Preparation H is a medication used to law hemorrhoid symptoms.

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Preparation H assets are formulated through phenylephrine or hydrocortisone come treat the swelling, itching and also pain connected with hemorrhoids.This medication has actually been recognized to be offered off-label for dealing with puffy eyes and by bodybuilders spring to specify their muscles.

Preparation H is arourted as basic home remedy for relieving puffy eyes, as well as other skin pertains to including wrinkles and also dark circles. However, ready H is not formulated come treat puffy eyes and also misuse can result in permanent damages to the eyes.

As an different treatment for puffy eyes, you have the right to safely use cold compresses, cucumber slices or environment-friendly tea as a DIY residence remedy.


What is ready H?

Preparation H is one over-the-counter (OTC) medication formulated to treat hemorrhoids. The is obtainable in a range of styles including creams, ointments, gels and wipes. The two energetic ingredients room phenylephrine or hydrocortisone.

Hemorrhoids are a an outcome of swollen blood vessels and also can cause an excellent discomfort due to swelling, irritation, itchiness, and pain in the area. Phenylephrine, a vasoconstrictor, shrinks blood vessels; hydrocortisone, a steroid, reduce swelling. Both ingredients are efficient in temporarily relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

Can ready H Treat blown Eyes?

No, preparation H cannot be provided to treat blown eyes. 

This medicine is not formulated to be provided on the challenge or for the function of relieving puffy eye or dark circles. It is intended come be provided only together a hemorrhoid treatment. 

Side Effects and Safety Concerns

Preparation H is not approved because that use various other than together prescribed. This medication’s solid formula can reason facial skin to end up being irritated, inflamed and also overly dry. The may additionally cause major irritation if the comes right into direct call with the eye.

Jeanine B. Downie, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, strong advises versus the application of preparation H come the eye area on the communication of “the noticeable risks that irritation, high potency and also the potential for it to get into the eyes. There space plenty of other assets on the industry that are much better suited because that the eye area, through its thinner skin and also proximity to the eye itself.”

Additional threats are do by ready H’s active ingredients. Phenylephrine can reason allergic conjunctivitis, when other energetic ingredients such as pramoxine, are also not an ideal for usage in the eye area. Must the product come into call with the eyes, over there is a threat of vision loss.

In addition, permanent use of object steroids—such together hydrocortisone—has been presented to reason permanent damage to the skin, consisting of discoloration, skin atrophy or thinning.

Alternatives to ready H because that Puffy Eyes

There room several house remedies for puffy eye which deserve to be effective in reducing swollen eyes and dark undereye circles. They are conveniently made with just a couple of ingredients and are really safe.

Cold compresses

Cold compresses cool the skin to reduce blood flow and also the accompanying swelling and also puffiness. Place a cold washcloth end the eye area to help soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.


Soak a washcloth in cold waterLightly wring out excess moistureFold and also gently press the washcloth roughly the eye area

Cucumber slices

Cucumber has actually been demonstrated to successfully reduce swelling as result of its countless healing properties. They have vitamin K to assist reduce the appearance of dark circles, and also lignans, or polyphenols which help in reducing inflammation. Cucumbers an increase hydration and also brighten skin. 

For extra benefits, use chilled cucumber as a form of cold compression therapy.


Cut 2 thick slices from a refrigerated cucumberLie down and place one part over every eye for 15 minutes

Green tea bags

Green tea is affluent in anti-inflammatory polyphenols. That is efficient in constricting dilated blood vessels, which may help to minimize the illustration of blown eyes.

Green tea deserve to also carry out unique benefits in the therapy of puffy eyes brought about by the overgrowth of vasculature and capillaries. Dr. Downie explains, “Green tea has powerful antiangiogenic properties, meaning it have the right to decrease the potential formation of new blood vessels, i m sorry in turn, can reduce the likelihood the puffiness and also blue-red darkening under the eyes.”

Once again, for included benefits usage chilled tea bags as they can dual as a cold compress.


Steep two green tea bags and chill for 10 minutesSqueeze excess humidity from both tea bagsLie down and place one bag end each eye because that 15 minutes


Turmeric consists of the energetic compound curcumin, which has actually anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric supplements room a usual treatment because that reducing inflammation in the body, and topically applied turmeric is a popular at-home treatment for swollen eyes.

“I introduce turmeric to patients with any type of inflammatory condition,” claims Dr. Downie, “and ns would absolutely make that suggestion to mine patient trying to find a organic product that may aid with swollen eyes.”

Turmeric deserve to be merged to type a paste and applied come the under-eye area. 


Blend 1 tsp of turmeric powder v 1 tsp the water in a little bowl to kind a pasteApply the mixture to your under-eye area with a clean brushWait 10 minutes; gently wipe off v a warm, wet cloth

Turmeric can sometimes stain the skin v a yellow shade when applied topically. If you notification any staining, gently massage the therapy area with heat coconut or vegetables oil, then wash away the residue with heat water and also soap.


Preparation H cannot and should not be used to relax puffy eyes, due to the fact that its energetic ingredients—phenylephrine and also hydrocortisone—are both unsafe for use approximately the eyes.

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Instead, cold compresses, cucumber slices and also green tea bags are safe, natural options that deserve to reduce dark circles and also relieve blown eyes.