Funeral Honors are obtainable for standard veterans. A znjke.com funeral have the right to be requested by the veterans family.