Tracking the work areas of employees is less complicated and an ext affordable than ever. Insights gained from monitoring the ar of team members can help improve safety, operations, record keeping, and customer service.

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However, it’s important to keep employee moral in mind. Implementing new technologies at the rectal does no come there is no risk, as there is regularly no clear precedent — legal or otherwise — concerning their use.

In this post, we’ll look at at some ethical and also legal considerations to help employers construct an employee tracking plan for using general practitioners tracking apps that’s fair and also beneficial to both companies and also their employees.

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State regulations on ar tracking

U.S. States deserve to have their very own privacy regulations that may influence what employers can do as soon as it comes to location tracking for work-related purposes. That’s why it’s clever to first check existing legislations in the area wherein your organization operates.

Tracking or monitoring laws can be tricky. For example, according to California’s Office that the attorney General, labor are permitted to monitor their employees’ company phone calls and computer usage.

However, it doesn’t cite anything about location tracking, leaving it open to the employer’s interpretation.

While this might sound confusing, this no an problem that employee consent cannot address. Gaining your team’s consent to monitor them protects you against potential legitimate issues and also streamlines the process of developing a good tracking policy.

This rule additionally applies to countries outside the joined States. In nations like the UK, location tracking is classified as an act of employee monitoring under the GDPR, which permits it, provided that employees have provided their consent and have unrestricted accessibility to their an individual data.

However, GDPR also requires job to:

Have a lawful communication for handling employees’ an individual dataBe transparent around how and why the data is gift processedAvoid utilizing it in a way that would be detrimental to employees

This aligns with the three values of GDPR: lawfulness, fairness, and transparency.

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Consent is main to monitoring legislations in Canada as well. The an individual Information Protection and Electronic documents Act permits monitoring as lengthy as employees have totally understood the monitoring policy and have offered their consent to be tracked.