Wine lovers obtain excited by the prospect of aging wine. We love the idea of to buy something and then watching as the value boosts year after ~ year. But can old wine make you sick? 

In this post we take a look at the do’s and also don"ts of wine aging and storage, to aid you to decision whether you should drink the mysterious, dusty old bottle you’ve uncovered in the basement.

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Whether you unsure around a bottle you’ve tried come age, or desire to know if the opened bottle of wine you left in the fridge last night is safe to drink today, we"ll guide you through every little thing you should know.

Why girlfriend Shouldn’t period All Wine

Contrary to famous belief, no all wine benefits from aging. In fact, it’s actually a very little percentage that does — a meager 2% of wines developed will be suitable for aging.

The difficulty is, many wine lovers romanticize the idea of maintaining an extra distinct bottle because that a suitable occasion. Then as soon as the huge birthday or wedding arrives, the wine they’ve been closely hoarding is spoiled and also undrinkable.

Most wines are produced to it is in drunk straight away. ~ a year of therefore on your shelf, that bottle you’ve been saving for her 20th wedding anniversary will start to decline in quality, dull in color and even begin to taste prefer vinegar.

As many bottles the wine room sealed through a cork, within time the cork will certainly deteriorate, and also oxygen will begin to seep right into the wine. This causes oxidation, i m sorry is negative news for her wine.

Our advice? Drink your store-bought wine quickly after buying it. Chances are it i will not ~ be an ideal for aging, so don’t danger it. However, if girlfriend really want to to buy a bottle for aging we have actually a few pieces that advice.

The finest Wine to Age

If you’ve obtained your heart collection on to buy a party of wine to age, yes a couple of things to look out for: 

Buy a wine v high levels of acidity. Acid Is necessary for a well-balanced wine. Without it wine can taste dull and “flabby.” since acid deteriorates end time, be sure to choose a highly acidic wine come age. Watch out for volatile acids. These deserve to throw off your aging hopes. Acetic acid is a normally occuring acid found in wine. While its presence is no poor thing, it’s also considered a volatile acid, therefore ask your sommelier about the VA level of the wine prior to buying.

How come Tell If Wine has Gone Bad

Can old wine do you sick? No, not really. There’s nothing also horrific lurking in poorly age wine that would have actually you running to the emergency room. However, the liquid that could come the end of the bottle might make you feeling sick native the color and also smell alone. The taste will additionally be an extremely unpleasant.

If you have actually aged a party of wine, you might want to give it a thoroughly once-over prior to pouring you yourself a glass. Look out for these an essential signs your wine has gone bad.


If a bottle of red wine favor Pinot Noir or Merlot has actually gone bad, those lovely purple hues will have actually started to change. Once left come its very own devices, red wine deserve to go a murky brown. When white wines go poor their pale yellow colors rotate to darker, gold hues.


Upon opened your bottle, be certain to offer it a rapid sniff prior to pouring. If your wine is “corked” or experiencing from “cork taint” that will provide off the smell of wet cardboard or also wet dog.

Your nose can also tell friend if the wine may have oxidized. Look the end for spicy acidic smells, comparable to nail polish remover.


Finally, if you brave enough, you can sip it to discover out how the wine tastes. Alcohol that has gone negative may feeling “flabby” in the mouth, the flavors may be much sharper and also the general experience might be dull and also uninspired.

The Best way to keep Wine


To make certain your alcohol doesn’t autumn victim to this fate, learn to correctly store her wine. We have actually a most tips on alcohol storage, but here’s a few to keep in mind:

Keep your Bottles Horizontal

Leaving your party upright may result in your cork drying out. A dried cork is an ext likely come let oxygen into the wine, thus oxidizing it and also ruining the ethereal flavors.

Investing in a an excellent wine rack is an easy means to keep your party horizontal.

Keep temperature Low and also Constant

Wine hates changes in temperature. Opt for a cool, dark ar away indigenous sunlight as soon as storing your wine.

Beware of Vibrations

If wine to be a human being it would certainly be a an extremely sensitive soul. It no too lot movement, together this have the right to disturb the sediment and also cause premature aging. Store your collection away from loud speakers and off the a rattling fridge, and shot your ideal not to shake them.

Can Old Wine do You ailing If the bottle Is Left Open?

Drinking one already-opened bottle of wine will certainly not make you sick. You can usually leave it for at least a couple of days before the alcohol starts to taste different.

However, us wouldn’t advise you push this too far. Pouring yourself a glass indigenous a party that"s been open up for much longer than a week may leave you through an uncomfortable taste in her mouth.

To provide open wine party a longer life you have to put both red and white wines in the fridge. It’s likewise a an excellent idea to try to placed the cork ago into the bottle or invest in a great wine stopper. This will kind a seal end the mouth of the bottle, and also hopefully store oxygen out.

Drink Wine exactly how It to be Intended: Fresh and also Young


Hopefully we have actually calmed your nerves around drinking old wine. When it might not taste amazing, drinking wine that"s past its heyday will not ache you.

Remember, you’re much better off not trying to period your wine. So few bottles advantage from aging and also you can end up ruining a perfectly good bottle. If you’re desperate to give it a try, look the end for wines that are high in acid, alcohol, tannins, and sugar, and also store lock properly.

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Better yet, reach because that a new glass of alcohol every time. With a distinctive single-serve glass party of usual Wines, you’ll always pop open up a fresh serving of Red, Rose, or Brut.