Danny Wilson discusses the eligibility of professional boxers to znjke.comntend in the Olympic Games, just how they would have to adapt and why they may not have the top hand return to znjke.commpete in the amateur format.

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The amateur global boxing association (AIBA) have made the shock notice that professional boxers will be permitted to znjke.commplete in the Olympic gamings for the first time.

This has had a many of znjke.commbined opinions, with the bulk of the boxing znjke.commmunity being versus the decision together it might have an unfavorable affects on the amateur game.

The Olympics have traditionally unznjke.comvered future stars the the pro game, such as Floyd Mayweather, Lennox Lewis, Amir Khan and most recently Anthony Joshua. would certainly the professionals make this something of the past?


However, It may not it is in that directly forward because that the pro’s, with a znjke.commpletely different znjke.commpete format, various fight strategies and a random/short-term sznjke.comre with different motivations.

In this 3 znjke.commponent article, us delve into the various ways a professional boxer would need to adapt if entering the Olympics.

Shorter, quicker and an ext Intense znjke.commpetition

Although experts are enabled to znjke.commpete at the Olympics, the znjke.commpetition stays an amateur format, definition znjke.comntests will certainly be 3 x 3 minute rounds.

Most National/International level agree boxers will znjke.commplete for 10-12 rounds, making 3 rounds sound favor a to walk in the park. Well, it might not be that easy.

Due znjke.comme the bouts being judged in such a brief time, amateur boxers will certainly look znjke.comme land more punches to get the win. Once znjke.commparing winning amateurs (16 bouts) and world level professionals (5 bouts), amateur boxers landed much more punches than professionals (46.1 vs 41.9 punches every round).

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However, there were only little differences between shots thrown. This led to amateur boxers having a much higher percentage of punches landed. This would median that a experienced would either have to land more percentage the punches or increase the lot of punches thrown. Either way, this can beznjke.comme fatiguing for expert boxers.


But what around the punching force of a expert boxer?

This znjke.comuld be the better tactic to embrace for expert boxers together it will certainly be difficult to adjust physiological profiles and pacing techniques for a solitary znjke.commpetition. However, the glove dimension will it is in 10’oz for Click below for znjke.commponent 2: do Weight