LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - an ext than 100 protesters claimed sanctuary in ~ the very first Unitarian Church that Louisville ~ above Thursday night, the second night that a citywide curfew.

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The church’s minister, the Rev. Lori Kyle, said it would be a safe place.

“This no something the we’ve excellent a lot, but the situations are unique and also very, very important appropriate now,” she said.

WAVE 3 News inquiry its legit expert, criminal law attorney Leland Hulbert, what it means to claim sanctuary in a church and also the laws behind it.

“If friend look, historically, churches have actually been a place of sanctuary and also asylum going ago thousands that years, yet that’s really fallen the end of donate as much as modern-day tactics,” Hulbert said.

According to the city’s curfew order, the curfew walk not use to those travel to and from a residence of worship for services. However, Hulbert said it’s likely Thursday night’s incident didn’t fall under this exception because there was no worship company taking place.

“I don’t watch in this order where world are allowed to walk to a church and also assemble,” Hulbert said.

WAVE 3 News inquiry Hulbert if in general, police could legally arrest who who claimed sanctuary in a church after ~ committing a crime.

“You can’t protect against being arrested by just going right into a church. Friend may be able to break this curfew legit if she attending a church service, but if you evading police or did you do it committed a crime girlfriend can’t simply hide in a church.”

However, no one of the protesters physically ~ above the church grounds to be arrested Thursday night, follow to LMPD Interim chief Robert Schroeder, due to the fact that it was private property. The city curfew only uses to public locations like roadways and city parks.

LMPD officers arrested some protesters who said they to be on their means to very first Unitarian Church; the American civil Liberties Union that Kentucky, called the curfew enforcement unconstitutional in a push release. ACLU members wrote the curfew is draft to silence protesters by violating their civil liberties to flexibility of speech and also religion.

On Thursday, LMPD officers allowed the protesters ~ above the church home to return to Jefferson Square Park to collect their belongings and go home.

Church leaders told wave 3 News that opened the property to protesters as a for sure haven was the best thing to perform to defend them native arrest.

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“It was a humbling opportunity to practice our allyship come them," Kyle said. "They’ve been nothing yet respectful and appreciative and it helps united state uphold our unitarian worths where we uphold justice. The most crucial voices to be heard in this initiative are the voices of the black leadership. We’re right here to support them and also that’s what this is all about.”

The very first Unitarian Church claimed it will proceed to provide sanctuary to any protester for the remainder that the curfew order, which has actually been expanded through Monday morning.