Now that the mighty have actually fallen (Michigan) or struggled (Wisconsin and also Ohio State), there appears to it is in a growing consensus that pen State is the class of the large 10.

While the other big guns have had actually rough starts, the Nittany Lions have actually been dominant. Yet do they really have actually an leaf in the race for the big 10 title?

Let"s look at what everyone"s phone call PSU"s 3 advantages:

1. Pen State"s defense is the sort that wins championships.

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This declare is extremely true. Let"s acquire it out of the means right now: THIS IS THE best DEFENSE IN THE NATION.

Show me an additional unit that has so many elite players. King and Connor room tops in ~ their particular positions, and Lee, Scirotto, Sargent, and also Wallace would certainly all it is in the ideal defensive player on any team phibìc of LSU and west that USC.2. Anthony Morelli is much improved and can bring this team to huge things.

This statement has actually been proven false v two games.

When the going gained tough against Notre Dame, Morelli was i do not have anything to it is in found—and his wideouts had actually to conserve his butt. I"m not saying the won"t turn right into one of the 25 ideal QBs in the country by the end of the year, however he"s no close yet.3. Penn State it s okay Michigan in a down year.


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This is extremely false. Penn State winning in the "Big House" has become means more than a talent thing—it"s currently mental.

The 2005 Michigan team to be "down," however they gained their 2 seconds and also a win. The Wolverines will provide PSU a game, there"s no doubt in mine mind about that.

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So through all the said, will Penn State success the huge Ten? I would certainly say they have actually a 65 percent chance—but they need to beat Michigan before anyone beginning talking about a championship.

Rumblings native Atop Mt. Nittany

* The "White House" was impressive on Saturday. The fact that every those alumni wore your whites was inconceivable to me. The setting was electric, and also all the former players in attendance placed the icing ~ above the cake.

* I created in my preview the the ND video game that the playcalling essential to be far better than last year"s for penn State to win. If it was a small better, the amazes me the the coaches didn"t establish after watching the ND/Georgia Tech game that PSU essential to litter the sphere downfield and run Austin Scott outside. Ns saw way too many dives and quick outs versus a poor ND defense. The Lions obtained lucky that the bad playcalling didn"t ache them.