HOUSTON — fort Bend County to be a sleepy suburban station of Houston as soon as KP George come in the late 1990s, dominated by conservative politics and also represented in conference by Republican Party star Tom DeLay.

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Twenty year later, the area’s populace has an ext than double in size, propelled by fast-growing Asian, Latino and Black neighborhoods that in 2019 assisted elect George — an immigrant from southern India — as fort Bend’s very first non-white ar judge.

The wave of left-leaning voter that elevated George and also other democracy to regional office in recent years might also help the area soil a brand-new congressional district. Texas acquired two house seats in the 2020 U.S. Census, driven by a populace boom in the Houston and also Dallas-Fort Worth urban regions, amongst other components of the state.

But the Republican-controlled state legislature will be in charge of drawing the new districts, leaving democracy on the sidelines, concerned they may not advantage from the region’s changing demographics.

“You feel like you’re not being counted,” George said. “My county is benefitting from human being like me. However when it concerns the seat in ~ the table , us don’t have actually it.”

Redistricting is a byzantine procedure that plays the end behind closed doors, yet the stakes space high. New congressional and also state legislative currently will stay in ar for the next decade, giving the parties that advantage most indigenous redistricting considerable clout in policymaking and upcoming elections.

Texas isn’t the only state headed for a divisive redistricting fight this fall. The new district lines will likely result in legal challenges throughout the nation from Democrats.

But Texas’ redistricting fight will certainly be closely watched about the country due to the fact that the state might factor greatly into the hit for regulate of the U.S. Home in the midterm elections. Republicans only need to flip 5 seats to victory the house in 2022, do Texas’ two brand-new seats prime pickup methods for the GOP.

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Texas’ two new House districts will lug the dimension of its conference delegation to 38, second only come California, i m sorry is losing a congressional seat for the first time. Texas will also now have 40 Electoral college votes, increase from 38, making that an even bigger compensation in presidential elections simply as the state is becoming much more competitive in presidential races many thanks to an flow of voters from left-leaning claims in the Northeast and Midwest.

The changing demographics in Texas are component of a larger trend throughout the South and also Southwest that could threaten the Republican Party’s stranglehold on the region. Arizona last year went blue in the presidential election for only the second time since 1948.

In Texas, Democrats have not won a statewide office due to the fact that the 1990s, haven’t winner a presidential race since 1976 and also have been out of strength in both chambers of the state legislature because 2002.


A family arrives at very early voting ar in Houston, Texas top top Thursday, October, 15 2020. (Photo/Scott Dalton)

State Republicans have actually long provided their advantage to spread conservative legislation even as the state as a whole has drifted toward the center. This year alone the party in strength passed among the many restrictive abortion legislations in the country and a separate measure loosening limitations on hand gun ownership. Republic are additionally aiming to pass a bill rolling ago voter protections, i m sorry Democrats controversy would effectively disenfranchise world of color.

Redistricting provides Republicans an possibility to shore up their position as the dominant party in the state. However carving the end reliably red seat — especially at the congressional level — i will not ~ be as basic in Texas as it when was.

“No pressure in the world is walking to stop Houston or Texas or America indigenous becoming much more African American and also Latino in the 21st century. Republicans understand that. Castle can’t win by appeal to old white guys,” stated Stephen Klineberg, the founding director that the Kinder Institute because that Urban research at Rice college in Houston.

State legislator drawing new districts are just bound by two straightforward criteria: the congressional seats must have approximately 770,000 voter each, the same number as the state’s other house seats; and also the new districts need to follow state and also federal accuse that ban discrimination versus voters based upon their race, ethnicity or color.

In past rounds the redistricting, republic often attracted district currently that included parts of significant cities — in order to capture a large number of voter — however stretched out right into suburban and also rural areas that are mostly white and conservative.

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Republican Rep. Michael McCaul’s 10th conference District, because that instance, has a sliver of liberal Austin on one side and also Houston’s outer-ring suburbs ~ above the other, but the bulk of the seat is composed of countryside counties the historically vote Republican.

