Harrisburg, Pa. (WHTM)- pagan Badillo, Harrisburg, reached out come the znjke.com Investigators after ~ she got a web traffic citation in the mail and was hit through a hefty fine.

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“I think it was unfair and uncalled for,” stated Badillo.

Badillo states she was driving down State Street in Harrisburg, back in January, as soon as she tried come go about a vehicle that was twin parked and also accidentally reduced off an additional driver.

“When I obtained over the SUV that accelerated behind me went roughly the left next of me and also then came earlier in front of me cutting me off pushing me earlier into the ideal lane. I looked at them choose what the heck. We ongoing on State Street and also we approached a red irradiate close come 22 and Locust Lane whereby he pulled up right beside me. That stared me down and I looked over and made a gesture and he sort of pointed at meand we parted ways,” claimed Badillo.

Badillo claims a week later she got a quote in the mail for careless driving. She pleaded not guilty and went come court. She states that’s once she uncovered out the driver of the other automobile was an turn off duty Harrisburg Police officer, who filed the citation versus her. She make her situation to the judge, but she lost and also was fined $500, although her initial citation indicated the fine was $25.00.

Traffic quote issued to Badillo

“I had actually a clean control record and also now have three point out on mine license due to the fact that of okay timing. Ns am likewise upset around the lot of money I had actually to pay,” said Badillo.

znjke.com investigates go to occupational to discover out if it is legal for an turn off duty police officer to issue a web traffic citation.

“Yes, lock are allowed to carry out that,” said Ed Spreha, attorney.

Spreha lectures for the minor Judiciary education and learning Board and helps educate ar judges throughout Pennsylvania ~ above the motor auto code. He states while turn off duty officers can concern tickets in the jurisdiction wherein they work, it have the right to raise concerns.

“The best concern, clear in this case, is going to be the general public perception and also perception the the person because she’s emotion she might have gotten a life deal based on the circumstances,” said Spreah.

znjke.com speak to part attorneys who said a best practice would certainly be to call an on duty police officer to do a web traffic stop and also issue the citation.

“That can not it is in a negative idea,” claimed Spreha. “Then at the very least we know there was some type of evaluation that took place.”

Having one on duty officer make a traffic protect against is not forced by regulation or by the Harrisburg Police Department.

“The Harrisburg bureau of Police effort to keep the public security of citizens and also visitors come the Capitol city through enforcement of local, state, and federal laws. Bureau policemans that are off-duty and observe an egregious traffic offense within the City of Harrisburg have actually the government to mention the driver of the auto once positive identified. Together indicated, this practice is generally limited to the many egregious of offenses,” said Corporal Kyle Gautsch, Harrisburg bureau of Police.

znjke.com Investigates did discover a mistake was made v the fine the was issued come Badillo.

Under the car code there are three different species of careless driving: general, unintentional death, and also and severe bodily injury.

A $500 dollar fine is commonly given for unintentional death. Under the auto code because that careless driving there is no fees designated.

“The auto code says that if that doesn’t say, the fine is simply a flat fine the $25 dollars,” stated Spreah.

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As znjke.com to be investigating this story Badillo’s fine was corrected to $25 and she received a refund from the judge for $475.