Can leaving a party of hand sanitizer in a hot automobile cause it to record fire? Well, the brief answer is yes, yet it’s unlikely.

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Photos that a burned-out automobile door have been turn on the internet, v the caution the leaving a bottle of alcohol-based gelatin in the car could result in a fire.

The western Lakes Fire district posted this image on Facebook, speak that due to the fact that hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, if sunlight refracts v the clear bottle in the ideal way, the could reason the gelatin to ignite.

“By its nature, many hand sanitizer is alcohol-based and also therefore flammable. Maintaining it in your automobile during warm weather, exposing it come sun resulting in magnification of light through the bottle,—-and specifically being beside open flame while cigarette smoking in vehicles or grilling while enjoying this weekend—-can cause disaster.

Please respect the possibilities and also be fire safe,” lock wrote.

It’s unclear whereby the picture was originally common from, yet fact-checking website Poynter says that the stories were originally mutual in Thailand.

According come Poynter, Brazilian fact-checkers uncovered that it would certainly take temperature in overfill of 570 degrees for hand sanitizer to spontaneously combust, well over the recorded temperatures registered inside many cars parked in the summer heat.

National Fire protection Association

The nonprofit nationwide Fire protection Association which provides training and also standards for firefighters claims that hand sanitizer have the right to be a danger material.

With the makeup of many alcohol-based hand sanitizers being consisted of of 70% ethanol or isopropil alcohol, the flashpoint is only about 63 or 64 levels Fahrenheit.

Guy Colonna, the manager of NFPA’s engineering technical services states that place the flashpoint at basically room temperature. That way that no more added warmth is essential for those flammable vapors come be provided off.

“Once those vapors concentrated in those ideal proportions of fuel vapors v the oxygen in the air, then the just thing that’s absent in bespeak to do them ignitable is a viable ignition source.”

That’s why shipments or warehouse of more than 5 gallons of hand sanitizer space regulated.

Should you be worried around hand sanitizer beginning a car fire?

No, specialists say.

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While there is a slight chance that the sun could refract through a clear bottle of hand sanitizer, much like the way paper can be shed with a magnifying glass, those chances aren’t really great.

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