“That’s what redistricting does,” Klineberg said. In Texas, republicans “concentrate all the democracy in one district, and then draw an effective lines indigenous one small piece of out right into the boondocks.”


Source: DRA2020, U.S. Census Data, Composite choice Data 2012-2016

But the playbook is coming to be increasingly obsolete as the state’s suburban population grows an ext diverse and, together a result, an ext politically moderate.

Fort bending County, wherein George serves as county judge, is a element example.

The county’s populace was 585,375 ~ the 2010 census. A 2019 census estimate placed the figure at 811,000, and also it will likely be greater when the census releases much more detailed data later on this year. Overall, Texas included roughly 4 million new residents end the previous ten years.

‘No force in the world is walk to stop Houston or Texas or America from becoming more African American and also Latino in the 21st century. Republicans know that.’

Fort Bend had been a Republican stronghold because that decades; Ronald Reagan lugged Fort bending by 36 clues in 1980 and also George W. Bush won there by 21 clues in 2000.

Demographic shifts have upended the state’s politics landscape because then. Non-Hispanic white residents consisted of just 31 percent of the county’s populace in 2019, follow to census data, down from about 50 percent in 2000.

The county’s Asian populace doubled come 20 percent in the past decade alone. A quarter of the county’s citizens are Hispanic, and 21 percent room Black. All three teams vote overwhelmingly for the autonomous Party, despite Republicans under previous President Donald Trump do modest inroads with Latino voter nationally and in Texas.

“Fort bend County will certainly be the future that America” because that growing “diversity is a trend” across the country, said Alice Chen, the first Asian American mrs to offer as a member the the city council in Stafford, a small city exterior Houston. And also as marginalized groups prosper in size, their demand for political representation will climb as well, she added.

“People prefer to elect somebody who knows their culture, your language, and also knows what they need,” Chen said.

Hillary Clinton benefited native the demographic transforms in 2016, as soon as she came to be the first Democratic presidential nominee because Lyndon Johnson come win fort Bend County. President Joe Biden broadened on Clinton’s 6.6-point success by beating Trump over there by 10.6 points last year.

Republicans “can’t walk there and pick increase votes” as easily as in previous redistricting rounds, democratic state Sen. Man Whitmire said. “Fort bend County has actually gone democratic on them.”

Then- candidate Joe Biden speak at a campaign event in Dallas, Texas, on in march 2, 2020. Demographic changes have make Texas much more competitive in recent elections. Document photo by REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

Republicans challenge a similar issue in other places in Texas together the state’s rural population shrinks and an ext people relocate to the suburbs and also cities. Now roughly 86 percent that the state’s populace lives in eastern Texas, with the bulk in a cluster of counties bordering Houston, the Dallas-Fort Worth urban region, Austin and San Antonio, follow to a examine released previously this year by the state demography center.

International migration, including from Mexico and central America, account for few of the population boom. However domestic hike from various other parts that the united States far outpaced the flow of foreign-born come in Texas between 2011 and also 2019, the state’s demographic examine found. The best feeder claims were California and also Illinois — deep blue says with shrinking populaces that each shed one conference seat in the 2020 census reapportionment. Texas to be the just state awarded much more than one brand-new seat.

At the exact same time, within Texas the parts of the state through the greatest population decline are in the north and west — rural counties that represent the Republican party’s base in Texas.

Of course, the demographic shifts nothing guarantee Texas will ultimately flip blue. When the fastest-growing segment of the population have historically voted because that Democrats, Asian, Latino and also other voting groups aren’t monolithic. Trump’s surprisingly solid showing with Latino voters in Texas’ Rio Grande valley in 2020 showed Republicans advertise a jobs and also economic-focused message can do far better with Latinos than countless Democrats believed possible.

Democrats in Texas stated the party can’t take Latino voters for granted, and also worried that gradual social policies turned countless voters far last fall.

