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Editor’s Note: This post is component of a collection of recycling advice from Kane county Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland. Acquired a inquiry or idea because that a recycling tip? call Jarland at 630-208-3841 or recycle

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Whatever materials your coat hangers room made of, opportunities are they’ll present obstacles for disposal as soon as you no longer want them.

Here’s this week’s recycling inquiry from alert recycler Nancy.

Hung increase on Hangers, Beguiled by Bags



Hi Jennifer,

Do you know if any kinds that hangers deserve to be put right into recycling (plastic, wire, and the assorted combos)? ns just found out the Goodwill doesn’t want them.

Also, what about the bags the newspapers and produce come in?

— Nancy

What To perform With Hangers

Hi Nancy!

Please perform not put any kind of hangers in the recycling. No hangers are welcomed in the curbside bins. Period.

Plastic hangers

If broken, space trash.If reusable, might be welcomed at some other thrift stores prefer Salvation Army.

Also Goodwill shop are independently managed, so it can be worth calling a few different branches to view if they will take them. Always call first to view if they will certainly accept them before you drop castle off.


Wire hangers

If whole and reusable, have the right to be taken to dry cleaners.

Store owners space usually happy to take it them earlier and reuse them.

Wire hangers that room bent up or unwound or otherwise unusable, can be recycle with scrap metal. Please do not placed them in your curbside recycling bin together they produce all kinds of havoc at the recycling sorting facilities.

Hangers do from a hybrid the materials

Can either be taken to thrift stores.

Call first to check out if they will certainly take them) or if beyond use, they go in the trash.

On Newspaper Bags, develop Bags

These have the right to go in v the plastic bags the you recycle at grocery store stores.

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The grocery-store program have the right to take a number of different plastic movie packaging.