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To disable ar Accuracy in Android:Pull increase SettingsTap on LocationDisable the “Use location” button.Also tap ~ above “Google ar Accuracy” and collection that attribute to “Off.”

The Location display is wherein you’ll be able to collection specific ar permissions because that apps, choose whether you want an app to always be able to accessibility your device’s ar or only when you’re using stated app. Girlfriend can likewise turn off Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth scanning, if you want to do it harder for apps and also services to pinpoint your precise location.

This screen is additionally where you can disable Google’s Location History, if you don’t want it to store a document of wherein you’ve been, and your Android’s Location Sharing.

(Note: we tested this on a Google Pixel 3; the exact navigation / names can be slightly different for your details Android device.)

To delete her existing Location background in Android:Click “Manage Activity”Click on the tiny trash have the right to icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. The looks choose this:

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Confirm that you want to delete all of your ar history, and also then click the large red “Delete location History” link.You can likewise have Google instantly delete larger location history on your behalf—useful if you desire to use the function to monitor your recent whereabouts, however don’t want to store a permanent record. In ~ the Google Maps Timeline, click the gear icon to pull up your settings.