“We have to make sure that us don’t ignore some the the meat and also potatoes problems that Latinos” and other minority voter groups treatment about, stated state Sen. Carol Alvarado, who represents Houston.

Republicans recognize the an obstacle they face as they prepare because that the comes redistricting fight, in particular in suburban locations that helped Biden win Trump in 2020.

“The see of suburban Texas has changed, and also I don’t watch it an altering back,” said note Clark, a significant Republican strategist in Texas. “I nothing know how you deserve to put the genie earlier in the bottle.”

State Sen. Joan Huffman, the Republican chair that the senate’s redistricting committee, decreased to it is in interviewed. Other Republican state lawmakers involved in redistricting did no respond to requests for comment.

The redistricting procedure in Texas won’t formally start until the census publication community-level data later on this summer or early on fall reflecting where specifically states gained and also lost residents. For this reason far, the census has actually only put out statewide populace totals. The U.S. Census Bureau generally releases the redistricting data earlier in the year however the company said in February the the coronavirus pandemic delay its timeline.

While the final numbers no in, Democrats and also Republicans believe they’ll present that the Houston, Austin and also Dallas-Fort worth metropolitan locations drove the populace growth in Texas in the past decade. State legislator don’t need to put the two brand-new congressional seat in those areas, however they will have little selection because the the federal populace density needs for home seats.

The top candidates for new seats room the Houston and Dallas-Fort precious areas, according to state officials, politics strategists and others complying with the process. Austin, arguably the many liberal part of the state, is not seen as a serious contender given the challenges any type of Republican would face winning a congressional gyeongju there.

In enhancement to creating two new districts, Republicans will look to safeguard incumbent house lawmakers who could be vulnerable to a strong Democratic challenger. The most vulnerable House Republican in Texas is seen as Rep. Trojan Nehls, a freshman lawmaker that won a close race for the 22nd Congressional district last fall.

The seat, which has Fort bend County and was held for year by DeLay, has flip-flopped between both next recently and also will be target by democrats in 2022.

Once the census update its data, the state legislature will convene a distinct session to attract the new district lines. If both parties can not agree on a brand-new map, climate the Republican-controlled state redistricting plank would step in to draw the new lines.

The struggle is widely supposed to wind increase in court, potentially delaying the in march primaries next year. Brand-new lines likely won’t it is in in place until the spring, with time for a condensed primary race in the months before the autumn midterm elections.

Complicating matters, redistricting throughout the nation will be scrutinized in Washington as well. Critical week, Attorney basic Merrick Garland said the Biden administration planned to watch carefully to ensure a fair process now that says are no longer forced to operation their transforms by the commonwealth government.

This will be the first time since the 1960 census that redistricting will take location without “preclearance” in place, a supplication in the Voting civil liberties Act that required states with a history of discriminating against people of color to obtain approval from the federal government before making transforms to their electoral systems. The measure was stripped out of the voting rights legislation by the can be fried Court in a controversial 2013 ruling.

The states that had actually been covered prior to the law was readjusted were: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, southern Carolina, Virginia and Texas. Specific counties in California, Florida, brand-new York, north Carolina and also South Dakota, and two communities in Michigan, had additionally been extended under section 5 that the Voting legal rights Act.

“Democrats will instantly challenge” the Republican-drawn lines in Texas, stated Harvey Kronberg, a veteran Texas politics observer. Yet “given exactly how the supreme Court has basically gutted the Voting rights Act, it’s hard to watch how” they would success in a legit fight, he said.

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Democratic lawmakers claimed they were confident they could influence the redistricting process, however acknowledged lock will need to take a backseat come the republic in charge.

“If the factor that we’re acquiring is driven due to the fact that of the Latino community and other ethnic communities, then the seats should reflect that,” claimed Alvarado. “But the lines room going come be drawn by human being who may not agree through that.”

George, the ft Bend ar judge, stated he plan to follow the redistricting procedure closely, albeit native the external looking in. “It feels rather helpless,” he said, “and that’s not the method it have to be.”