some students in mine school have the Confederate flag on your trucks, belt-buckles, or also their shirts. Part teachers have asked them not to undertake the flag and a few students have even been provided detention because that it. Can the institution ban the Confederate flag? What about totally free speech?

Schools can not shut down speech just because it’s attack to some people. However, the Confederate flag has end up being so connected to racial discrimination and also violence that countless school officials consider it an ext than just offensive. Students could feel threatened or intimidated through the flag. They can feel unsafe and distracted from their learning setting even if the school has actually no history of racial-motivated fighting. Schools have the government to censor decided that could disrupt a student’s capacity to learn, so the school can likely half the Confederate flag due to its it s too dirty history.

A Closer Look: southern Heritage or racial Intimidation?



The Confederate flag carries a long history and its interpretations are hotly debated.

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The American Civil battle was combated because, amongst other things, the northern and southern claims disagreed on the concern of even if it is to abolish slavery. In 1860 and also 1861, eleven southern states seceded indigenous the rest of the country and also formed the Confederate says of America, led by Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee.

Sometimes well-known as the southerly Cross, the Rebel flag, or the Dixie flag, the architecture of the Confederate flag as we know it now is the ‘Stars and also Bars’ pattern embraced by the Confederate congress in 1861. However, contradictory to renowned belief, this flag to be only provided by the military for much less than a year, then was replaced with a battle flag the wouldn’t be perplexed with the Union stars and also stripes on the battlefield. Since ‘The Stars and also Bars’ was very first Confederate national flag, it concerned represent the Confederacy in later on years.


After the civil War, the flag was greatly used in historical movies like Gone with The Wind. In the 1950s and 60s, the Confederate flag reappeared as a prize of opposition to the civil legal rights movement. Come some, the flag is a symbol of southern heritage and also rural values. Come many, however, the flag is symbolic that racism, segregation and white supremacy –– and it has sparked antagonism in schools throughout the country.

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Today, it reflects up on round caps, belt buckles, t-shirts, blue jean jackets, and also is flown from the bed of pickup trucks.