Have you ever before experienced that sinking feeling that comes once you think you’ve shed your phone? In today’s people losing your phone have the right to be a level 10 disaster, on par or worse than losing your wallet or keys.

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For Android users, there room a organize of apps available on the Google Play store which can assist you track her phone if did you do it accidentally left it what or even worse if it has been stolen. However, the problem with this apps is the the majority of people don’t even notice they exist until after their phone is missing. And also what if her phone’s battery has actually died? At that point, friend may have to face the fact it is gone because that good. Or carry out you?

Use Lookout Mobile

Unfortunately a phone with a dead battery will certainly not respond come attempts to find it via GPS. Lookout Mobile’ automatically records your android phone’s last well-known location just prior to the battery runs dead. Climate it’s simply a issue of logging on to their website native a computer system or an additional mobile machine to view the ar on a map. Exterior of retracing your steps, this application gives friend the best chance that finding her lost device once the battery has died.

But what if girlfriend didn’t have actually Lookout mobile mounted prior to shedding your phone? What many android customers don’t establish is that it might still be feasible to track her smart phone also if friend haven’t set up a specific app designed come do just that. Right here are a few different means to discover a absent android phone also if friend haven’t installed a tracking app:

Use Google’s Android device managermi

If you have linked your phone call to your Google account then you may be in luck. Google’s android maker manager enables users to log in to their Google account and also track their lacking phone ~ above a laptop or a different smart phone. The only requirement for locating the phone is the it need to be switched on and connected to the Internet. If that isn’t functioning initially, save trying together your missing phone may simply be temporarily out of coverage. Customers can also ring their phone, and also wipe the data on their phone if necessary.

Use Android Lost

This is a slightly more facility method which have the right to be provided if Google’s android an equipment manager can’t situate your phone. In bespeak to usage Android shed you must very first install the app remotely utilizing Google pat in her browser. To perform this her phone must already be connected with her Google account. Together you can not activate the application by opening it on your device, you have to send an SMS comprise the message ‘Androidlost register’ come your shed phone. This will certainly register her details remotely using your Google account.

You can then navigate to the android shed website and sign in using those details. When signed in, you are presented v a host of alternatives including; tracking the location of your device, wiping the memory, erasing the SD card, taking a photo using the front or behind camera, and many other functions to aid you acquire your machine back.

Use location history

Another method, which have the right to be to work to track your missing smart phone, is using the location history feature on Google maps. Merely log on to your Google account (which must likewise be provided on your smart phone) and go come Google maps place history. Right here you can select a date and click ‘display timestamps’ to check out where your an equipment has been and when it to be there. This method can be an extremely useful if your an equipment was stolen. The reason is it can paint a photo of where the thief consistently visits. Not to mention, this information have the right to be presented to the local authorities.

Use Samsung’s find My Mobile

This method can be provided by anyone that owns a Samsung machine with a registered Samsung account. Working in a similar method to Google android maker manager, the Samsung find My mobile website can display a real-time place of your an equipment as lengthy as it is it is provided on and also connected to the Internet. Girlfriend can additionally wipe the data top top your an equipment or do it ring using this software.

Use Dropbox

If the other methods have actually failed to carry out any information regarding the whereabouts of her device, Dropbox may be able to administer a solution. In order for this come work, Dropbox have to be installed on your device and the ‘camera upload’ function must it is in activated. If you perform this, every time the human in possession that your maker takes a snapshot it will be uploaded to Dropbox. This may aid you if that human takes a take self or even if you have the right to make out the ar where the pictures have actually been taken. This is wherein you expect they usage your phone’s Micro USB port to send the selfies to your computers, as well.

Many of united state store personal information on our smart phone, as well as pictures and also other sentimental data that us don’t desire to lose. If you are unfortunate and your maker is either lost or stolen, hopefully the over information can help you discover it or at the really least defend your personal data.

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