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What is consent?

Consent means letting someone carry out something. If friend tell the police that it is okay to get in your house or car, girlfriend are offering them consent. 

In some cases, the police might ask for her consent to search something. If you offer the police consent to search, they execute not require a warrant, also if they otherwise would have actually needed one.

You can not offer consent come a search. If girlfriend don"t want to provide consent, you must make that clear. Say "I do not consent." Don"t simply say "no." 

Warrants and police searches

A warrant is an order, issued by a judge, instructing a police officer to find a particular place or to arrest a details person. A judge has to decide if a warrant must be approve or not. If a judge issues a warrant, climate no consent is essential to arrest a human or search a particular place. Periodically the police require a warrant to conduct a find or do an arrest; various other times they do not need one.

For the police to use a warrant, the warrant must explain in detail:

The place they desire to search, and also The person or thing they want to take.

In Illinois, the state or city police can not enforce a polite immigration warrant or detainer.

Can the police find my home?

In many cases, police officers cannot enter your residence without a warrant. In fact, in most instances you have the right to tell lock no if lock ask come come into your home. If they do have actually a warrant, what they have the right to do relies on what form of warrant they have. 

With a search warrant, the police might search any kind of of the areas described in the warrant, including any kind of containers big enough to host the proof they are looking for.

With one arrest warrant, they can search the human being named in the arrest warrant, as well as the area right roughly that person. 

Law enforcement officers can only enter your residence without a warrant if:

You provide them consent to enter, or

Can the police search my car?

It depends. Usually, the police carry out not need a warrant to search a car. The rules because that entering or searching a vehicle are really different from the rule for looking your home. 

If the police have a reasonable id that evidence or illegal items will certainly be uncovered in the car, they have the right to search your auto for those things. This is additionally called probable cause.

However, even if the police execute not have actually probable cause, they deserve to still search the auto if the driver or a passenger in the auto has to be arrested.They usually cannot find the trunk or various other locked compartment. However, they have the right to if the car is walking to be towed away.

The police illegal searched my house or car

If friend think a find is ensuing illegally, you deserve to say again “I perform not consent.” However, perform not physically try to stop legislation enforcement officers from start or browsing your house or car.

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As quickly as feasible after the search, write down all of the details that you have the right to remember, consisting of the:

Time and also place whereby the incident took place, Names, argorial numbers, and/or physical descriptions the the policemans involved, type of garments the police officers were wearing, form of auto the police officers were driving (marked or unmarked), Names and contact info of any kind of witnesses, and also Any other information that friend think could be helpful.

You have the right to then contact a lawyer to discuss the situation.

My building was damaged during a police search

You can call your city or county to file a damage claim. The City the Chicago"s Damage claims Department can be contacted at:

Chicago insurance claims Unit 2 N. La Salle St., Suite 350 Chicago, IL 60602 312.744.5650 Voice 312.744.5449 Fax 312.744.8677 TTY